Thursday, June 25, 2009

After work Shopping

Wanted to check out Soho's Sabon to grab a product after work today...

Grabbed these flats first in Soho's TopShop. They're pretty comfortable! I wanted the white pair too but they did not have any more sizes left. I actually have to stretch this pair out a bit to make it fit but happy none the less!
Saw a pair of studded ankle boots there but convinced myself these were the more "practical" choice... I have to think about if I will go back for them ^^

Spent 30 minutes in Sephora trying to figure out which new Korres Body Butter Scent I wanted, I spent so much time testing and sniffing I gave myself a stomache and left without a body butter... I think next time I go back im grabbing the mellon scent.

Walk down to Sabon but they were out of the product I wanted when I went to visit, BOOOO. Saddened I went across to Bloomies...

Currently hoping to get the Shu Uemura Deep Sea Water Facial Spray in Rose I walked into Bloomingdales in search, only to find out Bloomingdales not sell Shu Uemura????? why not...??BOOOO

Headed uptown for some sugar...

Random cupcakes shots from Magnolia Bakery, try the Bananna pudding, it is worth the crowds at Rockafeller Center. Red Velvet and Caramel

Tomorrow is Friday!


  1. thanks for commenting :) I love topshop! cute flats :)

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  3. thanks for visiting my blog!

    i am loving those cupcakes!!!!

  4. I wanna try the melon body butter sometime.. hehehe.

  5. I wanna try the melon body butter sometime.. hehehe.


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