Monday, June 22, 2009

Mail Haul!

I have been ordering like mad online and to my great fortune everything has come in betweenFriday and today, well except for 1 more item but for the most part my new hauls have arrived!!! Hahaha I definetly have stopped shopping so much, I had actually ordered this stuff a while ago and had to wait since everything was on back order but im so happy now to try this all out.
All this stuff came from SaSa, MihokoFamily, Imomoko, Bath and Body, and Rite Aid

Beauty Maker:
I have been hearing alot about Beauty Maker latley. The effectivness of his products, handy sizes, and very afforable prices. I ordered so much Beauty Maker you would think I loved the brand but I definetly wanted to give this try especially since all I have heard so far are raves of this brand.

The Beauty Maker Super Hydrating Facial Wash Mousse.
Since summer is coming ( raining everyday in NYC, it has yet to arrive in my eyes) I wanted to get a light foam wash. Super hydrating is a plus. If your skin is very hydrated it wont become dry creating excess oil in the summer.

Beauty Maker Aquamarine Softening Toner:
Another new toner. Well sort, of this is a face softener. I have currently been using the Quiora softener and will have a showdown between the two. I am currently less than a week away from finishing the Quiora.

Beauty Maker Pu Pu Cheek
Omg! is this too cute or what?? the bow, the size, the color! it seems so hime style! ADROABLE and it is such a little girl size. Ahh I love it. The color is also so cute on the cheek. It is very pigmented so only a little is all you need!

Beauty Maker BB Mineral Concealing Cream
A new concealer to try out. I have this in 03. 7ml. This is TINY! look how big my hands are compared!

Beauty Maker Spot Whitening Corrector
I am hoping to use this on my old acne scars to help speed the scar period and even out my skin tone.

Beauty Maker Acne Treatment Gel
My current search to kill all acne is still going strong!

Beauty Maker Skin Repairing Wakening Gel
I had heard that if there is one item you get from Beauty Maker this is it. Comprable to Lenige Water sleeping Pack which I love so I cant wait to try this! this smells pretty awesome.

Coffret Dior
My first palette from this brand. I love the packaging and the colors are so shimmery oo0o0o0

Silk Whitia Masks
Pearl kind, Collagen, Moisterizing and Essence, all whitening. I have already tried one of these. Compared to the masks of "My Dear Diary" these are so much more saturated! I will do a comparison review in the future. Hahaha they were buy 1 get one free, thats why I have so many. All except the pearl mask were under the offer.

Mableine Angel Fit Foundation in N02
I had heard that this was the number 1 selling drugstore foundation in Japan. Mabeline is a brand that I know and can trust. This particular line is not available in the states. I heard the coverage is amazing and light weight feeling. I thought this would be bigger for some reason...

CO Bigelow Rose Salve
I had dropped in Bath and Body today. ( FYI every Monday they have a sale for June) I saw this and it reminded me of my Rosebud Salve from Smith which goes everywhere with me so wanted to give this a shot. The color is a little lighter and the scent is like, roses with cotton candy. Pretty sweet smelling in my opionion.
I got more BBB stuff but nothing special just some soaps for my bathroom.

CHI 44 Iron Gaurd
So many Youtubers use this brand prior hot tools so it was definetly worth a try. This I got in Rite Aid.


  1. Woaaah you're the haul queen! xD Very droolicious haul! <3

  2. Woaaah you're the haul queen! xD Very droolicious haul! <3


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