Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Hauling

It's Sunday today, so it is time to show you what I got this weekend. A mix of random, small, necessities and some new items!

Friday therapy:
On Friday my ELF items came in during work in the post. Look at all this stuff! less than $20 bucks...

The shipping was super fast but I dont think I will shop from ELF again soon, I did not see much I wanted there outside these above items.
Mostly bronzers and brushes. I actually dont have any bronzers outside these. I love blushes and never wanted to spend alot of money on bronzer because I prefer pale skin, but some of these colors are great for contouring, and since it was only 1 dollar each I did not feed bad about finally buying a bronzer!

Went to Soho after work in search for Muji for a drawer case. Long story short 2 hours later I found Muji and it was 1 /20th the size of the one I saw in HK!! ( too tiny for the effort)
On my search for Muji, I stopped by a few shops...

1. MAC store
Wanted to try MAC MSF in "Perfect Topping" before it was offically sold out everywhere, or discontinued. It is pretty!!! it gives me a slight shimmer on my cheekbones, a great new buy. I love how I got one with alot of purple in it ( SA chose it for me ) to help meld into my yellow undertoned skin.

MAC Blush in Dainty. Cute color, a little light, and you need it tap it a few times to get a nice corally/reddish glow. I think NARS blushes are far more pigmented.

MAC conceler in NC 30. I am actually an NC 20 but the SA recommended I go up a lil in shade for the blemishes. Not bad, I might go back to get the NC 20 in the studio fix concealer in the future for my undereyes.

2. Lush: Mask of Magnamity. My HG mask!!!! very very minty sometimes when this is on I start to tear a bit but it is completely worth it! when you rub this off you skin is so PURE and clean. It just removes the weeks worth of dirt off your face and gives you a radiant showing of your natual skin. I highly recommend!
Only downside is it is a little messy to wash off but still the greatest clay type mask I have tried.

Revlon Lipsticks: Color stay in Baby Peach and Lipstick in N*de Attitude
I had never tried Revelon lipsticks before but heard so many great things about them about their moister and price, & decided to try some. I also heard ALOT about N*de Attitude. (right)

I now love Revelon lipsticks! the quality is far more superior than anyone would expect from a drug store brand. I loved them so much, I bought more on Saturday! ( did not take a picture of them)
N*de Attitude lived up to the hype and I now like it as my n*de lipstick. Finding a n*de lipstick for my skin shade so far has been a failure. The lipsticks are good but the color stay, in the thinner packaging I love more. ( Left: in baby peach) It is sooo moisterizing you dont even need a gloss on top of it, like how you do with the lipstick.
I want more colorstays!!
I purchased these at the fanciest Duane Reade I had ever seen in Soho lol.

On Saturday I did get 3 more from Revelon. Two more lipsticks and a colorstay. I did better on Friday with my color choices but since I hate returning things ( laziness) I will find a way to make them work lol.

TodayI got a few random things.
Laneige Pore Trouble Cleaner.
After the horrible Clinique attempt a few weeks ago I turned to the brand to which I have had toners and used bottles upon bottles for years. I had never tried the pore trouble line but had heard good things and wanted to give it a try. Previously I had used the light refiner toners in reg and EX. Which are very hydrating and I reccommend.
I am very excited to try this new toner! hopefully it helps with my new acne =(

Laneige places it's type lines by a color code. Green is for the pore trouble line. I had previously used Blue which is the normal combo skin line.

The SA gave me some free samples. I love samples!

Anna Sui ( Fake) Mirror
I needed a new compact and saw this in the neighborhood. Actually all the stores in my area are stocked with these fake Anna Sui mirrors now. Not just the compact kind, the hand held kind, cell phone charm kind etc etc. Only 4 bucks, a good size. I love Anna Sui but there is none of her merchandise really around here in the states, even in NYC (1 shop somewhere in Soho, I could not find it, if you did not know notice from my Muji story I suck with maps and navigation) so I take what I can get.

I saw these Vivianne Westwood like earrings in the store and HAD to have them. The store stated it oped it 1 pm. I was standing outside the store at 1:10 thinking... I will come back. Stayed in the mall for another hour and went back at 2:15. Still closed..-_-
Left the mall and came back at 3:15 hahaha. Then I saw it OPENED and I got the earrings.
The owner apparently takes lunch the time she opens???
I also got these black and white lil ribbon earrings because I love bow style accessories.
Aren't they cute?
I dont have alot of studs, so I am glad to add these to my collection!

On a side note, here is the make up bag I used today. I did not realize until recently I have a bunch of cosmetic bags! A bloody collection already. I actually only bought 2 of them...both 99 cents to 2 bucks. The rest came free from Japanese magazines. Today's is from the brand "Milk fed" which is pretty popular in Japan. Most of the time I use a bag I had recieved from another magainze from Jill Stuart. Japanese magazines offer great freebees!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and hope to hear from you all =)
I already wrote a tiny list of things I want next week ><
I definetly have to go on a spending diet!!


  1. woo u got some gorgeous items
    i love the earrings

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  2. i really want to try that laneige toner!!! great hauls!

  3. oh my god i love vivienne westwood accessories...

  4. oh my god i love vivienne westwood accessories...


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