Friday, July 10, 2009

Review & Comparison with a DSK give away!

Happy Friday all!

So I have a conmparison review today.
SHOWDOWN *ding ding* Qiora's Balencing Lotion ( softener) vs. Beauty Makers Aquamarine Softening Toner

From the looks it is amazing to me how they are almost the same color blue! Is this the accepted color in the industry for face softeners?
Generally I use a softener post toner, thats what I was informed by the SA to do.
I have finished my Qiora toner and have used Beauty Makers for about 2 weeks,2x a day.

Quiora claims that this will bring ph balance to your face this balencing your face and helping it to be calm to prevent future acne/breakouts
Grade---> B-
Refreshing feeling, clean feeling, quick absorbing, brightening effect, very hydrating, softening was noticable on my skin
No scent ( this is a personal preference but this smelled literally like water)
Price, this thing is alot more money than I believe it is worth. I believe I paid @ 55+! ( $$)
Did not see much of a difference in acne

Can be found here:

Beauty Maker---> Grade: A-
This smells very floral and refreshing
Patting it into your skin makes you feel very calm
Excellent Price, this can last about about 3 months I believe so there is real value
Skin feels very hydrated and full of water after use
Wished it had an additional purpose outside hydration. AKA acne help
Does not have any real brightening effect

Can be found here:

Beauty Maker is the winner! Even though I would like a softener to have additional benefits in the acne world, softening toners dont have to claims this purpose including BM's. Combine price, effect, and scent this is the winner. I will most likely repurchase.

DSK is currently holding a give away and this is my entry.
*I Love DSK*
For those who do now know of her site, you should check her out! Her stuff is very cute and sparkly. I am a returning customer =)
I love this bracelet she made me, esp with the adorable heart linked chain.


  1. You took a really cute pic of that bracelet :)

  2. You took a really cute pic of that bracelet :)


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