Monday, August 31, 2009

I got tagged! ~Nails Tag~

Yay I got tagged by Got Views? Share'em my first tag! Thank you for tagging me. =)
She updates her blog often so check it out.

I think she invented this tag, so below are the Q's.

1. When was the last time you did your nails or got them done?
I do my nails myself. I never go to nail salons, probably on my wedding day only lol. I just did them about 5 minutes before I saw I got tagged haha lucky!

2. Do you have polish on right now?
Yup, 4 coats baby!

3. What is your favorite nail polish?
No current favorites, but I love almost all glittery polishes! I am going to Asia soon and will stock up on glitter and nail polishes! hehe can't wait

4. Do you like to give your nails a break from having polish on them? Or do you keep them polished at all times?
Once I do my nails they stay on for like 1 week? During week 2 they chip all over and once that's happening I usually put on a new color. No real break just natural chipping time. I have only been wearing polishes recently so I don't bite my nails! but I have gone months-years without polish

5. Do you remove your polish right away when it chips or do you leave it?
I wait for natural chipping, it doesn't take that long and by the time half of the polish is gone I usually look for something new to apply.

Here are some pics from my latest home polish. Pink and glittery~!

Products I used from left to right
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength base coat, Paul and Joe in Shade 10, Sinful colors Pinky Glitter 830, and Rimmel no chip top coat

Friday, August 28, 2009

Short Skin Care Reviews

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Thought I would review some new skin care products I have been trying out as part of my skin care routine.

1. Origins Modern Friction
I originally went to Origins to purchase"Never a Dull Moment" but the SA had informed me that Modern Friction was the new and improved formulation of "NaDM"
The product claims to remove discoloration and patches from sun damage while reducing the signs of fine lines and pore size.

The beads in this exfoliator are small but definitely noticeable. Sometimes the beads are so large and harsh (owww) sometimes they are so small and you don't feel anything really being removed, but this product has created a good sized bead. Apparently in this product a rice starch.

The scent is lemony, which is a very clean and refreshing scent. Aloe for calmness (no aloe scent)

When applied to the skin with water it creates a very comfortable exfoliation experience, no real harshness feeling.
Brightness and smooth effects are immediate as with any good exfoliator, slight reduction in pore size.
I definitely recommend this product and give it a grade of an A.
Price: $37.50

2. Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Hydrating Acne Treatment
I am currently on my third tube of this stuff and still have no idea if this works...I stopped using it a few days ago.
It claims to be unable to help with current acne but help prevent future acne. With this product I had acne regardless of daily use...
Used it basically to help control oil and felt like I needed some sort of salicylic acid on my face.

Gel texture with a sweet aloe scent.
To be rubbed all over your face as a preventative measure to stop future blemishes.
I do not think this product has done much even through many repurchases due to patience.
I give this product a C+ the + due to the fact that it does seem to control oil and reduce shininess on my T zone but does not really do what it claims.
Price: $9.00

3. Clinique Turnaround Concentrate
This product claims to promote new cell generation on your face so your face is constantly producing new cells leading to a brighter, smoother face.

Lotion texture with typical "Clinque" scent. I hope people understand this reference...
I use this after my toners both day and night. After only about 2-3 days of use I do see a difference in my face in terms of brightness. My skin also already feels smoother! So far so good! A little early to see longer lasting results but this is def pointing in the right direction!
I am loving the brightening effects. Sitting in an office all day really can dull our your skin, this brings it more life.
Grade A ( so far )

Price: $39.50

4.Clinique Acne Solutions Spot Treatment Gel
It seems for acne treatment I only turn to Neutrogena and Clinique. I had heard and seen many good reviews on this gel. Apparently after application the concentrated gel really dries out your current pimple or brings out the cyst pimples to the skin's surface for treatment.
Gel textures with same "Clinique" scent.

I apply this both day and night. Since it is clear it can easily be hidden with make up.
This stuff BURNS if you any open spots. As with most acne medication, but this stuff seems harsher on the burning sensation.
This stuff also literally dries out the pimples on your face, but you have to be careful on the amount applied or else all the skin around your pimple will peel! I have to watch my sizes!

If the pimple is caught early enough this gel seems to do the job and get rid of it before it becomes a real problem, but for already established blemishes, this seems to have no real effect. I guess it is too late or something...
Grade: B
Price: $ 13.50

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ready for Fall...

Sigh...summer has to be my least favorite season. NYC I love you but you are just too hot and sticky in August =(

I have been buying some new fall clothes in prep for the following season. A lot of button downs now that I see them. I love button downs so casual and preppy at the same time, but with the right fabric you can look funky too.

This is a light summery shirt I had gotten at F21. I saw that Fuzkittie has the same one! lol.
Very cute fabric, airy, and girly. Plan on layering this in the fall.

Close up of the cute fabric. Reminds me of Korean style clothing patterns.

Has anyone noticed all the plaid and flannel shirts in stores? Guess it is the new trend in alignment with the rock vibe tents in this yr's fashion week showcase. I def have a few already in my closet but here are my newest additions.

I love this trend, something old school about these patterns. Unfortunately most of the time when I see these items they tend to be in tunic style. That shape does not flatter me at all so it has been hard finding a normal length shirt with a pattern I like. I got the above @ F21.
I plan to wear this with my leather jacket, black jeans, and gold studded/buckled top shop boots. For colder and darker days. Seems no where near soon though.

An alternative to the flannel/plaid style is gingham. I've been searching for a gingham shirt for weeks and snagged this at the GAP. This was the last one in my size, I stole this off the mannequin, because I was not leaving without this! I went another part of town to get this 1 piece of clothing alone lol.
Wore this already with some silver layered jewelry, denim shorts, and my ray bans.

Rachel Bilson has this same shirt. She pulled it off a lot better than I did. Love her style!

Last but not least:

Hehe this one is a little fobby but everyone loves Micky right? From F21. Will probably wear it with my white or cream converse.

That is all for new clothing items. Will be indoors until September!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rimmel Product Review & Jewelry

It's time for a product review, and this time I am going to highlight:
Rimmel's Stay Matter Powder

I've been using this product for about 3 months and completely love it. My new HG powder for post foundation/BB cream in the morning. This has completely replaced my MAC powder. At 1/3 the price and better setting coverage this product is definitely worth a look at.

The color above is in "Transparent 001" I believe it should be fine for every one's skin color. The product truly does what it states. A stay Matte powder for coverage for up to 5 hours. I am not a type of person to reapply powder so I only apply this on in the morning but I believe it keeps me staying matte for above 5 hours. Around 8 hours really, I still look matte, it's GREAT!
This product was my first of Rimmel's and now I am constantly looking at the brand.

I use this interchangeably with my Paul and Joe powder throughout the week, but I have definitely been gravitating more towards this one lately because it is just easier to obtain a new one if I run out unlike P&J.

Just some quick pics of the jewelry I picked up my last haul but did not get a chance to post.

I am obsessed with any jewelry with bows. This is a double strand necklace.

I've noticed alot of places popping up with nautical themed items these days. These look great with striped anything!

One of my new OPI colors from my nail polish haul. In "Italian Love Affair"
Eek my nails are so short!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nail Polish Haul

My order from a whole sale nail supply shop came in. I've been looking for China glaze's "For Audrey" for months in stores. Finally just buckled and bought it online. Since it was whole sale I ended up buying a few more... hehe ^^

From left to right:
I'm a Princess, you're not!, Italian Love Affair,Fairy Dust, Bermuda Breakaway, Sensuous

Left to right:
Ruby Pumps, Sx on he beach, Mom's Chiffon, Outrageous, For Audrey

The two glitter polishes are crazy with the sparkles!!

Aren't they all pretty? These polishes made my day!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Neutrogena Review, and a Haul!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Iv'e been spending like mad these last few days but before getting to my haul let's do a small review.

The Neutrogena Oil Free eye Make up Remover

Has anyone tried this product? I've seen it in my pharmacy forever but have always ignored it due to the fact that I constantly had a bottle of Lancome's bi facil eye make up remover in my bathroom. The Lancome product is pretty famous, I am sure many beauty bloggers are familiar with this product. I had originally started with the Estee Lauder eye make up remover and had tried the Lancome one for variation.
In my opinion the Lancome one is oily. I know that the oil is there to help breakdown the eye make up product, and remove it with 1 swipe but the Estee Lauder one did not leave any oily feeling behind.
In search for another brand to try, I purchased this Neutrogena one.

Verdict? It's definetly NOT BAD! I would say it is the same as Lancome Bi Facil! Seriously, same effect, same color, same 1 swipe action. Even with alot of cream shadows, glitter, and mascara on my eyes this was removed with 1 swipe. I was pretty surprised on how well it worked.

The item's packing states oil free but when you look at the bottle there is definetly two liquids in the thing esp since you have to shake the bottle before application. When you swipe it over your eye there is an oily residue that remains, wht this liquid is? I have no clue but apparenly it is not oil.

I would definetly reccomend this item because it is about 1/3 the price of the Lancome product with about the same quantity and quality.

I think if I had a choice I would go back to Estee Lauder soley because it leaves absolutley no oily residue on my lids post swipe but this is definetly something I prefer over the famouse Lancome item.

I actally got so many items I had forgotten to take pictures of 3 other things ><

Have you noticed all the previous shoe posts on this blog? Well here are some more. Boots this time. I purchased two boots, in all seriousness they are the same...different shops, brands, colors, etc. but same.
Have you noticed the new style is everyone trying to mimic is the chloe boot? The Chloe boot is WILD at first I hated it but it has def grown on me. Well, if you go into a shoe store around now you are going to start noticing a pattern with boots and I have also totally fallen into.

These black ones are from Topshop. I had to order these online because they reminded me of the Chloe boots in a normal color. I saw these first, before the mass chain stores started to come out with them...
It is weird... the TopShop in NYC only sells half sizes but the online shop sells whole sizes in certain items... WTH??? anyway... I was a whole size and had to purchase these via the web.
At first I thought they were ugly...but they have definetly grown on me! My bf HATES them but whatever, I wear what I want!

The next pair is from Zara. I had seen these on and had to try them out. I first saw them on 5th ave, not my size..I panic-ed! I have REALLY bad luck shopping for things I want esp since all Zara's only had about 4 of these in each store. I quickly dashed on a train to the 42nd st location... NO SIZE! went to the heald sq location NO SIZE! ><
Tried them on, good fit but I knew they were like my black top shop them anyway ha! Now I don't know if I should return them... what do you think of them ladies?

Side by Side:

I've wanted Tortoise Raybans for months, finally got them today. I must have tried on 100 of them to find the pair that fits my huge face!

Last but not least, not really a haul item but just a lil pick up. I had heard reviews from bloggers that the NYC nail polishes are not bad. I picked this up tonight at CVS, NYC nail color in "Manhattan" I love how they name so many colors after city areas. Guess I am working on my nails this Friday night lol.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Next post I will show my remaining items and another review hopefully!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Obsessions, & Mac Color Craft

Current obsessions: ( In)
Ray Ban Wafers in Tortoise ( still trying to find one that fits my face shape) <-- is it just me or is everyone on this site freaking fabulously dressed!?
Low Carb
Romantic piano pieces by the masters

Past Obsessions: (Out)
Peanut Butter
NYC rainy weather!!!

Went to the mall this weekend with my bf and stopped by the MAC store to look @ the color craft collection. Here is what I left with:

Not too big but lovely

The lipstick in the tube is pretty loud like a bright pink barbie no baby in site but the gloss on top helps mute the colors out.
Lipstick in "Trimming Talk"

Isn't this gloss pretty!? with the amazing wave design.
Lipglass in "Miss Marble"

I am def a blush girl. I am pretty pale so when I applied this my bf complimented it stating it made me look "healthier" -_- originally I had planned on getting one of their MSF in Porcelain pink? but i have yet to see it in any MAC shop =(

Blush is in "hand finish"

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