Monday, August 31, 2009

I got tagged! ~Nails Tag~

Yay I got tagged by Got Views? Share'em my first tag! Thank you for tagging me. =)
She updates her blog often so check it out.

I think she invented this tag, so below are the Q's.

1. When was the last time you did your nails or got them done?
I do my nails myself. I never go to nail salons, probably on my wedding day only lol. I just did them about 5 minutes before I saw I got tagged haha lucky!

2. Do you have polish on right now?
Yup, 4 coats baby!

3. What is your favorite nail polish?
No current favorites, but I love almost all glittery polishes! I am going to Asia soon and will stock up on glitter and nail polishes! hehe can't wait

4. Do you like to give your nails a break from having polish on them? Or do you keep them polished at all times?
Once I do my nails they stay on for like 1 week? During week 2 they chip all over and once that's happening I usually put on a new color. No real break just natural chipping time. I have only been wearing polishes recently so I don't bite my nails! but I have gone months-years without polish

5. Do you remove your polish right away when it chips or do you leave it?
I wait for natural chipping, it doesn't take that long and by the time half of the polish is gone I usually look for something new to apply.

Here are some pics from my latest home polish. Pink and glittery~!

Products I used from left to right
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength base coat, Paul and Joe in Shade 10, Sinful colors Pinky Glitter 830, and Rimmel no chip top coat


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