Monday, September 14, 2009

Review, Bling Bling, and an Obsession!

Today it has happened... I have run of out of one of my HG's the P&J Whitening Serum. *sniff*
Luckily I had bought a spare months ago at Bergdorfs in the RAIN because I knew they would be out of this soon and I cannot cannot live w/o this serum.

Time for a product review! =D

Normal Facts:
The actual product comes out as a milky serum, with a light citrus scent. The packaging is gorgeous, the size is 40ml, and is dispensed through a pump, very hygienic, while also allowing a good amount of product to come out with each use. I believe the price is about $45 ( cannot rem)

This product lasted 4.5 months and I used 2 pumps per night. Only 1 pump is needed but I used extra for my neck, so it woud be the same shade as my face.

Truthfully, this product did nothing for my skin visibly for about 2 months? At about the third month I was in the mall and noticed...I was REALLY white!
( my home is very very dim apparently) I had never seen myself so pale truthfully. It was not like sick pale, I definitely looked glowy but I was definitely shades lighter. I had been looking for a product to help lighten my skin and even out my skin tone and that day I finally saw the results. I was amazed at the color of my skin. I prefer my skin to be quite pale because I do not believe I personally look better with a tan.

The lightening of my skin was very evident when I realized none of my concealers and foundations matched my face! bummer... had to buy some new products bc I no longer blended with the ones I had but that to me was a huge realization that my skin had indeed changed.

Side Notes:
I believe this product was a huge factor in the lightening of my skin, but I have done other things in conjunction with this serum to help brighten and whiten my skin tone. Here are the additional things I have done to add to my skin color during my use of this product:
Whitening Masks, Whitening Eye Creams, and constant constant sunscreen+sunglass protection everyday.

Last Words:
In short, if you are looking for a whitening product that will change your skin complexion and lighten any scars/freckles you possess I def recommend this product. I must say I do not think it would work on everyone. I believe you have to be a certain level of paleness already and can only go so far if you are more heavily pigmented.
For myself, this is def an HG item!

In other news, I had recently ordered more jewelry from DSK! I've wanted purple haze for a while but had to wait till she sold it on one of her daily showings, finally got mine.

My camera does this no justice!

Steph from DSK also sent me these great Aquafina lip products. I had rem her mentioning these items previously. Since then every time I had been in a drugstore I have been on the look out for these items to no avail. I believe they are only sold in Walmart because I have not seen them anywhere!!! and there are NO Walmarts in NYC so I hope this lasts a while. The chapstick is amazing!!! ~THANK YOU STEPH IF YOU READ THIS~!

Last note:
I am currently obsessed with STUDS! in particular studded converse for the fall! I am thinking of studding my own because I own so many pairs and studs are seriously not expensive. I had gotten the idea when I saw free people sell studded converse for $170 dollars? I had seen in the fabric store 100 studs were about 3 bucks o_0 After seeing the price I had considered just doing it myself... what do you think?

Found here and here!

I have no idea
I am going to Asia soon for vacation and will prob load up on more converse there as practice pairs lol.

Have a lovely evening!!!

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