Thursday, October 29, 2009

NYX and Sephora Haul!

I am still supposed to show installments from my Asia vacation but I am too busy hauling here at home ^^

NYX Haul:
Online retailers had a sale so I went about town until I reached the free shipping limit

From left to right:
Watermelon, Thalia, Strawberry Milk, Indian Pink, Tea Rose, Summer Love

As an FYI the colors look nothing like the online swatches. I had to youtube reviews and even then they are different. Even my photo does not show the real colors =\

Top to bottom: Perfect, Sweet Heart, Milk

I love Perfect! goes great over India Pink!
Sweetheart is also very popular color. These lip glosses smell like cherries!

The famous NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, apparently this was a must have. Very very smooth consistency, great for the price.

Top to bottom, left to right:
Peach Blush, Angel Blush, Frosty e/shadow, black e/shadow

I am still on the search for the perfect peach blush. This color is pretty cute. The color is alot brighter in real life, in the photo above it looks very light.
Angel: Love pink blush first and always

The frosty white shadow I heard was useful not only for eyes but as a highlighter due to the shimmers in the pigmentation.
Black eyeshadow is always needed for some smoke.

The Sephora Friends and Family sale Haul:

O00ooo0o so pretty!

NARS eye shadow in Mekong. So gorgeous. The photo does no justice, deep plummy brown with gold sparkles. I could not find this in the Sephora stores so when I got it in the post I was soooo happy! You can see me in the mirror lol.

After my complete love with my Katie blush I decided to try some more Illamasqua items.
Above are Obey, and Sonnet.

*SIGH* These are AWFUL, I mean really awful to me. They are being returned to the store.
So drying, you apply and every single imp refection on your lips are shown, there is no moisture in the formulation. Dryer than MACS. Pigmentation is not bad but the formulation needs work. Real shame, since the packaging was also so nice.

After loving the powder blush I decided to go for a Cream Blush. This is in the color "Rude". A beautiful coral. It looks kinda scary in the pan but applies sheer.
I cannot wait for the color "Sob" to come to the USA. It has been released in the UK and it is the more gorgeous milky baby pink.

My eyes are becoming black from lack of sleep -__-;; heard Michelle Phan loves this so I am willing to give it a go.

Normally I would not buy so may products before testing them out but Sephora has a wonderful return policy, I get to go a little more adventurous online.

Since I am returning the 2 lipsticks I am thinking of getting something else but seriously... I don't need more make up! Someone stop me plz! (I have already been eying it! )

Misc: Nails.

Fall is here! Which means out goes the light pink nails for the s*xy darker richer shades.

Currently loving from OPI Black Cherry Chutney from the India Collection and Russian Navy from the Russian collection.

Still looking around for Linkin Park after Midnight. I have found Linkin Park after Dark a few times but the Midnight shades seem more royally beautiful to me.

Anyone have some fall nail color suggestions?

Have a wonderful night all!


  1. Great haul, I love everything u got from NYX, the colors are really pretty and I love the Illamasqu lipsticks ..can u do a review on them?thanks^^

  2. great haul!!! can't wait to hear what you think of the amazing cosmetics concealer :)I bought a Sephora by OPI nailpolish in 212 recently, love it! it's like a smokey black with all sorts of shimmers, and looks so great under the sun :) I think it's going to be my fav. nail polish for this fall/winter :)

  3. Wooo! Great haul!! I would love to hear your views on the concealer. I have never owned one myself but I really want one and still haven't decided which one I should go for.


  4. Great haul! I love NYX lipstick they feel so nice. I have blushes and eyeshadows from Illamasqua and have been wanting to try the lipstick but now I think I'll leave those alone, the colors look pretty though.

  5. aaah mekong! everybody seems to be loving it!!! i'm so tempted to buy it.....

    It's a real shame that those illamasque lipsticks are drying since the colors are really pretty.

  6. Oh I didn't know they were dry , I never used them before just saw from ur pictures that the colors looked beautiful..sorry to know that ^^;

  7. I heart nars! and opi!!! yay for your haul!

    Have a lovely sunday!

  8. I love your haul. If only NARS was available locally but I'll visit the stores once I touch down in London.

  9. That NYX peach blush looks pink to me...I always wanted to try those but always ended up missing out a sale.

    And I never bother with under eye concealer because I think under eye circles make my eye look bigger. (How pathetic)

  10. WOAH what an amazing and huge haul! You chose great stuff!!

  11. great haul! I like NYX's black e/s too, until I dropped it T_T and it shattered into a million pieces boo!! The blush is pretty! I'm new to using blushes lol!

  12. Hey! Great haul post :] I was wondering where you get your NYX cosmetics from?? It's so hard to find in brick and mortar stores :S

  13. Hey! Great haul post :] I was wondering where you get your NYX cosmetics from?? It's so hard to find in brick and mortar stores :S


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