Friday, November 6, 2009

~H20+ Review

In my constant search for new HG products on skin care I am constantly on the search for potential prospects from various brands. One of my latest experiences being with the Chicago based brand H20+. A brand that derives it products from "marine sourced nutrients" via sea derived formulas.

The Face Oasis Cleansing Water $24
"This technologically advanced formula water activates to break down make-up and impurities while maintaining skin’s natural moisture balance. Leaves skin feeling quenched and revitalized with no residue left behind."

A make up remover with "hydrating marine algae"

I really like my Shu Uemura Oil Make Up Remover but sometimes I feel so weird rubbing oil into my skin.This is a water based solution and seems to have no oil items in it's formulation. It surprisingly removes make up very well! Has a light aloe scent and leaves my skin feeling soft and looking brighter!

This is not going to remove water proof mascara, but still good!

I usually take my make up off the minute I get home and use this. My face is clean, bright, and soft afterwards. I do have to use a toner after this even when I am not yet ready for my night routine because I notice after 30 minutes my skin looks a lil dry. Not the whole face but only my problem areas/blemishes!! this is GOOD, I want that stuff gone.

After this I usually follow with just a spritz of tea tree toner for moisture and to help combat.

Overall I really like this product a little more than my Shu, just because the water feels cleaner. This does not lather, or foam but my face looks "cleaner" after rinsing this off than with my Shu. I would repurchase this!

Anti-Acne Clarifying Face Wash
The Anti Acne Clarifying Wash $18
"Formula combines one of the most effective, non-drying ingredients for the treatment of acne, salicylic acid, with exclusive natural, marine botanical blend to absorb excess oil. Ginger oil provides a natural, innovative method for adding antibacterial properties."

One of the lines newer products. I returned this already. Though this is supposed to be acne fighting it contained 1.5% salasylic acid. At the time when I was buying H20 my face was not in good shape and bought this on a whim without reading the back. I returned it because 1.5% was really not going to do much for me.
I would recommend this is you have very moderate acne and are pretty clear most of the time.
This had a light foam and the smell was ok, but as an acne wash depending on your skin type will show the results. I knew for myself it was not strong enough and had seen drug store brands with a higher percentage of ance fighting solutions.

**Coincidentally I am currently using an item with no acne fighting ingredients and seems to be working!!! maybe I need gentleness?????? my skin is so weird***

Sea Results Overnight Perfecting Peel
Sea Results Overnight Perfecting Peel $34

"A liquid peel formulated to revitalize and smooth skin’s surface, this high performance treatment delivers balanced tone and clarity, prevents clogged pores and potential breakouts, all while revitalizing and brightening dull complexions. Reveals a softer, more youthful you."

I use this at night in place of my Clinique turn around Cream which I now use only in the day.
Applied at night before moisturizer to try to renew my skin, heal and prevent break outs, and hopefully speed up the process of scar fading. Clear gel formula.

This stuff stings... not everywhere but any residue left on your fingers that goes above your cheek bones really really stings the area around my eyes even though the products is generally kinda far on my face from my eyes... this kinda bothers me. The rest of my face feels fine but from below my eye brows to above my cheek bones sting! it feels "hot" and is slightly uncomfortable for a few minutes. ( ok it hurts...a lot)

There is no immediete reaction to the skin in terms of softness or hydration but I will admit using this product for 1 month at night has definetly faded out my acne scars faster than using the Clinique turn around cream for about 4 months. I can't argue with results!

Even though I love the speed of the product I don't believe this is a repurchase item. I highly prefer the Clinque formula which is slower but brings no pain whats so ever and immedietly after application my face feels soooooooo smooth. I definetly need a back up bottle of the Clinique and can skip the H20.

The H20 item is quite generous with it's sizing

Overall impressions: The brand is not bad ( from what I have tried) definetly above drugstore and produces a wide range of items according to skin type. They offer a huge range of moisturizers that I think look appealing for night.
I would definetly try other items from this brand as it shows potential for some hidden gem items but I doubt everything in the line is as great as the website makes it seem. ( but all websites make it sound good, right?) I would try to get some reviews in prior to purchasing as many of the reviews on the site are glowing for just about every product.
All of their products seems to have a light aloe scent which is nice to me but I know some people prefer fragrance free.

I hope this was helpful to all those who love to try new skin products like me!


  1. great reviews. I used to use H2O stuff a lot a long time ago, but somehow I just kind of stopped....

  2. Yayy! Thanks for the review =) I heard a lot of good things about these unfortunately they don't sell it in shops around my place =/ but then again I'm pretty happy with what I am using atm. I do however need a good and cheap make-up remover! lol xD

  3. Interesting review! I've always seen H20 products around but not sure about paying such a premium for water, even with all the promising minerals in it. I'll check them out the next time I pass by the store. And for some reason, if I don't use oily based products to remove makeup, I don't feel like it's clean! haha, it's probably because I use a lot of waterproof makeup.

  4. It's been a while since I stepped foot inside an H20+ store. Thank you for the reviews! :) I'm intrigued by that cleansing water.

  5. i hear good things abt this brand from time to time but its nice to read a proper review like this!! <3

  6. I like ur review on this product! Unfortunately for me,the perfecting peel didn't work for my skin type.. I have ultra sensitive combi skin type so I'm not too sure why it left me with some bumps.. My friend had lovely skin though and told me she only used h20 pdts.sigh, I've got ultra reactive skin :(

  7. Hey girl! First, thx for giving me additional info on the cleansing water. :) Secondly, I'm still deciding the rest of the giveaway prize...hee hee...hope you girls like what I pick! Happy Veteran's/Hump Day :D

  8. Hey girl! First, thx for giving me additional info on the cleansing water. :) Secondly, I'm still deciding the rest of the giveaway prize...hee hee...hope you girls like what I pick! Happy Veteran's/Hump Day :D

  9. i hear good things abt this brand from time to time but its nice to read a proper review like this!! <3


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