Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Small Haul

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for your comments on my last post. I was glad to help some people out =)

I am showing a small haul today. These are some random items I have bought in the recent weeks.

First items are my new benefit crease less shadows!
I originally bought 1 in "Bathing Suit" during my non existent lunch break only to find out upon return to my cube my box had an EMPTY JAR of shadow...ugh so I had to run back to Sephora and get a replacement.
On the line I noticed the Sweet Deals this month was the Benefit crease less shadows. Two for 10 dollars!
I personally am into n*de shadows because I can wear them everyday to work and creams are faster to me than powder shadow for application.
Admit tingly all the colors are very similar and safe but they are all great lid base colors that can be worn alone ( I do this when I am late ) or as a canvas to build upon.

Sorry the shadows are no longer pristine because I used some already.
Top row left to right: "Recess" "Birthday Suit"
Bottom row: "Honey Bunny"
Swatches are in the same order.

These are so creamy! I was originally going to try MAC's paint pot but now since I have 3 of these I don't need it anymore. I am very happy with these.

Paul and Joe
I love having a Paul and Joe counter in my neighborhood. Truthfully they don't have a huge selection but I love browsing when I am just waiting around the area.

I bought the Paul and Joe eyeliner pencil in 03. It is not my color...it is dual ended, lighter shade for the front of the brow and darker for the ends of the brows. I will probably wear it more once I color my hair again. They only had 1 color for the eye brow pencils ( small selection)

I bought the Paul and Joe eye gloss in 05 which can be described as a sparkly greyish with purple undertones.
I love it! especially on top of birthday suit!

EOTD: grr my camera won't focus... but can you see the sparkles? I wore this eye combination all week. Subtle enough for work. It's love.

The Givenchy shadow I fgt to take a photo of but was a free bee from Sephora.

Nail Polishes
OPI in "I'm not really a Waitress" and Sephora OPI in 212
212 in the jar looks black with multi shimmers but in the light you can see it is actually like a deep olive green with shimmers. It is not bad but I was kinda hoping for black.
Bottom photo was 2 coats

I am actually not the biggest MAC fan...but my area has a MACY's and a MAC counter so it is nice to pop in and check out the new releases.
I picked up 2 cream sheen glosses. MAC's new formula lip gloss. I had previously tried a MAC gloss and it was so STICKY, which sucked for me because that day was so windy -_- after that I kinda avoided the products all together but the new cream sheens had good reviews on how they were not so gummy.
I confirm this! Definitely a better formulation. I would definitely repurchase the cream sheen's.
Bought in Boy Bait and Partial to Pink. Their newest limited edition colors. Both very wearable.

Paul and Joe eye Gloss # 5, Partial to Pink, and Boy Bait

That's all for now. Hope everyone has a very happy Turkey Day!!


  1. nice haul! the crease less shadows sound great, i love neutral and wearable colors too :D

    oh, you got JS stuffs too? what did you get beside the jelly eye?

  2. cool! I have those benefit shadows too, they were definitely a good deal. I use to have a lot of MAC lipglasses, but they were all SOOO sticky, I threw them all away lol

  3. i just saw your post about it! the blush is really pretty, too bad it's not available anymore. you're lucky to have it :D

  4. OOoh, the cream shadows are on sale! Awesomeness!! What happened to your first one? Was it a return?

  5. nice post friend!!!!

    please visit me back....
    Culure of Indonesia

    thanks friend.....

  6. Ok, what the heck? An EMPTY JAR?! :( Good thing you found out right away. Great haul, sweetie! Love Partial to Pink! :D

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I think the Hunny Bunny and Partial to Pink have been added to my wishlist. :)

  9. nice post friend!!!!

    please visit me back....
    Culure of Indonesia

    thanks friend.....

  10. OOoh, the cream shadows are on sale! Awesomeness!! What happened to your first one? Was it a return?


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