Monday, December 21, 2009

Forever 21 Steal

Whoa, it's been a while. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!
I am still amidst Xmas shopping which is the reason for this post.

Yesterday, I dropped into Forever 21 on a whim and picked up the following item.
I love studs. Price: $39.80

Forever 21 is not a store I go into often, just to browse whenever I have some time to kill.

Today I visited Topshop in search for some Christmas accessories to find:
Pretty much the same jacket!
Price $330! online it is this price but in the store I saw it on discount for $180

Tall Stud Leather Jacket

Do these not look incredibly similar!? You can't see it from the photos but they even have zippers on the same place on the sleeves.

Of course the top shop one was heavier and the material was softer but the price difference is insane. Even with the "discount"

My buy of the week!

Hope everyone has a great holiday!!

Sorry for lack of make up posts, the season is busy and I am trying not to buy any more make up until at least 2010!


  1. they do look similar! what a steal on F21~

  2. Hey hun! Good to see you back. :) Wow, that is one awesome buy! I love studs too.

  3. Thanks, babe! Aw, don't be scared. You can always get a friend to help out. :) Happy Holidays!!

  4. I love shopping at forever21 not only their clothes are affordable but HELLO they are hella stylish too! Love the white leather jacket u posted! FIRE!

  5. they do look similar! what a steal on F21~


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