Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday's Sephora Therapy

Every Friday I need to treat myself. Ice cream, new clothes, movies with friends, but this Friday I needed some beauty therapy. Work was pretty hmm... CRAZY this week! I looked like a complete wreck from the stress and work load. I definitely needed some new beauty essential items.


I am a complete sucker for the Sephora items that are beuty on the go! I always grab stuff from those lil baskets. It seems like a good way to try things at a cheaper price and sample size instead of investing in a $90 dollar item you hate. 

I LOVE handcreams! I have no idea where this love came from but it is definetly there. I carry with me in my purse, at any time 3-6 differnet types of hand creams and am always on the search for a new one.

I have heard great things about this one from Loccitane. I just love the old fashioned packaging! In Sephora I try all the lotions and hand creams first, that way when I finish walking through the store and browsing I can see if there is any diff in my skin.

This cream made my skin feel so elastic! super smooth and has a plea sent subtle scent. Seems like a keeper!


I literally just ordered new foundation last night via SaSa but I had tried this on the store and loved the coverage~after work I could tell my skin did not look good. My conccealer and BB cream from the morning was pretty blotchy by now. 
The shades of these match my skin perfectly ( had to ask 3 sales ladies to confirm ) but I like the finish. The little concealer is good for under eye because it does not exphasize my fine lines.

Foundation in shade #120 and the concealer is in #8.


Ahh Benefit's Coralista! I have wanted this for months. At first you can see the color is similar to NARS DT. I actually walked over to the NARS section to make sure I was not buying the same blush 2x. Coralista definitely has more peach tiny and has far finer shimmers. Great for summer. 


I have been breaking out like MAD latley and it sucks! Last night I bought the Clinque Acne Solutions from SaSa also. It can be easily found here, but I needed it for the free shipping ^^. Today I also bought the spot treatment cream  (left) and the clarifying acne toner (right)
Guess I am becoming a Clinique girl?

**EDIT** the toner is going back to the store THIS weekend! ( where is my receipt!?) I just tried it. OMG! it was like I suddenly had 1000 salt wounds on my face. I literally swiped once and *POW*- *STINGING*
I generally don't use too many American skin care products because they tend to be too harsh, I guess Clinique is no different =( I hope the soap is more gentle!

I do not have sensitive skin, but some American brand products are just too harsh for me... 


Some Freebies that came with my Sephora purchase. I have always wanted like bliss body lotion, I try it every time I visit the store to sample them but the smell just turns me off. To me they dont have very pretty scents. This little one seems unscented so I'm glad to try this out.
Also isn't it cute? This is the smallest Bliss tube I have ever seen.

A LORAC bronzer, I am more into blushes, I may give this item away.


Last is some OPI I had gotten last week. The back color being "Cozu melted in the sun" and in the front is "Cosmo Not tonight honey!"
Where do they get these names??

There were definitely more stuff in my basket!! but I had to put some items back =\ I am going to post them on my wish list because I know if I don't I  will definitely forget.
Hope you enjoyed the haul! Have a great weekend! 

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Paul and Joe Haul and 1 Faceshop

In the states the Paul and Joe brand is pretty unknown. That is probably why there is only one registered counter in the the country. NYC's Bergforf's counter.
I am too lazy of a person to travel uptown every time I want to check put some of their products -which is why I am sooo thankful to live in an area with their own P&J counter from my very own neighborhood.

I have been meaning to get a few of these items for some time. Especially the nail polish which is from their limited edition summer collection. 
The gold and pink flecks are so pretty!
(Nail polishes: back pink in shade 10, pink sparkle shade in 003 and gold sparkle shade in 002)

I grabbed a cream eye shadow along with a peachy sparkly lip gloss. The gloss on my lips look so sparkly! but both shades will look great for summer. So fresh and clean looking. 
(Eye gloss in 02 and the gloss is in 04. )

The last item I got was a mauve compact face powder in 04. I had read from multiple reviews that the mauve coloring is excellent against my yellow skin tone. I had heard it is very light and brightening.

It has some slight shimmer to it and smells so refreshing like oranges!
The compact comes in the signature pink etching design from most P&J stuff. I love it! so girly! 

After leaving I had decided I wanted to try to find from the Face Shop the "Real Secret" Shimmer cream. I had read that this was an item that gave Korean actresses that luminous glow that was highlighted all over their face giving them a dewy finish after their perfect complexion.

Under normal lighting I dont see much of a difference but out in the sun there is a definite glow upon my face. Makes you look glowy, but you have to be careful, too much application can be mistaken for grease... I dont see much shimmer even though it is a shimmer lotion. 

Hopefully all these items will be used without regret of purchase. Most of them seem excellent for summer! 

On a side note, I had gone out to a gf's birthday dinner last night and ate Thai and sang ktv for hours Thankfully today is no work for Memorial day so I cant wait to relax! =D

Looks good right?
This restaurant was not bad but I doubt I'm going back, too lazy to go to Chelsea to just eat noodles. 

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