Sunday, July 19, 2009

20 Questions

Have not been posting as much since I have been trying to keep on my make up diet. Coincidentally my shoe collection has been growing! 0.o

I have not been officially tagged but I had seen this around and it seemed like a fun way to get to know me since I'm new to blogging.

Here goes! =D

1. Thing you cannot leave the house without:
My handbag! it has my WORLD in it! I have a huge collection of handbags almost all of them huge because I carry alot of things! I will do a "what's in my bag" post soon so you can see how important this is to me.

2. Favorite brand of make up?
Ummmm I have only been collecting make up since 2009 started? I have only been picking a few items from the various brands. I will say Paul and Joe for now.

3. Favorite flower?
I have 2! hehe White tulips and pink peonies for me!

4. Favorite clothing store?
Urban Outfitters, but I am starting to love Top Shop <3

5. Favorite perfume?
I don't really wear perfume but I wear Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Garden the most, my bf really loves it on me

6. Heels or flats?
Heels at work and flats for life! I don't really like heels too much but I am quite short so I like how they make me feel, but def prefer flats

7. Did you make good grades?
I was in the honor society in HS and ok in College but it would have been better!!

8. Favorite colors?
I loves shades of green, mellow green no harsh limes please

9. Do you drink energy drinks?
Sometimes before working out I have energy drinks, but try to stay away from them for 99% of the time. Or extreme work emergencies

10. Do you drink juice?
NOPE, I only drink water, teas, and coffee. An occasional soy milk. I don't like orange, grapefruit, cranberry, apple, grape or any other kind of juice. All of them are extremely sweet in my opinion

11. Do you like swimming?
I have not swam in many years but I wouldn't mind going more often/soon

12. Do you eat fries with a fork?
Nope, I will probably use my hands. I had fries last night at a restaurant and did not use the fork right next to my plate. I looooooooooooooooooooove fries and dont need an additional instrument for consumption

13. Favorite moisturizer?
Keihl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer- Good for year around, don't need to switch due to weather

14. Do you want to get married on later in life?
Yes, I have been practicing "wifely" skills since I was a kid - cooking, sewing, knitting, etc.

15. Do you get mad easily?
I used to get mad easily and quite often but since entering the work force I realized I would get mad every 5 minutes if I did not learn to get over it and move on. I just try to keep things to myself, and just stay very quiet until it passes. Too busy to linger on it in my office.

16. Are you into ghosthunting?
Uh... NO lol

17.Any phobias?
Scary movies scare the BEGGEESUS out of me. I have no idea how to spell it. Even the commercials are so scary! I cover my eyes while my bf covers my ears when they come on TV. When I watch one I spend $ 10 dollars to stare at the floor and cover my ears, and cannot sleep for DAYS/WEEKS/MONTHS thinking about what pictures could have been playing while I was starting at the floor but heard everything!
Does that count as a phobia?

18. Do you bite your nails?
Sometimes. I will go like 5 months without biting them then one day I will be frantic and start biting for like 2 weeks! then another 5 months of non biting, this is my cycle.

19. Have you ever had a near death experience?
YES! I nearly drowned in a theme park when I was like 5. That same summer I was forced to learn how to swim when I was pushed into a pool purposely so I could get over my fear. -_-;;

20. Do you drink coffee?
I do... I am trying to drink less. Perhaps 3 cups a week? I need the buzz for work at around 3 pm, but I believe it is starting to stain my teeth. Any whitening recommendations?

I hope this helped in getting to know me.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!! =)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Review & Comparison with a DSK give away!

Happy Friday all!

So I have a conmparison review today.
SHOWDOWN *ding ding* Qiora's Balencing Lotion ( softener) vs. Beauty Makers Aquamarine Softening Toner

From the looks it is amazing to me how they are almost the same color blue! Is this the accepted color in the industry for face softeners?
Generally I use a softener post toner, thats what I was informed by the SA to do.
I have finished my Qiora toner and have used Beauty Makers for about 2 weeks,2x a day.

Quiora claims that this will bring ph balance to your face this balencing your face and helping it to be calm to prevent future acne/breakouts
Grade---> B-
Refreshing feeling, clean feeling, quick absorbing, brightening effect, very hydrating, softening was noticable on my skin
No scent ( this is a personal preference but this smelled literally like water)
Price, this thing is alot more money than I believe it is worth. I believe I paid @ 55+! ( $$)
Did not see much of a difference in acne

Can be found here:

Beauty Maker---> Grade: A-
This smells very floral and refreshing
Patting it into your skin makes you feel very calm
Excellent Price, this can last about about 3 months I believe so there is real value
Skin feels very hydrated and full of water after use
Wished it had an additional purpose outside hydration. AKA acne help
Does not have any real brightening effect

Can be found here:

Beauty Maker is the winner! Even though I would like a softener to have additional benefits in the acne world, softening toners dont have to claims this purpose including BM's. Combine price, effect, and scent this is the winner. I will most likely repurchase.

DSK is currently holding a give away and this is my entry.
*I Love DSK*
For those who do now know of her site, you should check her out! Her stuff is very cute and sparkly. I am a returning customer =)
I love this bracelet she made me, esp with the adorable heart linked chain.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wizard of Oz

I know Dorothy's famous slippers were ruby red, but to make her outfit more matchy I had always pictures her with blue flats for some reason.
When I saw these shoes I immediately thought these would have completed her blue ensemble with a modern twist.

Cute no? They have cushioning throughout the shoe so there is no break in period. Very cool shoes, I cant wait to wear them this summer with some denim shorts.
Ankle straps, and wedged, not flat.

Now all I need are some red patent flats, and point toe leopard sue dish flats.
Any suggestions ladies?

Still thinking about those Top Shop boots ><

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Shu Uemura and Mabeline

First and for most, happy 4th of July!! *yay* We are having wonderful weather!!! ( for once!) I hope everyone has a great time today.

Now to the post:
Shu Uemura:
Here are a few items I had picked up last Friday after a rainy work day.
Picked up some items at a Shu Uemura Counter at Bergdorfs. I also made it to the P&J counter but forgot to take pictures =\ next time.

I mainly went to Shu for a blush I have been eyeing for months and a deep sea water.
For the water, I chose the rose scent. They have like 8 different scents I believe. Rose smelled so romantic to me there was no other choice for me. I apply this item after my toners and it is quite refreshing. I have heard this works as a refresher and can be used like MAC Fix +.
I own a Mac Fix + and think I am using it wrong because I see no difference on my face at all... I keep it on my "regret buying products" list.

I picked up the Shu blush in the shade M Pink 33 E. I have seen this on quite a few blogs and the color seems so cute I just HAD to get my hands on this. Ive been using it for a few days and love the shade on my cheeks. I definitely recommend this blush! I swatched a few at the counter but was persuaded on this item.

I also picked up a box of the deep sea moisture masks. I wanted to help my skin stay hydrated for the summer months. The SA stated that this item was constantly out of stock and had just come back the day prior my arrival. It was a kinda expensive for sheet masks, and I have yet to try one but will do a review with my opinions on if this item should be a repurchase. The box comes with 6 masks. I did not see individual packets.

A replacement eyelash curler because bc my old Shu was starting to fade in power with the dullness of the rubber.
I will never change eye lash curler brands after using Shu's. FOREVER.

Recently in an attempt to save money I have been browsing my local pharmacies for more cost saving items. I had heard very good youtube reviews in regards to Mabeline blushes. I pickled up the dream mousse blush in Pink Frosting ( haven't used this yet but will today!)and Mabeline Mineral Powder in gentle pink.
I have tried this Mineral powder and I must say it is quite excellent. Far more pigmented than many would believe, and the color makes you look quite rosy. Like more than a happy healthy look, a light flush as if you had you had just come home from a chilly windy day but not for long. Definitely a keeper! I also definitely recommend this item.

Red Lipsticks:
For the last few weeks I have been reviewing blog after blog, and review after review, in regards to red lipsticks. I had always heard some women state if they want to feel powerful they just wear their favorite red. As you can tell from my recent purchases, I seem to be more about pinks...

I had purchased Revelon "Cherries in the Snow 440" I had heard this was a super famous color from the Revelon line and found it as a deep raspberry. (No pic sorry) This color does NOT look good on me =*(

If any of you have a favorite red lipstick you would like to rec commend, please do in the comment box. I believe every woman should have 1 red lipstick in their collection and it seems like a constant back of the mind search to find the red lipstick. I have just begun to search!!

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Isn't this calendar cute? from the uniqlo site. You just pick your city and post, the other city ones are also cute. Originally it came with music but it was driving me nuts lol!
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