Thursday, October 29, 2009

NYX and Sephora Haul!

I am still supposed to show installments from my Asia vacation but I am too busy hauling here at home ^^

NYX Haul:
Online retailers had a sale so I went about town until I reached the free shipping limit

From left to right:
Watermelon, Thalia, Strawberry Milk, Indian Pink, Tea Rose, Summer Love

As an FYI the colors look nothing like the online swatches. I had to youtube reviews and even then they are different. Even my photo does not show the real colors =\

Top to bottom: Perfect, Sweet Heart, Milk

I love Perfect! goes great over India Pink!
Sweetheart is also very popular color. These lip glosses smell like cherries!

The famous NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, apparently this was a must have. Very very smooth consistency, great for the price.

Top to bottom, left to right:
Peach Blush, Angel Blush, Frosty e/shadow, black e/shadow

I am still on the search for the perfect peach blush. This color is pretty cute. The color is alot brighter in real life, in the photo above it looks very light.
Angel: Love pink blush first and always

The frosty white shadow I heard was useful not only for eyes but as a highlighter due to the shimmers in the pigmentation.
Black eyeshadow is always needed for some smoke.

The Sephora Friends and Family sale Haul:

O00ooo0o so pretty!

NARS eye shadow in Mekong. So gorgeous. The photo does no justice, deep plummy brown with gold sparkles. I could not find this in the Sephora stores so when I got it in the post I was soooo happy! You can see me in the mirror lol.

After my complete love with my Katie blush I decided to try some more Illamasqua items.
Above are Obey, and Sonnet.

*SIGH* These are AWFUL, I mean really awful to me. They are being returned to the store.
So drying, you apply and every single imp refection on your lips are shown, there is no moisture in the formulation. Dryer than MACS. Pigmentation is not bad but the formulation needs work. Real shame, since the packaging was also so nice.

After loving the powder blush I decided to go for a Cream Blush. This is in the color "Rude". A beautiful coral. It looks kinda scary in the pan but applies sheer.
I cannot wait for the color "Sob" to come to the USA. It has been released in the UK and it is the more gorgeous milky baby pink.

My eyes are becoming black from lack of sleep -__-;; heard Michelle Phan loves this so I am willing to give it a go.

Normally I would not buy so may products before testing them out but Sephora has a wonderful return policy, I get to go a little more adventurous online.

Since I am returning the 2 lipsticks I am thinking of getting something else but seriously... I don't need more make up! Someone stop me plz! (I have already been eying it! )

Misc: Nails.

Fall is here! Which means out goes the light pink nails for the s*xy darker richer shades.

Currently loving from OPI Black Cherry Chutney from the India Collection and Russian Navy from the Russian collection.

Still looking around for Linkin Park after Midnight. I have found Linkin Park after Dark a few times but the Midnight shades seem more royally beautiful to me.

Anyone have some fall nail color suggestions?

Have a wonderful night all!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I had finally gotten the holy grail of hot tools. A 1 ' GHD straightener.

Truthfully, I never straighten my hair, but I like the option ;) I bought this baby for the purpose of curling my hair. This is how it turned out.

Love this tool!

Simple OOTD - sorry my mirror is dusty~! plz ignore the messy room lol

Blazer : H&M ( Forest/Jungle green)
V neck shirt: Banana Republic ( I love V necks! )
Belt : shop in Hong Kong
Black Jeans: H&M
Chain Bag : Stolen from my mom. She bought it in Korea over 20 years ago and I love it!
Necklace: Street fair

My friends birthday was on Monday, I had gotten her a few items, among them being a make up bag. The store was so cute I also had gotten one for myself.

I have a horrible habit of every morning packing my make up bag with the items I need for the day and constantly every morning leaving it at home on my vanity...does this happen to a lot of people?
I think with this new larger bag, it will be more obvious and will forget it less =P

I have so many make up bags, mostly free or gifted but I always love getting a new one.

Have a great week!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tsumori Chisato for Shu Uemura

Hello All,
I should be continuing on with my vacation impliments but I just discovered this collection and had to show anyone who did not see it previously yet. It came out in September to the states but I just found out about it now.

Japanese fashion designer Tsumori Chisato has merged with Shu Uemura for a limited edition collection with a whimsical influence, taking ideas in particular from the famous children's book
"La Petit Prince"
Tsumori Chisato for shu uemura 'Planet Cat' PaletteTsumori Chisato for shu uemura 'Planet Cat' Palette
Tsumori Chisato for shu uemura 'Planet Ribbon' PaletteTsumori Chisato for shu uemura 'Planet Ribbon' Palette

I love the starry style. In truth the 2 eyeshadow/blush kits seem to have almost the same colors, same blush color, and highlighter but I suppose they were keeping within reach of the collection color scheme.
Tsumori Chisato for shu uemura 'Gloss Unlimited' Mini Lip Gloss Trio

I am in love with the train case above , but the US site only has the cosmetics pouch in the design.
Tsumori Chisato for shu uemura Cosmetic Pouch
Tsumori Chisato for shu uemura Mini Brush Set

Tsumori Chisato for Shu Uemura Planet Cat 1
Mini Brush Set. Also comes in a cute bag, and Shu's brushes are supp to be of good qual
Love this! Dont think this item was sent to the US or was sold out, none of the department stores and the Shu website has this item ><

I will probably browse around the Shu counter to see how they look in real life. I really like the compact mirror. Very cute design.
Tsumori Chisato for shu uemura Compact Mirror

Tsumori Chisato for Shu Uemura Compact Mirror"
Also comes in this design:

images from: Shu Uemura, Arjuette and Nordstoms

Sorry for the picture cut offs! I am not sure how to fit the whole thing in =(

Thursday, October 22, 2009

*Glitter* and ~Smoke ~

I don't know whats going on with me but I have been eye-ing glittery shadows...

Picked up a few in Asia and some recently this week here in the states. All for the smoky effect, and chocked full of sparkles!

From Asia:
Drugstore and high end come together, with my first Kate Diamond Cut Eyes in BK - 1 , and Lancome's famous "Erika"

Loved Watsons in HK, got my full of my favorite MM mascara along with this blue smoky palate from Kate.
I had purchased Erika in Korea, thinking it was a Korea exclusive but it is in both Asia and Europe. Erika was definitely on my "must get" list. Many other Korean brands have tried to replicate Erika via their own lines.

I love the Lancome packaging. The little eyeshadow comes with a pretty huge mirror. Not found in many single shadows.

Close up of the shades: Kate's Diamond Cut: Great fine milled sparkles. Very good quality for drugstore in my opinion.

Lancome's Erika. A Pewter shade with green sparkles.

Erika is on the far left and Kate is on the far right. The lighter Kate shadows did not show up well on my camera but they are there. Kinda got cut off too.

Now it's time to show my US finds. I had heard of this Mabelline pa latte online.
04 Charcoal Smokes.
If you are looking for a cheap alternative palate you can perhaps look into this. ( Trying to look for cheaper items for this hobby of mine ) The colors on the skin come out less vibrant than in the pan and there is ALOT of fall out, but the colors are light and can create a good smokey day look. Not strong enough for night unless you really layer this stuff on.
I think the colors can be more vibrant with eye primer and sprayed the applicators with MAC Fix Plus. Semi economical =P
I tried to swatch this but it just would not show up on my camera. The colors are very light so this can be a very safe smoke.

Victoria's Secret Single eye shadows in Decadent and Fierce.
I have never bought any make up from VS before. Even the glosses but it was raining and I ran in for shelter and these caught my eye...
Decadent is like grey with a mauve/purple undertone and silver sparkles.
Fierce is hot. Black with blue sparkles. Reminds me of the new LunaSol Black sparkle nail polish.

Did I mention I barley wear eye shadow??? Haha I will try to find some opportunities to play with these. Maybe some EOTD's.

Last are some random cute things I bought on my trip! I love cute things!

I love this guy! hand made and found in a crafts market.

Have a wonderful weekend all. TGIF!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Illamasqua Rave and Some Asia Hauling

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. NYC is damn COLD... so I am stuck indoors and can finally catch up on some blogging.

I arrived back from my Asian vacation last week ( still jet lagged ) and will post my new items in batches because I cant imagine how large 1 mega post would be X.X

Before I get to my new Asian items I would like to *rave* about my new favorite blusher.
It is from the new line ( to the US ) Illamasqua which should now be in all Sephora's nationwide. NYC's Time Sq store had this line in stock for months, how I did not know this is beyond me! I was set on getting this blusher for months and I thought it was unavailable to us in the states. I had been searching in all Sephora's since the release date of the nationwide expansion of the line (Sept 21) to find none had the one I was hell bent on trying. I even journeyed to Time Sq only to see they too were also out. Rats!

When I returned to NY the day after arriving, I stopped by the Sephora on 34th to see it. The last one in the color I had been searching for "Katie".

Was it worth it? Going to like 6 Sephora's in 1 day and finally getting it upon return? HELL YES!

This blush is gorgeous! the pigmentation is wonderful and has been added as my favorite on my blush list.

In terms of pigmentation I would say it is very similar to NARS. A dab should do you. I personally add more than a dab because the color I chose was the lightest in the line. A barely there pink.
When choosing colors my boy friend preferred "Unrequited" on myself the next lightest shade but since winter has arrived, I did not want too much rosiness to my cheeks because I don't want to come in from the cold and look too clown-ey. I also owned many colors similar to unrequited so Katie was definitely my choice. Esp since it was the last in stock!

In terms of color, Katie is supposed to be a great match to the famous MAC's "Well Dressed" probably one of their best selling colors. I do own a few MAC blushes and believe that the pigmentation is not great... I do not really like to cake on layers of blush. The price of Katie is 3 dollars more than MAC's Well Dressed. I would highly highly suggest testing out Katie in Sephora as an alternative.
The Illamasqua blush is matte and has no shimmer where Well Dressed has slight silver shimmers.

Katie does look alot like my Shu Uemura's M Pink 33 E. In the photo they look like the same shade but in real life you can tell that Katie has more blue under toned. The photo below did not show the color too well, in the photos they look really bright! but they are far lighter.

I am in love with this blush and highly recommend a try at your local Sephora, all the shades seem gorgeous but I wanted a light blush for winter.

Now on to some of new items from my vacation. I actually had a list of beauty items I had in mind to get on vacation ranging from high range to drug store. Luckily I got everything I wanted ( except 1 !!! ) - admit tingly the list was not too long so it was not hard to get most of it within like 1 afternoon per country.

I went to Hong Kong and Korea this year and here are some of my items.

From the Times Square Mall in HK I was able to go to the Jill Stuart store. All the SA's were beautiful and I loved all their make up application! beautiful hair, face, clothes, I was unsurprised this is how the JS store had been set up. Ultra girly and beautiful.

The first item I had bought was the JS Blusher in 05 Pastel Peach. I believe this is a limited edition color. I already own the JS blusher in Lovely Tulip which I think is wonderful, very cute pink shades.
I don't own a peach blush outside perhaps DT from NARS, if you count that as peach?This is far softer. Isn't is pretty??? Of course beautiful packaging.

I had also bought a new eye jelly. I own 1 already and love it so I was ready for a new addition.
I got #10 in vintage decor. I love all the eye jellies and if you have not tried them I would suggest the JS eye jelly pots over the Paul and Joe glitter eye shadow sticks. This is a personal opinion, but I think the JS line has more varied and cuter colors. Also, one pot will probably last a life time because just a tiny dab will cover your lid and you look back in the pot and it looks completely untouched even after a year. A good investment eye color/shimmer.

Last would be something I picked up at Duty Free in Korea on the way home. I had searched for this everywhere but no one seemed to have it??? I finally just asked because I was going home and the lady said ahhhh yes!! and pulled out a SECRET drawer from the wall and arose was the foundation I had been looking for.
Why are these not on display!??

The Chanel White Essential Light Reflecting Compact Foundation. SPF 25 / PA +++

Comes in a nice pouch.

The white essential line is an Asia exclusive. I chose the foundation pact over liquid foundation so I can carry it around in my purse for daily touch ups.

I was told that there were light reflecting properties in the formulation and this item would reduce pore size along with coverage. In truth, I think the coverage is light medium at best. I don't really like to layer on this stuff past 1 layer, with some concealer I am usually set. I believe if I cake on another layer it would def come up to middle coverage level but I would not recommend this item for those who have slot of spots they wish to cover on a daily basis. I have a lot of scars but no current spots ( thankfully!) so this is no problem for me.

I absolutely adore the white case, looks so different and clean but still classic Chanel.

Well this was a long post even though I only spoke of a few items!!! I will be back soon with some more posts on my new items.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Currently listening to 2NE1 * I Don't Care*

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