Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Little Bit of Luxury - Holiday Gift

Recently my boy friend and I were in the mall browsing for holiday gifts.
It always happens, silver frame for Mary, a new sweater for Grandpa, perfume for mom, so when looking for Auntie's shoes and deciding which coffee maker looks good for that Uncle of yours, you can't help but browse and see something that catches your eye

This may be bad, but I will admit this freely, I always seem to grab a gift for myself.
Am I alone in this????

I am not a person who asks for gifts, expects gifts, or sends out wish lists to anyone in my personal life

Material things that I personally acquire are all lovely but a lot of it is un necessary (realization known)
I would feel extremely guilty asking people for my true wish list items.
( It is probably embarrassingly expensive and far more than I expect people to spend on me)
So every holiday I always pick up a gift I would love to receive, and today it arrived in the mail

Wrapped beautifully ( free wrapping makes me feel better, free so why not? )

Please ignore the messy cubicle setting

Are your ready?


Sigh, it's called l.o.v.e

Unsure of the exact specifics on what qualifies as a cocktail ring, but this is one statement piece

Wish listed forever, and finally here
A new modern classic ring

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last Bit of Mac for 2010

Last bits of MAC to ring out 2010!

From MAC's New Cham Pale Collection -Only 2 things, the rest were a bit shimmery for me -the lavender paint pot was pretty though...

Tinted Lip Conditoner with Lavender in Calm Mode

New Fix + with Lavender
Nice lavender scent which is not over powering, I wish they tinted this slightly purple

N*ked Pigment
I think I really love wearable pigments. This, vanilla, and chocolate brown, I love em all. This is so wearable all over the lid diffused with a MAC 217 brush for an all over natural sheen. I wear Mulch on the lower lash line for contrast

Plush Glass in Ample Pink
My first plush glass. Supposed to plump up your lips a bit? I don't know that's what the SA told me. This looks exactly like Calm mode lip conditoner in the tube but this one has actual color. The lip conditoners are almost colorless.
N*dey Mauve Pink

MAC's Russian Red
My Holiday Lip Color. Holiday Parties and New Years! A red lip is an easy way to look fun and festive. Classic cult red, that looks good on everyone and I love the way this looks on me

MAC's Hue
My favorite MAC lipstick. This is my second tube. I lost the first one,been looking for 2 months with no avail ... I couldn't take it anymore and just bought another

Hue , Russian Red, and Ample Pink

Few more MAC items I got a few weeks ago

Lillicent Blushcreme
N*de/Beige going towards Peach
I prefer LadyBlush to this actually, does not look as good on my skin

I apply it using my new 133, great for highlight but I am not a fan of it for blushcremes which is the reason I bought it (fail)

MAC's Shy Girl
Before re buying Hue I looked for an alternate. Shy Girl is like Hue's darker older sister. Tad bit more peach than Pink like Hue

MAC Wish List for 2011

Mythology,Antiqued, Stars and Rockets Eyeshadow ( so gorgeous!) but will I ever use them???

Girl about Town and Morange Lipstick ( Bright and colorful for spring and summer ) I cant wait!

Mac Mineralized Foundation with SPF ( the one in the compact) if it EVER comes back in stock

Gold Pigment Eye shadow

Hush Cream Color Base

Anyone else have any recommendations on their favorite products from this brand? I'd love to hear the suggestions

If this is the end , I hope everyone a safe and happy New Years!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cleansing Myself

I have had just about enough of my skin. Throughout 2010 (and years prior) I had been experimenting non stop all year on skin care to only find out a few things

1. Acne is ridiculously hard to cure
2. Pouring on countless creams will not yield perfect skin
3. Sometimes less is more
4. Once you find something that works do not stop using it
5. Skin care is an expensive hobby

My skin has always been an issue with me. It seems to be constantly on the verge of breaking out, purging, or healing. I had read Bubblegarm's post and decided to follow suit.

Sometimes LESS IS MORE. I have decided to give my skin a break and give it a chance to breathe and figure itself out.

Below are all the things I just got rid of in some kind of bathroom ran sacking - Good bye!

And here is my new complete skin care

I had tried Neutrogena's famous acne wash once in High School. I remember my skin flaking within seconds ( it was pretty traumatic at the time) and recall it being the first time I ever threw something brand new away.

My skin has evolved since High School and it's time I give this line another chance.

My new Routine

Neutrogena Scrub: Wash to get rid of morning flakiness I have been experiencing due to weather changes - it's damn cold here now

Lush's Tee Tree Toner - probably my favorite toner, light weight and I do notice a difference when I do and do not use this

Burts Bees Acne Moisturizer : I had read many reviews, and heard this was the stand out product of the BB's Acne line


Clarasonic with a make up wash ( finishing some random cleansers )

Neutrogena Wash Gel : Do not want to over exfoliate after the clarisonic so I bought the gel formula also

Tone and Moisturize again

Additional Help:

I went to the dermatologist again...these are the topical treatments I will be using for the next 2 months

Solodyn : I am pretty against oral prescriptions for anything, but since it's only for 30 days I will give this a go

Acanya and Epiduo: Topical treatments for AM and PM with 2.5 Benzoyl peroxide. I was previously using 10% BP with Oxy which I still love, but know it's super strong and know my skin has started to become dependent, so 2.5 is a way for my skin to ween off such a strong supplement

Final Thoughts:
I am a bit afraid the new Neutrogena line will dry my skin out, I am already flaking from the new weather and don't know if the BB Moisturizer will be hydrating enough since I never used it. If necessary I will supplement the BB's with Olay but I am definitely going to try to stick to this routine for 2 months to see if my skin just needed a breather and some routine products

Will revert back with my final results, hopefully clear skin for 2011!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New York Tour - Holiday Edition

Did some last minute holiday shopping today, a few snaps I took when looking for gifts

Notice someone special skating? ;)

Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Short Reviews on a Long List of Products 2

Short Reviews on some Skin care products I have been trying...

Lancome Tonique Pure Focus

<span class=

This is a toner aims to help mattify oily skin and control sebum throughout the day and night. If you have normal skin, or slight combo with a prone to oily. This toner may be for you. If you are combination with regular blotting throughout the day to oily skin. This is just not strong enough and I found myself blotting even more often than usual when using this product. This is good for people with a slight shine, but is not great for people with a true oily problem. This is not a repurchase for me. Pretty expensive at $22.95 in my opinion for the results I received.

Kiehls Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

<span class=

I purchased this mask because pores are a huge issue with me. This tub lasts a long time. Probably 50 masks worth. It is grey colored with a thick smooth clay consistency. Upon application my face always starts to feel really hot. I don't know if that's normal, but upon rinsing my face was never red, so I never really thought of it has a bad side effect. This masks helps remove all the debris on your face, and brings brightness upon wash. In truth, I do not think this really deep cleaned my pores, nor helped to remove them. I think this mask is definitely get your money's worth in terms of volume, and after use your skin is brighter and softer, but in terms of deep cleaning your pores, even after months of religious use, I do not see much difference from using this product.
Not sure if I would repurchase this.

Yes To Tomatoes Trouble Free Face Wash for Troubled Skin

Yes to Tomatoes Trouble Free Facial Wash, 3.38 fl oz

My current face wash. Smells nothing like tomatoes, more like vanilla sugar. Foams easily and seems to clean my face well enough, & leaves my skin soft. I don't like this, I don't hate this. This is just for now, and is satisfying enough to do the job for a regular cleanse but I do not see anything special with this, and do have yet to notice it helping with my skin, as it is very acne prone aka "troubled"

Lush Fresh Pharmacy

Fresh <span class=

I use this after the tomato wash to help with my acne. This is aimed for acne prone skin and is pink from the calamine lotion in the ingredients to help soothe skin and irritation. I cut my bar into chunks so it is easy to rub around my face. I apply this all over then leave it, brush my teeth, and rinse as if a short mask. This product I am still on the fence with. It seems to be helping, but the effects are quite mild and seems that the true results are found via long term use and not quick results. I think if used continuously this can help irritated and problematic skin so I will have to come back with this. So far its ok, but it's actually getting better the more I use it.

Lush Herbalism
Herbalism Cleanser by LUSH

Also a new cleanser that I apply in the mornings. To help freshen my skin and have a smooth surface. I really don't like this. It smells like vinegar. It's faint but it's there. The material, whatever it is... I have no idea is slightly harsh/rough so I feel slight pain using this. I far prefer angels on bare skin, and will not be repurchasing.
I also saw no difference in my skin using this. Aimed to target at blackheads, I saw no results.

The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream

The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream

My current day cream. Winter, harsh winds, rain and snow have arrived in NY and the old Olay and Clinique Gel were just not cutting it.
After numerous misses with the Body Shop Products I finally got a hit. This is super moisturizing yet light, its rich enough for me to feel hydrated, but not too rich to feel greasy, or for me to develop acne from the richness. It has a nice balance. Targeted towards sensitive skin, the aloe helps sooth any irritation that may be derived from spots, or just new harsh weather conditions. I have really been enjoying using this, and will use it throughout this season as my day cream.
I recommend this product.

Hope these short skin care reviews helped!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Naughty and Nice List of 2010

I saw this tag from Jen's Youtube/blog and thought it sounded really fun so here is my Naught and Nice List for 2010!

~The Naught List~

Organix Nourishing Shampoo+Conditioner in Coconut Milk
<span class=

Man I hated this...I waited forever to buy this but looved the smell, so was super excited to finally get it. I bought both the shampoo and conditioner. Usually my hair is naturally healthy and tangle free. This stuff reduced shine, created fly aways, and made my already volume lacking fair paper fall flat
Everyone kept asking me if I had did something different to my hair because it was not looking as healthy nor, nearly as good as usual.
When washing my hair, I could barely feel the product lathering into a foam, and it felt like it was no where near deep cleaning/nourishing my hair

Peter Thomas Roth Gentle Correction Complexion Pads
Gentle Complexion Correction Pads
Do you see that pink spot? Allure winner!?
I would apply this my face at night using my hands to hold the pad. Immediately my fingers started to peel, and would not stop peeling the next day no matter how much or how rich my hand cram was. I tried using a tissue as a barrier but the liquid seeped right through. This stuff smelled like peach vodka. This states to have 23% alcohol and it is definitely noticeable. I returned this after three nights, my skin was becoming dry from the harsh product which is saying a lot considering I have oily skin, and I bought this in the summer.

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Spray in Appletini Double Mist
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush <span class=

This stuff smells sooooooooo good for the first 2.5 seconds you spray... then it's gone. So you spray some more, gone, more, gone, more, gone... after a while you realize your are now covered in OIL (nice, NOT)
The formula of this spray seems be half liquid, half oil? same look of a eye make up remover.
This stuff totally made my skin feel oily, and seem to cause some very faint stains on my white shirts, scent is wonderful but lasts no where near as long as you would assume

Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof Eyeliner
<span class=
Think this cost about $25 bucks. Total waste. If you have oily lids this is not for you. I applied this on my waterline and it was gone before I was complete with lining my second eye.
Product is ok on the lash line but useless for the waterline. Really had higher expectations from Lancome.

Carmex Lip balm Original Formula
<span class=
This is only hating on the Carmex in the stick form. I really have no idea why this form would have a following. I found it so waxy, and when I applied it before lipstick application, the lipstick would just slip and slide on the chap stick, my lipstick would go on unevenly due to the texture of this product, and not even last nearly as long as they do with other bases.
Glad I only paid 99 cents.

MAC Shroom
Mac Eye Shadow Satin <span class=

I actually use Shroom every single day. As a brow bone highlight. I really cannot find any other uses for this color. This has to be the most un pigmented and non smooth eye shadow I had ever tried. (Regardless of brand) When you swipe your finger on it you just see some random shimmer, if you pound your brush in the pan, you can see it swipes unevenly and the surface of the shadow is left rough and bumpy. I use it everyday because I want to justify my purchase, and I understand that this shadow is not meant to be super pigmented or smooth, but just the formula to me feels very cheap, and not worth the $15 bucks I paid.

~The Nice List ~

Carmex Moisture Plus
Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm, SPF 15

Carmex redeemed itself with this baby. It is pretty new in stores. ( New favorite of mine) I have both the pink and peach tint which look bright in the tube, but go on sheer. These have a nice color, are moisturizing, slightly minty, and non sticky. I like the more lipstick look, and the size of it is very convenient. Not too small, so it is easy to find even in a jumbled make up bag.
Only down side is it has a slight medicinal scent which I wish they would improve upon, but overall, really recommend this as an easy dose of color while being moisturizing for winter

Oxy Spot Treatment 10%
large image
This stuff is a life saver! I have tried so many spot treatments and this is the best I have tried for my spots. I use the 10% formula which seems strong but does not irritate or dry out my skin.
Will repurchase forever, better than all the higher end spot treatments I had bought previously and easy to find

YSL Parisienne

I love this scent! It is so light, young, and lady like. My boy friend has a crazy sensitive nose and hates almost every perfume I asked him to whiff. This perfume must have been the only one he did not run away from this year. To him it smells like lychee fruit.
Packaging is gorgeous, and you feel a little luxury using YSL
Little luxuries like this can really make the day seem better

MAC By Candlelight ( Sorry did not want to steal a pic of this, from a personal website)
I love highlighters and own/tried quite a few and the prettiest and most flattering on my skin in my opinion is MAC's By Candle light. Its a peach shimmer with a pink accent in the back ground. It is not glittery but it is shimmery. When applied it is not a glitter bomb but just peach/pink light on the high points of your face that just makes you look rosy and more angelic.
This was limited edition ( MAC, you guys know the story...) but if it is re promoted, I highly suggest this MSF which is my favorite that I own. One of these should last forever.

Sephora Daily Brush Cleanser
<span class=

This is so convenient. I wash my brushes every week or every other week outside my concealer brush which is daily. But every night I give my brushes a spritz with this and it removes all the dust and left over make up from the morning. After application the brushes feel softer and look much better. Wipe away excess on a tissue and you will be surprised on how much actually comes off after only 1 application of make up.
I think this product has kept all my tools more hygienic, and my skin is thanking me for it.
Washing brushes can be pretty annoying every week ( if you have a lot of brushes) but this daily cleanse is quick and easy for those days in between

Lorac Moonshadow
<span class=
I love neutral eye shadows and was constantly buying champagne colors this year, because I was looking for the perfect one. Lorac's Moonstone is the perfect champagne color for my skin tone. Lorac's eyeshadow are velvet smooth and have very nice pigmentation. Moonstone has shimmer but it is not ever over the top, and does not makes your eyes look heavier when you pack it on.
Simple champagne can look slightly boring on the lids but if you find the perfect one, it really makes your eyes look brighter, younger, and you look natural, the color is not obvious so you do not look over done. Perfect for everyday, school, or work
Best Champagne colored shadow I have tried for my skin tone NC 25
A real winner, shout out to my neutral eye lovers!!

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