Thursday, January 7, 2010

Perfume Haul

Happy New Yr everyone!
Sorry for my lack of make up posts, if you had noticed the last few have just been reviews. I was TRYING to not buy any make up until the New Yr's. Thankfully it is here and I can visit Sephora again lol.

During my make up break I browsed a new store and walked out with 3 new perfumes! Guess that's what happens when you deprive one thing, you reach for another.

In all seriousness I was in need for some perfumes. I have worn the same scent for years because it is the only ONLY scent my bf do sent feel nauseous over ( sensitive nose) and I wasn't even too crazy about it. So here are my new items. I hope my boy friend can tolerate them, if not...too bad hehe

Anna Sui's

Dolly Girl ( Left ) - feminine and floral. Not overpowering. Perfect for work!
Secret Wish ( Right) - Clean, light, slight citrus, I am planning on wearing this for summer

Salvatore Ferragamo
Incanto Dream - Ferregamo sells many items under the Incanto line but I liked this the best.
This scent is flowery. Stronger than the Dolly Girl. It kinda reminds me of Hawaii! I can smell orchids and a hint of pineapple I also wear this to work

I am not a fan of overpowering scents, or dousing oneself in product, you know when you walk into a room and everyone can smell you? This is not always the best thing...

Now that it's winter and we are all bundled in layers, these perfumes can help you feel light and airy again.


  1. Anna Sui secret wish was my first perfume ever and I still love it to death : D

  2. I'm so jealous, I love all 3 perfumes you bought. I've always wanted to try a Anna Sui perfume, especially since the bottles are so cute.

    I have the Incanto Heaven perfume, I think all the Incanto perfumes smell great.

    Great haul!

  3. I love Anna Sui bottles. They're always so whimsical. ;) The Incanto Dream sounds like it smells like

    P.S I don't blame you for drooling over that huge mirror! Wish I had that at

  4. i never came across the secret wish anna sui perfume. The box and the bottle itself look so gorgeous!! I'm a packaging sucker, hahaha

  5. thanks for ur comment on my studded converse post. i got my bF addicted to studs now hehe! wow those anna sui perfume bottles look so cute! i love collecting perfumes but i've never tried any of these. gotta check them out ;)

  6. a hint of pineapple huh? sounds great :D

  7. I did New Year scent haul!! I got the Bulgari Omnia Crystalline and the Versace Versense or something like that!

  8. a hint of pineapple huh? sounds great :D


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