Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Travel Make up

I am insane. Ever plan too much?? I am going away on a short vacation on Saturday and I have spent weeks and $$ previously to find the perfect "vacation" face.
What is that? I am going to California so I wanted to look dewey, bronzey, and effortless. To me that equals to looking for new HD make up, travel sized make up, light summer make up, etc.

I am leaving Saturday and have decided what to bring is actually even less than what I would normally wear! I am going to try the simple approach and just try to relax on my vacation.

Let's take a peek at my travel make up bag:

Face essentials:
THANKFULLY my face has been spot free so all I am using now is concealer and bronzer ( yes!) feels good.

Nars Laguna, Benefit Coralista ( has been neglected lately-gotta bring it back out) and an NYX single eye shadow in White Pearl for highlight and inner corner

Chapstick (Aquafina), CV lipstain bc I am the laziest re applier in the word topped with Rosebud Salve. Cargo Lipgloss in Halifax for lazy days, and a Dior lippie for nights out

I am such a neutral girl. R-L, T-B: Tempting, All that Glitters, Sable, Mulch

Concealer, Anastacia Brown Pencil-Ash Blonde, MAC Eyeliner in Teddy(I heart this), Loreal Mascara, Cargo in the photo again

I cannot wait to leave on Sat. Have not thought about it much bc work is INSANE esp on Fridays. There are no meals on a Friday.

Here is to a long deserved break!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Peach

YES~! it's true New York finally finally FINALLY has some decent weather. SUNSHINE how I have missed you!

Due to the new and improved weather I have been changing my make up a bit to celebrate. Out with the pale powder, matte skin, and pastel pink blush, the winter princess look. I want a to celebrate like a spring peach! lol.

For warmer weather I really love to have more dewy skin, a light dusting of bronzer and peach/orangey colors to bring some warmth and glow to my face.

Here are the items I have been using lately to achieve this look.

For face, I just put on some light foundation or BB cream. No powder.

1st step is to contour with NARS Laguna

In the debate over Benefit Hoola vs. Nars I am 100% for team NARS Laguna - just freaking perfect IMHO

2. Peachy cheeks! If I am really going for the dewy look I will use a cream blush but I love all of these cream or not

Top R-L : MAC Springsheen, Estee Lauder Sunset Coral
Middle: Maybelline dream matte mousse in Peach Satin (cream-mousse)
Bottom: R-L MAC Ripe Peach, MAC Ladyblush (cream)

3. Eyes-shimmery light soft colors

Bit tired of the constant brown, brown, & thus more brown eyeshadow I have been sporting for months.

These are a refreshing change to my routine
Lorac Baked Bronzer - this is supposed to be a bronzer (sample) it's so small and so ORANGEY. I am not a fan of orange bronzer but on the eyes this comes across as a beautiful light penny shade that can really build to a true copper.

MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque -for lazy mornings all I apply is this and I'm out, but use this almost everyday as a base now for my other shadows in the same family

Stila Kitten helps give some shimmery bright eyes

Coffret D'or Palette in 01 orange gradation.

With Rubenesque as a base followed by the peach shadow and a little of the brown in the crease is the look I have been sporting to work, and loving!

Lil brown liner, mascara, light peach gloss and I'm done.

Bronzey, shimmery, and peachy is my look for this spring.

Has the recent weather change brought in new inspiration for your make up routines? Hope you like my celebration face!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Queen Magazine and NOTD

Walking into my local bookstore this weekend I was soo excited when I saw the famous Queen Magazine.

I had read and seen so many posts about how so many beauty bloggers love this. Here are some pics of whats inside!

Pretty tutorials

In depth foundation reviews! love it

Unlike alot of other Asian magazines I have seen, these seem to have a lot more in depth articles about each individual product which is handy

Lately I have been obsessed with nail polish - This is Rimmel in 350 Violet Metal

Isn't this color amazing???? It has blue reflects in it when put under the light. It is not is just fine reflects. So it is not hard to remove when changing colors which is great!

I love the Rimmel colors because they do come in a more out in more metallic shades, and has a huge brush applicator which makes doing your nail super quick!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Estee Lauder Haul?? Some Benefits and an Announcement!

Call me critical but I have always seen Estee Lauder as more of an "old lady" brand. The one my mom uses...
I had heard that Michael Khors had done a collaboration with the brand to create the Hollywood collection. Since I am a fan of MK I looked at the collection and walked out with a few things.
His collection is broken down between Bel Air Beige, and Rodeo Pink
<span class=
<span class=

My items

The main item from the collection I wanted and walked out with was the blush. There are 2 a pink and a peach but I came out with the more peach one in coral sunset. Really like this!

I also purchased some lipsticks and a gloss from the love collection? Pardon me if I am incorrect I do not really follow the collections for this brand but aren't they cute??

I have not used these yet because I am determine to finish up some of my other lip products before cracking these open. I can't wait. I tried them on in the store and they are great colors for spring.

Free Samples-great for traveling-I gave these to me mom though

I have to admit even though I do like these products I really do not like the packaging. Normally they have the dark blue casings but these were gold and beige. According to trends, beige is in? Alot of blogs I read think this casing was refreshing but I thought it looked even older and could have came out of my grand mothers bamboo purse...

Other than that I can see the brand is trying to branch out to the younger ladies and I am loving their new colors.

I am going on vacation soon so have been looking for more travel friendly make up. I picked up a benefits value package, mainly to try out Hoola bronzer. (used for a contour on myself)

From MAC over the last few weeks I picked up Tempting eye shadow (not pictured) along with Shale and Teddy Eye Khol
I really really really like Teddy. I remember I had the black eye khol from MAC years ago and dumped it because it is really smudgy. I was worried the same would happen with Teddy but it stays more precise in my opinion. A really pretty bronzy brown. Softer eye looks. Been using this non stop!

More lip products I had gotten last month but have yet to use. I need to finish some old stuff first. Some VS glosses, a balm in Dark Chocolate Peppermint ( sounds delicious!!) Rimmel lipstick in summer angel, and another VS gloss.
My lipstick/gloss drawer is getting pretty crampt!~

Now for the announcement.
I have started project 10 pan-this is really going to do me some good. I have been trying to save money for my vacation later on this month and I really want to use up some of my perfectly good half used older products because I need to make space and stop buying so much.

Here is the round up
The Make up
The skin care

I started P10P about 1 week and a half ago and its hard...hahaha I have to avoid drugstores, make up sales, and Sephoras everywhere.

It is getting easier, I actually walked into CVS with a hand full of items and put them all back one by one, I was crazy lol.

Since I have been trying to use the same thing everyday alot of these items are going pretty quickly!

The toner, the multi cleanser, the hand cream, and the BB cream are all done! Yay!
The concealer is close and the lip gloss is half done. I think think the mascaras are coming to their ends but I really cannot tell..also the mask has about 2 more sessions before I am through. The acne serum should be done by next week.

Hopefully this can put a half on my spending on my every growing make up collection!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 1, 2010

De potting 101

Let's learn how to depot your MAC eye shadows!

Get you shadows ready:
You will need: rubbing alcohol, paper towels, a small kitchen knife, wire cutters

1. Take the tip of your knife and place it between the slit in the pan. Wiggle up and down and it will pop out, be gentle.

2. Take your wire cutters and create two cuts on the side with the bigger edge (lower end of the pan)

3. Repeat on the other side and pull down, you should be able to see the pan

4. Fill the bottle cap of the rubbing alcohol with the liquid and dip the tip of your knife into the alcohol. Place it between the pan and the remainder of the sides.
*Do not move the knife around, it will spread the glue and make it harder to remove. Just leave it in for about 20 seconds*

After 20 seconds if it is still stuck, repeat the step but it should remove pretty easily with 1 wiggle of the knife after this

5. Ta da! now the pan is out and you have the remainder of the glue on the back. Just dab the paper towel in the rubbing alcohol and rub away the remainder of the glue

You should see less glue once you remove it from the pan than the picture. The picture below shows alot of glue because I kept moving the knife. Lesson learned.

6. Just drop them into your palette, you can label them if you like with magnets, tape, paper, whatever you choose

My new MAC quad!

Hope someone found this tutorial useful =)

I am trying to create a quad to take with me on on my trip later this month.
Above is Shroom, All that Glitters, Sable, and Black Tide. Thinking of swapping one of them with Satin Taupe. What do you all think should be the last color?
I am going away for the week and want only 1 quad to easily transition from day to night without getting boring with the same looks.

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