Monday, April 26, 2010

The Glow of Dior

Spring is coming, so along with radiantly dewy skin, I think we all crave for that glow from within. Adding some shimmer and highlight can create that effortless angelic effect that I think would look beautiful for this time of year.

Yeah..I bought three. Lol I am in my highlighter phase.
Let's open these up~ they all come with their own individual pouches to protect them against dust

01 Rose Diamond
I wear this on top of pink blush as a highlight. It picks up an iridescent blue toned pink in the light. Really pretty, comes off a bit milky pink when swatched

02 Amber Diamond

I wear this with peach blushes or just on top of bronzer, definitely gives a beautiful sun kissed glow when put on top of the perfect bronzer, I tend to pull your hair up to really show my cheekbones with this one

04 Pop Diamond

I actually went back to Sephora to get this after I bought the first two. It is not listed on the website, or even has a display, but it is definitely there! A brighter more colorful version of rose diamond with a strip or orange down the middle.
This is limited edition and can also be worn alone as a sheer blush if you have quite fair skin

L-R: Amber, Pop, Rose

There is one other, 03 Copper Diamond which was limited edition. I had never seen it previously.

Overall these are gorgeous! You definitely don't need three of them ( I'm insane) but any of these items added to your collection can be used on top of any color or bronzer for a gorgeous shimmer effect.
These are not full of chocky/chunky pieces. It is a fine dusting of shimmer that when caught at the right angles and light creates a glorious luminance to your face.
I did have to swipe it around the brush a few times to get the effect I want, but I believe there is a lot of product in these, and should last a long time.
The pigmentation I think is better than MAC's MSF but not as good as NARS albatross, but these are so much prettier!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring Glosses

I had attempted to try not to buy any more lip products for a while since I am still trying to get through some left over items but I could not pass up these new Revlon lip glosses that were created in collaboration with Gucci Westman.
I must have went to over 15 drugstores over the last month to find these but here they are. They're beautiful
Perfect for Spring!

Pink Pop, Coral Reef, Peach Petal

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sephora Haul

More new items ladies!
During the 15% Sephora sale last week - my online shopping addiction continues!

I love NARS products so grabbed a few
My seconds NARS foundation. I really liked the old one I used but this was pre Sheer Matte and Sheer Glow formulas.
Heard much more praise about the glow and grabbed it. Really liking this! My shade is Fiji
( NC 20-25)

My first duo from NARS, it's matte I don't have many of those... but heard this looks lovely on brown eyes. The colors look romantic -Charade

Who can go to NARS and not walk out with a blush?
Nars Creme Blush in Cactus Flower and Powder Blush in Dolce Vita
Cactus Flower is very youthful and brings great color to the face ! I will prob wear this all summer
Dolce Vita is described as a dusky rose, but it looks like a dark mauve to me

Cactus Flower on the left and Dolce Vita on the right

My first YSL item
My dark circles are getting a little larger than I like so I got this to combat them from making me look like some raccoon, I am in shade 2


To set the YSL highlighter I use Laura Mercier's Secret Brightening Powder # 2
It has some sparkle to it but it is transparent, no color.

Together this combination makes your eyes look AWAKE

Pair this combo with the Nars Duo, line with a plum/dark purple liner, lil highlight on the inner corner & brow, with a good curl on your lashes and mascara, your eyes will be amazing.
The dark dark purple liner on brown eyes will make the brown seem lighter, and the whites of your eyes whiter

Also grabbed a Hynose mascara. I have been trying higher end mascaras but so far I have not found them to be too different from drugstore. This will be my next attempt.
Have not tried this yet because I am still using my Bare Minerals. Has anyone tried Hypnose, or Hypnose Drama? What do you think of them?

Hope you enjoyed my haul!
Please tell me if you all bought something extra during the sale =)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TopShop Jewelry

Got a few new accessories for Spring! All are from Topshop which is one of my favorite stores.
Can you see why?

I love this! The floral design is so romantic and antique looking

Been looking for a crown ring for ages

I am a total sucker for bows and had received many compliments with these pearl-ized ones

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Small Urban Decay Haul

Hello ladies! as you can see from my title "Haul" I do not believe I mentioned this earlier but I had previously succeeded in PJ10P and need to catch up for some lost time.

I have been SWAMPED at work and have not had a chance to go browsing make up counters and stores so I have done a lot of online shopping lately! I love it!

Here are the items I picked up during the UD sale I had posted last week.

I actually had never tried anything from UD outside UDPP so I was pretty excited

First is the "Summer of Love" Palette. A small palette of 4 colors but I loved them all and knew I would use every single one

I bought this palette because of that first color, Flash. Oh its such a beautiful purple! On the weekends I love to wear purple eyeliner on my lower waterline for night and set it with flash. Looks amazing.

On normal work days I put Chopper all over my lid and Smog on the crease

On days I wear my glasses it's HARD for me to put on eye make up, I am really blind! I need fool proof stuff. I wear Maui Wowie all over my lids over Bare Study paint pot.
L-R-Smog, Chopper, Maui Wowie, Flash

The set comes with Bourbon eyeliner which is a very pretty shimmery brown and a travel sized version of UDPP ( the one in the gold packaging)

I am a SLAVE to eyeliners. I own so many. I had looked at UD's eyeliners for so long but owned similar colors so always stopped myself but couldn't resist the sale =)

Bourbon and Zero ( Brown and Black) are staple colors in all collections but Crash and Mildew are just a bit different.
Crash is a deep plum with shimmer but the color is dark enough to wear to work and not feel like
"Hey I am wearing purple eyeliner to the office in my suit"

Mildew ( horrible name) I haven't tried yet but I think would be nice to a varying set of eye colors

Last is NOTD
Essie's Fiji-Please do not mind the slight chipping I have been wearing this for about 8 days. It looks kinda like white out, with a tinge of pink. I like it!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Urban Decay Sale!

30% off everything on the Urban Decay's website!
Enter the code 1SFNF to redeem the discount! =)
Ends April 19th

Monday, April 5, 2010

Short Mascara Reviews

While on vacation I only brought 1 mascara out of convenience, Loreal Voluminous. Everyday my eyes itched. So much I was constantly tearing before lunch time. I really had no idea what it was, the weather? pollen? my new make up remover? My bf was the one who pointed at my mascara.
I had worn this everyday for 2 months without issues but that's when I realized I had never ever used it without some kind of base. Damn I was allergic.

On the trip I ran to Sephora and literally just grabbed the Diorshow Extase Mascara. It's Dior's newest mascara, I bought it quickly based on the recommendation of a friend of mine and my bf waiting for me outside =( I had to hurry!

<span class=

This was not a hit for me. First coat was ok...length was not bad, but I like more than 1 coat. 2nd coat is where the problem started it was glooping on me. It was clumpy, like really clumpy~! It looked like a mess on me. Even my bf said "Whoa...what's up with your clumpy eyelashes?" omg! that is not something I want to hear...I know some girls do like that kind of effect so if that's your preference this is the mascara for you.
It was just was not my preference look.

I wore this for 1 day and went back to Sephora for an exchange.

This time I tried the Bare Mineral Flawless Definition Mascara, my first BM product
<span class=

I chose this because I had read on my flight that this was Rachel Bilson's new obsession mascara. ( I love Rachel B ) so grabbed this in exchange. It reminds me a lot of lash stiletto by Maybelline and maybe the new Cover Girl lash length? (yellow tube) I have not tried it yet but the brush looks similar.
Really lengthens, really clean look, and no clumps what so ever. Super natural but not much in terms of volume. I prefer this though for everyday. I now wear this as a base for length and still Loreal for the volume.
I have the non water proof

Dior Extase: Better volume, easily clumps, lengths moderately well, fiber wand
BM Flawless: Lengthens, no volume, very clean/natural, plastic wand

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Airport Attire and NOTD

I actually wrote this post in the airport and on the plane on my way back from Cali. Trying to rem all the tips so I wouldnt forget!

Here are my tips on what to wear to the airport in prep for a flight so you can be comfy and not have to resort to the PJ's

Some Celeb inspiration photos:

Who What Wear
Image credit: Who What Wear Daily

Try to dress semi warm as many airlines are cutting costs--> no more blankets on a lot of lines

Pashmina's/light scarves: these are light, can be put together in a ball and literally be thrown into your bag, comes in a large array of colors, inexpensive, and can double as a light blanket

Leggings: Are made for air travel! Sometimes if you sit for too long your pants might start to bother you because after 10+ hours of sitting stationary they are starting to really press into your body. ( I would also avoid belts for long flights for this reason)
Leggings in dark colors are flattering, and comfortable

Long sweater/warm long sleeve shirt: Keeps you warm and covers your bum when you are wearing leggings ( this is just something I do, like to cover that part up)
I do not recommend blazers as they have more of a tendency to wrinkle as sweaters are more forgiving.

Long flat boots: any boots will do but I recommend flat in case you have to walk over 30 terminals, or have to run to catch a connecting flight. Long boots will keep more parts of your legs warm but uggs always come to mind.
I like black/brown leather broken in flat boots which look perfect with black leggings

A watch with multi faces: The multi faces will keep you on track if you are changing time zones. You may think your connecting flight is 4 hours but not if there is over a 3 hour time zone difference!

Hair grips: Messy bun on the top of your head so you can keep your head back and sleep, sleeping with your hair down can sometimes lead to a messy head, but a messy bun looks more casual and intentional
If worse comes to worse, a hat covers all hair sins

Sunglasses: Some flights are long and uncomfortable. Meaning you will not always get the best sleep, cover bloodshot eyes, dark circles, or unruly eye browns with sunglasses once you are off the plane to look more put together and you can skip the eye make up once landing. No one will notice beyond a pair of great shades, also it gives you more of an air of mystery as a traveler

Convertible color Product: Like a NARS multiple or Stila Convertible color. I do not know if these counted as a liquid as I did not put them in my liquids bag and never had a problem. Once you are off the plane you are prob going to your hotel/home to freshen up anyway. To look bright after the plane ride, keep the messy bun, keep on the shades, and swipe some color on both cheek and lip with the multi purpose item to look bright and refreshed.
The Multiple

Random tips for a flight:

If you have an apple product you can rent movies off the apple store and can watch them for 24 hours once initially played on the device so you are not forced to watch airplane movies

Bring snacks! in case you are not a fan of airline cuisine

Bring a carry on purse big enough to hold all your important info items, a bottle of water, and a stack of magazines to pass the time!

NOTD: Essie's Mint Candy Apple - Perfect for Easter!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mac Trip Collection and Sephora to go!

I am back from my trip and had a great time. While I was in transit I noticed something at a MAC counter at Duty Free but did not really pay attention to it because I figured I could always go to any counter when I am less time pressured.
WRONG~ oh I was so wrong. Apparently this collection is only available online on the MAC website or at Duty Free Shops in international airports.
They seem ideal if you are traveling and need something more portable.
They also have a brush set which I have been waiting for because I think they are a good deal.

I really am liking the neutral eye palette!
Cool and Neutral eye palettes

mac cosmetics cool eyes palette
mac cosmetics neutral eyes palette
Eye and Cheek Palette's
mac cosmetics classic eye and cheek palette
mac cosmetics bronze eye and cheek palette
mac cosmetics neutral eye and cheek palette

mac cosmetics cool lips palette
mac cosmetics warm lips palette

Last is a picture of something I saw in Texas

Isn't this cute? I took this with my camera phone.

Credit: Temptalia
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