Sunday, April 4, 2010

Airport Attire and NOTD

I actually wrote this post in the airport and on the plane on my way back from Cali. Trying to rem all the tips so I wouldnt forget!

Here are my tips on what to wear to the airport in prep for a flight so you can be comfy and not have to resort to the PJ's

Some Celeb inspiration photos:

Who What Wear
Image credit: Who What Wear Daily

Try to dress semi warm as many airlines are cutting costs--> no more blankets on a lot of lines

Pashmina's/light scarves: these are light, can be put together in a ball and literally be thrown into your bag, comes in a large array of colors, inexpensive, and can double as a light blanket

Leggings: Are made for air travel! Sometimes if you sit for too long your pants might start to bother you because after 10+ hours of sitting stationary they are starting to really press into your body. ( I would also avoid belts for long flights for this reason)
Leggings in dark colors are flattering, and comfortable

Long sweater/warm long sleeve shirt: Keeps you warm and covers your bum when you are wearing leggings ( this is just something I do, like to cover that part up)
I do not recommend blazers as they have more of a tendency to wrinkle as sweaters are more forgiving.

Long flat boots: any boots will do but I recommend flat in case you have to walk over 30 terminals, or have to run to catch a connecting flight. Long boots will keep more parts of your legs warm but uggs always come to mind.
I like black/brown leather broken in flat boots which look perfect with black leggings

A watch with multi faces: The multi faces will keep you on track if you are changing time zones. You may think your connecting flight is 4 hours but not if there is over a 3 hour time zone difference!

Hair grips: Messy bun on the top of your head so you can keep your head back and sleep, sleeping with your hair down can sometimes lead to a messy head, but a messy bun looks more casual and intentional
If worse comes to worse, a hat covers all hair sins

Sunglasses: Some flights are long and uncomfortable. Meaning you will not always get the best sleep, cover bloodshot eyes, dark circles, or unruly eye browns with sunglasses once you are off the plane to look more put together and you can skip the eye make up once landing. No one will notice beyond a pair of great shades, also it gives you more of an air of mystery as a traveler

Convertible color Product: Like a NARS multiple or Stila Convertible color. I do not know if these counted as a liquid as I did not put them in my liquids bag and never had a problem. Once you are off the plane you are prob going to your hotel/home to freshen up anyway. To look bright after the plane ride, keep the messy bun, keep on the shades, and swipe some color on both cheek and lip with the multi purpose item to look bright and refreshed.
The Multiple

Random tips for a flight:

If you have an apple product you can rent movies off the apple store and can watch them for 24 hours once initially played on the device so you are not forced to watch airplane movies

Bring snacks! in case you are not a fan of airline cuisine

Bring a carry on purse big enough to hold all your important info items, a bottle of water, and a stack of magazines to pass the time!

NOTD: Essie's Mint Candy Apple - Perfect for Easter!


  1. This post is really awesome!! My "must have" for airport and flying is leggins!! Thye are soooo comfortable. And look great with boots :)

  2. This is a great and informative post, I'll be sure to implement your tips next time I fly. ^^ Leggings would def. be more comfortable than skinny jeans for long flights. I also need to remember to bring snacks.

  3. beautiful nail poish colour! *drools* xx

  4. Thx for the tips on flying! OMG I always look like a mess after a long flight :( Never thought of bringing some big glasses along!

  5. beautiful nail poish colour! *drools* xx


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