Saturday, April 17, 2010

Small Urban Decay Haul

Hello ladies! as you can see from my title "Haul" I do not believe I mentioned this earlier but I had previously succeeded in PJ10P and need to catch up for some lost time.

I have been SWAMPED at work and have not had a chance to go browsing make up counters and stores so I have done a lot of online shopping lately! I love it!

Here are the items I picked up during the UD sale I had posted last week.

I actually had never tried anything from UD outside UDPP so I was pretty excited

First is the "Summer of Love" Palette. A small palette of 4 colors but I loved them all and knew I would use every single one

I bought this palette because of that first color, Flash. Oh its such a beautiful purple! On the weekends I love to wear purple eyeliner on my lower waterline for night and set it with flash. Looks amazing.

On normal work days I put Chopper all over my lid and Smog on the crease

On days I wear my glasses it's HARD for me to put on eye make up, I am really blind! I need fool proof stuff. I wear Maui Wowie all over my lids over Bare Study paint pot.
L-R-Smog, Chopper, Maui Wowie, Flash

The set comes with Bourbon eyeliner which is a very pretty shimmery brown and a travel sized version of UDPP ( the one in the gold packaging)

I am a SLAVE to eyeliners. I own so many. I had looked at UD's eyeliners for so long but owned similar colors so always stopped myself but couldn't resist the sale =)

Bourbon and Zero ( Brown and Black) are staple colors in all collections but Crash and Mildew are just a bit different.
Crash is a deep plum with shimmer but the color is dark enough to wear to work and not feel like
"Hey I am wearing purple eyeliner to the office in my suit"

Mildew ( horrible name) I haven't tried yet but I think would be nice to a varying set of eye colors

Last is NOTD
Essie's Fiji-Please do not mind the slight chipping I have been wearing this for about 8 days. It looks kinda like white out, with a tinge of pink. I like it!


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