Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Favorites

Monthly Favorites Time~!

Eye Favorites

1. Lancome Palette
Been using this everyday recently. It's old. A gift with Purchase from I cant remember how long.
I love carrying this around because it is so small.
I use the white as a highlight on the brow bone, and to line my lower lash line, the gold and purple all over the lid and the brown as a light eyeliner which I wing out
If you think black winged eyeliner is too much for work/'school try it with a semi dark brown shadow for a very soft look

2. Clarins eye shadow in White Marshmallow
Bought this after I saw it on Youtube from Ahanhbarbie34. I carry it around in my purse to brighten up my inner corner and lining my lower lash line. After a long day of work, reapplying white shadow on your lower lash line and inner corner really brightens you up again

3. Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study
Been using this everyday under every eye look. Its a great base, shimmery champagne color, for those lazy days where you just whip it on, and need an error proof color.

Face Favorites

1. Layering Blushes

I know, there are a lot of blushes in the photo and yes I have been using them all, but in layers.

Been trying a lot of cream blushes lately, I love how they look so dewy on the skin but they only seem to last about 6 hours on me, even with primer. I love a pretty bright cheek.
I usually go for low key eye make up and lips to compliment my bright pink cheeks, I think it brings more life to my face

My favorite combinations:
MAC: Blush creme in Ladyblush topped with either Well Dressed, or Pink Swoon
NARS: Cactus Flower topped with O ( which had been greatly neglected)

Layering the blushes cream then powder is like foundation and setting powder.

With this method my blush seems to last a good 9-11 hours! Better! (with primer)
I work about 10-12 hours and add a 2 hour commute. Ideally 14 hours would be perfect but this is working great for now.

2. Dior Highlighters

In my last post I had hauled about these new Dior highlights and the one getting the most action is 02 Amber Glow, sooo pretty. These are all finely milled, all shimmery but NOT glittery which is the key clinching point.

There is a reason why these things are freaking $44 dollars ( yes i know, $44!! for a highlighter?) and STILL are very frequently out of stock on the Sephora website.


1. Seche Vite Top Coat
Is it just me or has this product come out of no where? and suddenly is being featured EVERYWHERE??
Regardless, I couldn't resist all the raves on this product so I picked this up.
Typical OPI nail polish is about 8 bucks, this is 10 bucks. Worth every penny!
Dries sooooooo fast, you know when you just finish painting your nails and tentatively touch them to see if they are dry and they're not??? and you now have a beautiful fingerprint on your freshly painted nails, never with this!
Also this stuff created the most amazing glossy top coat that makes your nails hard as a rock! No chips, no peeling, fast drying, and strength. loving this!!

I did hear it gets gloopy fast, and you need to thin it out with another product which sucks but I will see how long it lasts before it comes to that

Here is a photo of my nails 7 days after applying the top coat. They still look pretty perfect!

Color: Revlon Gum Drop

Those are all my favorites for now, thanks for reading!

PS: Does anyone know how to move the blogger body entry to become bigger? Alot of my photos are being cut off due to size but I have no idea how to expand the size of the "body" on blogger
Thank you!


  1. Your favorites can easily be mine :D haha I love the Lancome palette! It's coordinated so perfectly with the brown and the white :D Definitely perfect for touch ups. I hope they do another GWP soon with a similar palette :)

  2. I love Bare Study too, i think it really is a great base. And I layer my cream blush with powder blush too! Love it :D

  3. Love your current nailpolish - Revlon gum drop :)

    And I wanna know how to enlarge post area as well! If you know how let me know...
    I juts know it's something with codes of the background.

  4. haha yaaaay I just changed it, so I thought I'll let you know. here's the link:

  5. Pretty faves! I'll have to look into that top coat

  6. I love that nail polish on you! Oh yeah, I heart Seche Vite Top Coat too. :)

  7. I love Dior Shimmerstar!!! It's the most amazing highlight I've ever used.

  8. Wah i'm drooling over your blushes!! i seriously wanna try cream blushes, but the very last time i swatch stila convertible, it scared me... the texture looks so sticky and just not so nice.

    I'm sticking to my copacabana as a highlight for now!! must ignore your rave about dior highlight

  9. You're welcome! :)

    Would you check those Zara shoes for me? I'd be SOOOOOOOOO tahnkful! My size is:
    37 or 38 - European
    7 - US
    4 or 5 - UK

  10. I've been seeing on blogs everywhere about Seche Vite Top Coat! Where can you find it??

  11. Love ur nail polish! I'm allmost sick with that kind of colours :)))

  12. I love that nail polish on you! Oh yeah, I heart Seche Vite Top Coat too. :)


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