Sunday, June 27, 2010

Little Laura Mercier Review

Summer is finally here!!!! NYC is experiencing too much humidity for my liking, so my make up routine has changed a bit. Which means light make up. No need to cake it on when it's literally going to CAKE on your face from perspiration and heat.

A lot of you guys asked for me to review some of the LM items I had a few hauls ago.

First is the LM Tinted Moisturizer. I personally prefer liquids over powder for face coverage. I had always wanted to try this but $42 bucks is kinda pricey since that's the price of a good foundation!

For summer I like to have a very light coverage base and whatever needs attention I prefer to invest in a great concealer

Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer
I am shade N*de
Laura <span class=
-I have been wearing this A LOT. I really like the light coverage and sheer amount of natural dewey-ness it gives. It helps look skin look a bit brighter and more radiant. It's also easy to apply ( I use my hands) and has spf so its really convenient.
- Hides acne scars and redness pretty well, coverage is the best I have tried in terms of TM's
-I have the oil free version because I have combo/oily ish skin. The oil free version seems thicker ( but not heavier) than the normal hydrating version and has more coverage in my opinion, so I proffered this.
-Looks amazingly natural, and blends beautifully into your skin easily
-50 ML/1.70 FL Oz is a nice size

-One of the highlights of this product is that it has spf 20 so many people consider it a 2 in 1. SPF 20 is just not enough for me so I end up just applying sunscreen first then applying this so I use this purely as a TM.
-This has to me the same coverage as a lot of BB creams that I have tried. BB Creams all have additional properties. Almost all BB creams come with SPF, acne fighting ingredients, along with anti aging and whitening ingredients. BB creams are relatively cheap depending on where you live, or can be ordered online for a range of $15-30 dollars ( that I have seen)
-Still have to blot a bit in the afternoon even after setting this with a powder

All in all this product is really nice for summer, and I recommend it if you cannot get a hold of a BB cream which admit tingly can be difficult sometimes, and does not offer a large range of shades, but for myself I am going to use this up and then go back to BB creams. I do not regret buying this product, it is still great for light coverage in the summer months and would re purchase if no BB creams seem interesting at the time and I needed a new TM for daily use.

Next is the LM Mineral Powder
I am shade Natural Beige
Laura <span class=

I bought this after I saw Fuz use it. I bought this in the Sephora Flawless face kit ( which I highly recommend if you want to try this brand)

I Love this!! I really do! I have very bad vision and wear glasses most of the time. When I wear my glasses my vision is so bad I cant even see what I am doing in terms of make up so I need foolproof stuff.
I always wear this when I am going to work wearing my glasses. It is effortless and foolproof. I provides coverage, you just need a tiny amount, and swirl it on! Just keep buffing it into your skin. Super natural, super easy. This was my first time using mineral foundation and I am in love. Even though this is a powder it is not matte. It goes on with a dewey-ness and has a glow.
I bought this in a kit so it is a smaller version but I will definitely buy the full size when I am out. Which should take a while because you only need a small amount with each use.
Full size is $32-$35, I definitely think it is worth the cash, and since you need such a small amount each time it should last a very long period. I have not made a dent in my travel sized version.

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer
I have shade 2 ( came in the kit )

Laura <span class=

I did not read the directions very well and just used this as a normal concealer. Today I realized this is for under eyes. The only place I did not use it! =P
This is so creamy! not liquidy. Reminds me of the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer. Under the eyes it glides on fairly easily and does look ok...but truthfully I have seen better and prefer my YSL Touche Eclat. It does seem ok for the rest of the face, on red areas though it does oxidize on myself but that's alright since it was not created for that purpose lol.
Bit too pricey and would pass. $22

Secret Brightening Powder
I have shade 2

Laura <span class=
Bought this a while ago. Love it! It is meant to use to set your under eye concealer. Super super fine powder. Creates a crease less under eye. Also an added plus is since using this my eyeliner and mascara do not run down my face! It helps stop it, it seems. Great. Pricey due to the fact that it is meant to just powder your under eyes but you can use it to set spot concealing. This little tub will last a long time. I doubt I will need to repurchase this for years. $22

Second Skin Cheek Color
I have "Lush Nectarine"
Laura <span class=

Pretty small for the price but the pigmentation is wonderful on this particular shade. The packaging is a bit hard to open for me but I am reaching for this often so I am a fan of Laura's blushes!

Mosaic Shimmer Bloc
I have Peach

Laura <span class=

Pretty glow! Amazing highlighter on top of peach blushes like Lush Nectarine or used alone. Case is huge so it will last a long time. LM has the best glowing blushes in my opinion. She has got the formula down pact. Love this.

Hope this helped! Have a great weekend! =)

Image Credit : Nordstrom

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New NARS Additions!

My NARS collection is rapidly growing! I cannot help but love all the amazing colors the brand creates.

My weakness is blusher of course. Are you guys finding that out about me =)

The cleanest these blushers are ever going to look, fresh out of the package! really nice!

Presenting Taj Mahal (left) and Gina ( Right)

Peaches are growing on me! I predict I will be wearing a lot of these this summer!

NARS Taj Mahal

I had heard about this blush for a while but it's a bit difficult to find sometimes. I was a little scared of it. It looks kinda like a psychedelic orange! It is SO pigmented. It's crazy. This definitely needs to be applied with a stippling brush. Really unique color for my collection!
Described on the NARS website as a burt orange.

The color is quite hypnotizing! Alot of shimmer going on.

I must have went to 5 counters to find this. The NARS website describes this as Tangerine. Not sure how I feel about their choice of words....under the store lighting this looked tangerine!
( hence the name yada yada yada) but I bought it regardless because it has been my goal blush for a while.

Under normal lighting it looks far more wearable! Most comparable to MAC Melba perhaps? Far easier to wear and brings a real warmth to your face.

Was interested in this after seeing Missglamorazzi on Youtube. ( check her out, she's adorable!) and she wears this often.

Some swatches!
Isn't the Taj Mahal swatch amazing? it's quality is amazing

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Make Up Storage

Some random photos on how I have been storing my make up lately. A big mess lol.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Small Make Up Accomplishment - My MAC Neutral Palette

Pretty no? I finally filled my MAC pro palette today!
I felt pretty accomplished! haha is that sad?

Though I am not in love with MAC shadows, the glorious selection of colors they offer definitely is hard to ignore sometimes , in this case 15 times!

I am calling this my MAC Neutral Palette although not everything is neutral. These should definitely hold me off for a while from buying more,unless some beautiful limited edition ones come up of course

Top to bottom, Left to Right

Shroom, Phloof!,N*ked Lunch, All that Glitters, Patina
Retrospect, Tempting, Woodwinked, Sable, Mulch
Satin Taupe, Shale, Shadowy Lady, Knight's Divine, Black Tide

Shroom: voted in Allure as best highlight, probably the worst e/s I have tried from the brand, not sure why everyone loves it, little unpigmented for me-light cream
Phloof!: Favorite inner corner highlight-Shimmering cream highlight
N*ked Lunch: Love how this can go in the inner corner while also being able to create a beautiful wash over any paint pot-Darker tan highlight
All That Glitters: Was part of my very first MAC purchase, very well loved and used
Beautiful tan with slight pink undertone
Patina: Admit tingly I purchased this after seeing so many Olivia Palmero tutorials, where everyone used Patina! I am a sucker so I bought this. - Safe shimmery tan

Retrospect: Alot of fall out but gorgeous gold at times when applied with a wet brush-mix of cream and gold with alot of glitter
Tempting: the color of old gold, pretty shimmer
Woodwinked: Bit lighter than tempting with less larger glitters but more shimmer, looks better if you are tanned I have heard
Sable: Also along with my 1st MAC purchase ever, gorgeous plum brown, one of my favorites
Mulch: Terrible name, gorgeous brown!If Sable and Tempting made a baby it would be Mulch.
Sometimes I find this more favorited than Sable

Satin Taupe: Bought this for the hype but so far it is not working on me, I am going to keep trying though! i can see from the pan the color is worth the effort. -Brown Taupe
Shale: Light wash of greyed purple to bring out brown eyes
Shadowy Lady: Dark purple with a black? undertone. Teamed with shale creates an intense smokey eye away from the conventional colors
Knights Divine: Gotta have a gorgeous gunmetal silver with shimmer for a quick smokey look
Black Tide: Because Carbon was too flat for me, and I wanted some shimmer

What are your favorite MAC shadows?
I am in love with N*ked Lunch, All that Glitters, Sable, and Mulch
My go to in a quad!

For tips on de potting MAC shadows into pan form check out my post:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just 5 things...

Summer is here and it is getting a little too hot to wear layers of make up. While I tend to put on a full face of make up most days, I am attempting to cut down my routine and sum it up in a matter of just 5 steps/products
Don't ask me where I got the number five from...haha

Here are my 5 items for a complete summer face, I am going for minimal - super hot days!
(melting make up is not a good look)

1. Loreal True Match Concealer
L'Oreal True Match Concealer .17 fl oz (5.2 ml)

Been buying this since I was 17, bit of nostalgia with this product. I have tried a lot of great brands but always come back to this

2. Anastasia Brow Pencil

Anastasia Brow Pencil Ash Blonde
Brows really frame the face and gives your whole face a complete look. I want to try Anastasia Brow Whiz next, but this lady definitely knows what she is doing!

3. Smith's Rosebud Salve

Rosebud Perfume Co. Lip Balm / Salve, 0.8 Ounce
Some say it is like rose scented vaseline, and it is! But I just cant get enough of this stuff. I own many balms, but I always make sure to keep this in my make up bag. Great for cuticles and last minute brow emergencies, these help give it a good shape like an ad hoc wax!

4. NARS Cactus Flower

NARS Cosmetics Cream Blush

Looks scary in the pan but applies very sheerly on the skin. Especially with a stippling brush. I actually have to rub pretty hard to get the bright color I want. Definitely buildable with a stipling brush, but gives an amazing pink youthful glow, love to layer this with NARS O but if I had to choose, this wins in my book

5. Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler
shu uemura Eyelash Curler 1 ea

Since I am constricted to 5 items, I can't put a mascara but I think if you don't curl your lashes your mascara is hard to see anyway.
( Unless you are blessed with amazing lashes, then I am so jealous!)
Curling your lashes really widens/brightens the eyes, so I can't live without this!

What are some of your summer items? Are you trying to limit products too?

Hope you enjoyed!

Image Credit:

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Rewards

Hallelujah! it's Friday!

I don't know about you guys but on Friday I feel exhausted and so relieved I can rest. My best way to re energize? Shopping of course!
I love to buy new items on a Friday because I am already in the city, and feel like I deserve something for the weeks work. Retail therapy?

Joe Malone London
Dark Amber &Ginger Lilly Cologne

This is something everyone seems to be talking about! I was really curious on about this scent. I had heard Joe's entire line was for both make and female but I had never tried any of the fragrances

To me it smells more like a fall scent. Wood, honey, and some jasmine background? Light ginger. All I kept thinking was... interesting...

I had walked around the store but before leaving I bought this. It is limited edition and it is definitely something different from the other items in my perfume collection. It's kinda sweet, but I can see some men definitely wearing this.

TRAGIC: The sales associate was soooooooooooo nice. He had given me a bag of multiple samples of many many of the colognes. Him being so nice made me want to buy this scent more. When I went back to purchase my item we were chatting, all I kept saying was "interesting!" lol and paid for my item. Unfortunately I left my huge bag of samples at the register =*( I really wanted to try JM's other scents. In the store I can only smell so much before I get a headache, I wanted to take my time. I was too distracted, still sad... lol

I had returned my Benefit eye shadows from my last haul post. Sigh Benefit will we ever meet eye to eye?
With my returned gift card money I bought a few more items

Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc
Peach Mosaic

I have been loving Miss Mercier lately

I last bought a blush in Lush Nectarine ( love it) wanted to try to pair this on top. Peach is a my obsession this week. I like her shimmer bloc packaging more than her blushes, less hassling design to open, and much larger

NARS Lip gloss in Dolce Vita
Dior Ultra Gloss in Apricot Cloche 436

Nars Dolce Vita lip gloss, I had to get this.
Dolce Vita blush (highly under rated) with the corresponding lip gloss and lipstick creates a very easily amazing effortless face. Been wearing the other two all week! now I can add the gloss.

Apricot Clouche is feeding my peach habit. I am not crazy about n*de lipsticks so placing gorgeous glosses like this one on top really makes them extra special
Packaging is kinda clunky though... but it's ok, it's Dior after all =)

Left to Right
Dolce Vita, Apricot Clouche, Peach Mosaic

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

MAC's to the Beach : Tiny Haul

Hello ladies, just wanted to share my tiny haul from MAC's newest collection

Of course I had to get the blusher! A re release from the Fafi collection. I was not into make up then (yes there was a time) so this is new to me and it's so pretty!

Hipness Blush

When I swatched this in the store on my arm, it sucked. It was not very pigmented to me but I bought it regardless because I liked the color. When applied to the cheeks with a brsuh the color is much stronger and flattering! (thankfully) Pretty good pigmentation (Frost finish) very light pink coral.

Luster Drops
Pink Rebel & Sun Rush

Believe these came out in ..some Safari collection...The name escapes me. Wild warriors or something... lol again my pre MAC days.

I am still in my highlighter loving phase! I was just going to buy the pink one, but I had recently bought the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (oil free) and wanted to mix the bronze luster drops to create an illuminating effect with a hint of bronze, and it works pretty well!

Pink Rebel, Sun Rush, Hipness

Did any of you partake in some of the offerings of this new collection?

PS: Does anyone know how to fix it when all your side bar information goes to the bottom of the webpage??? I have no idea how to fix it, it just kinda happened one day, sucks...

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