Sunday, June 27, 2010

Little Laura Mercier Review

Summer is finally here!!!! NYC is experiencing too much humidity for my liking, so my make up routine has changed a bit. Which means light make up. No need to cake it on when it's literally going to CAKE on your face from perspiration and heat.

A lot of you guys asked for me to review some of the LM items I had a few hauls ago.

First is the LM Tinted Moisturizer. I personally prefer liquids over powder for face coverage. I had always wanted to try this but $42 bucks is kinda pricey since that's the price of a good foundation!

For summer I like to have a very light coverage base and whatever needs attention I prefer to invest in a great concealer

Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer
I am shade N*de
Laura <span class=
-I have been wearing this A LOT. I really like the light coverage and sheer amount of natural dewey-ness it gives. It helps look skin look a bit brighter and more radiant. It's also easy to apply ( I use my hands) and has spf so its really convenient.
- Hides acne scars and redness pretty well, coverage is the best I have tried in terms of TM's
-I have the oil free version because I have combo/oily ish skin. The oil free version seems thicker ( but not heavier) than the normal hydrating version and has more coverage in my opinion, so I proffered this.
-Looks amazingly natural, and blends beautifully into your skin easily
-50 ML/1.70 FL Oz is a nice size

-One of the highlights of this product is that it has spf 20 so many people consider it a 2 in 1. SPF 20 is just not enough for me so I end up just applying sunscreen first then applying this so I use this purely as a TM.
-This has to me the same coverage as a lot of BB creams that I have tried. BB Creams all have additional properties. Almost all BB creams come with SPF, acne fighting ingredients, along with anti aging and whitening ingredients. BB creams are relatively cheap depending on where you live, or can be ordered online for a range of $15-30 dollars ( that I have seen)
-Still have to blot a bit in the afternoon even after setting this with a powder

All in all this product is really nice for summer, and I recommend it if you cannot get a hold of a BB cream which admit tingly can be difficult sometimes, and does not offer a large range of shades, but for myself I am going to use this up and then go back to BB creams. I do not regret buying this product, it is still great for light coverage in the summer months and would re purchase if no BB creams seem interesting at the time and I needed a new TM for daily use.

Next is the LM Mineral Powder
I am shade Natural Beige
Laura <span class=

I bought this after I saw Fuz use it. I bought this in the Sephora Flawless face kit ( which I highly recommend if you want to try this brand)

I Love this!! I really do! I have very bad vision and wear glasses most of the time. When I wear my glasses my vision is so bad I cant even see what I am doing in terms of make up so I need foolproof stuff.
I always wear this when I am going to work wearing my glasses. It is effortless and foolproof. I provides coverage, you just need a tiny amount, and swirl it on! Just keep buffing it into your skin. Super natural, super easy. This was my first time using mineral foundation and I am in love. Even though this is a powder it is not matte. It goes on with a dewey-ness and has a glow.
I bought this in a kit so it is a smaller version but I will definitely buy the full size when I am out. Which should take a while because you only need a small amount with each use.
Full size is $32-$35, I definitely think it is worth the cash, and since you need such a small amount each time it should last a very long period. I have not made a dent in my travel sized version.

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer
I have shade 2 ( came in the kit )

Laura <span class=

I did not read the directions very well and just used this as a normal concealer. Today I realized this is for under eyes. The only place I did not use it! =P
This is so creamy! not liquidy. Reminds me of the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer. Under the eyes it glides on fairly easily and does look ok...but truthfully I have seen better and prefer my YSL Touche Eclat. It does seem ok for the rest of the face, on red areas though it does oxidize on myself but that's alright since it was not created for that purpose lol.
Bit too pricey and would pass. $22

Secret Brightening Powder
I have shade 2

Laura <span class=
Bought this a while ago. Love it! It is meant to use to set your under eye concealer. Super super fine powder. Creates a crease less under eye. Also an added plus is since using this my eyeliner and mascara do not run down my face! It helps stop it, it seems. Great. Pricey due to the fact that it is meant to just powder your under eyes but you can use it to set spot concealing. This little tub will last a long time. I doubt I will need to repurchase this for years. $22

Second Skin Cheek Color
I have "Lush Nectarine"
Laura <span class=

Pretty small for the price but the pigmentation is wonderful on this particular shade. The packaging is a bit hard to open for me but I am reaching for this often so I am a fan of Laura's blushes!

Mosaic Shimmer Bloc
I have Peach

Laura <span class=

Pretty glow! Amazing highlighter on top of peach blushes like Lush Nectarine or used alone. Case is huge so it will last a long time. LM has the best glowing blushes in my opinion. She has got the formula down pact. Love this.

Hope this helped! Have a great weekend! =)

Image Credit : Nordstrom


  1. ohh i didnt know their TM has great coverage,still to expensive, 42 bucks?!
    we are always summer here in singapore, so i cant change any makeup routine

  2. Do you think tinted moisturizers are basically the same as bb creams?

  3. Yea I think they are the same pretty much except BB creams have more additive properties which I prefer. Like an enhanced tinted moisturizer

  4. Thanks for the review darling! I was going to purchase the tinted moisturizer but I don't think I will after reading that really pricey, and I normally wouldn't mind paying that much if it was a great product. But I'm sure I can get better products for cheaper.

  5. I have the regular formula TM but I agree that it is good stuff! That shimmer bloc is sooo pretty! Great post =D

  6. Great reviews! I have always want to try the TM, it sounds great that it has good coverage :)

  7. Thanks for the review :D I've always wanted the TM, but in the UK it is so expensive, going to have to check it out now!

  8. Thank you soooooooooooo much for the review of that tinted moisturizer as I was going to buy it. I think one day I'll try it anyways, but for now I'll stick to my BB cream. :)
    Thanks again!


  9. Thank you soooooooooooo much for the review of that tinted moisturizer as I was going to buy it. I think one day I'll try it anyways, but for now I'll stick to my BB cream. :)
    Thanks again!


  10. Great reviews! I have always want to try the TM, it sounds great that it has good coverage :)


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