Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July Faves

By Candle Light
Could I possibly love a highlighter more than my Dior Amber Diamond?
This provides a beautiful fine shimmer of peach and pink reflects.
The best highlighter I have ever used from MAC, or even... overall?
definite favorite, and still available, I highly recommend this it.
Also this is a cheaper than the now spreading famous Amber Diamond so
if you are weary about paying so much for a highlight, this is a good alternative.

Etude House Green Tea Cleanser
I bought this months ago on my trip to Asia and finally started using it.
Isn't the name and packaging adorable? It comes in a variety of
"types" I had chosen green tea. It comes out a mint colored cream and
has a light tea scent.
Like other Asian cleansers this foams like crazy. I love using it at night
to help remove my make up for a double cleanse.
Wish they sold Etude house in the states.

M.A.C's Happy together
The one item I had to go back to MAC for on my second trip from "In the Groove"
Passed on this because it looked boring but the online swatches were
tempting me and I had to go back
Thank goodness! it is BEAUTIFUL! I definitely love this item this month
and because of this will not be purchasing NARS Madly. I love
how the highlight is also a good product while the blush alone is well
pigmented. Together they create a gorgeous peachy sheen. The combination
of the two definitely seem "Happy Together"

Urban Decay Lip Stain in Envious
Blame laziness for my new found love for lip stains. I hate re applying
anything throughout the day esp lip products which seem to fade with every drink
or word spoken past your lips.
This lip stain I don't believe is the most outstanding on the market
but it is definitely a step up from the cover girl one I was using
previously. This stains your lips a very wearable red but can be
built up to a powerful lip

Powersurge Eye Pencil
Since I have sporting a stronger daily lip my daily black or brown liner may look like too much for a day look in the office. The solution, a beautiful light bronze. Blends nicely, and compliments reddish lips. I rim this around my eyes and smudge it a bit on my lower and upper lash lines. I do believe you need something on your eyes when you have red lips so that your face doesn't look too flat. Well my face anyway!

If you are not a person who likes to use white eyeliner to give your eyes a more
"awake" look, try this light bronze

Sorry for the lack of photos, my camera completely died


  1. The etude house packaging looks so cute!

  2. This Etude House Green Tea Cleanser sounds amazing! Would love to try it!


  3. hi~ i did a mini review on that etude house cleanser too! <3 it.

  4. I love Powersurge eye pencil, it's been a staple of mine for years.

  5. I love MAC by Candlelight too. It's ever so pretty!

  6. I love MAC by Candlelight too. It's ever so pretty!


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