Friday, July 23, 2010

Natural Love

Ahh this season I have been loving the "natural looking" blush. Not the everyday pinks or peaches but the beige's, sands, and colors that seem to combine for the creation of a beautiful bronze mixed with a sheen of peach undertone.Wearable, and natural. More Sun tones

These are my favorites to wear with a bold lip color or more wild eyes.
Wavy hair flowing down completes the look for me

Warm Soul
Described as Mid toned beige with Gold Pearl
This is very glittery! comes off sheer and need a few swipes on the brush for color payoff but this is amazing on
pale skin to bring beautiful life, sunkissed but there are hints of red, coral, and terrecotta
in the background

Trace Gold
Gorgeous highlight on top of matte blushes but on it's own can look amazing in the summer. Gives you a glimmer
of a tan while slightly contouring.
Really brings out your cheekbones and can be used multi purpose as a highlight

Happy Together

The newest in my collection and the one I am loving beyond all others. The most pigmented of the bunch with a great highlight. Swirled together create a more peachy beige but I am thinking, it's love.
Gorgeous on people with yellow undertones

Prestige Skin Loving Minerals in 02 Natural

A drugstore brand and my very first neutral blush. I was quite satisfied with this for over a year. Amazingly well priced, pigmentation is ok. definitely need a few swipes with the brush and it is a little small but it is great for travel, effect is nice, and I recommend this item if you are on a budget. I own all the Prestige blush colors and this is definitely my favorite by far

Definitely would could consider NARS Madly but I think it may look too much like Happy Together, would anyone have both and confirm?

Swatches: Left-Right : Trace Gold, Warm Soul, 02 Natural, Happy Together (swirled together)


  1. Beautiful colors :) These colors are so great and looks gorgeous. I really want to purchase Trace Gold :)

  2. Lovely swatches i would love happy together x

  3. those colours are perfect summer glow!

  4. Happy together is really pretty!

  5. Lovely swatches i would love happy together x


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