Sunday, September 26, 2010

Small Weekend Haul

Just wanted to share some of my new purchases this weekend. On Saturday I was good and bought what I had intended on. On Sunday, I went out with the intention to just buy some socks, yup socks! and strayed haha
Hope you enjoy what I bought on my way to buy them, my neighborhood is seriously dangerous sometimes to me, shopping trap that is!

OPI's Bubble Bath
Wanted to try this because I had heard this is the shade Giada DeLaurentis uses from Food Network. Haha blame all the close up cutting board shots
Really nice color for work, polished and simple

M.A.C's Blankety (Amplified)
Described as a soft pink beige, less pink that Hue
I have been pretty into N*de's lately. This seems to be a favorite among many so I had to give it a try

Lancome Ageless Mineral with White Sapphire Complex Mineral foundation
For days when I am not wearing my contacts, I wear mineral make up because it's so fool proof I don't have to see what I am doing!
This got great reviews from both Fuz and Nic Nic
I bought Natural Beige 10
Will definitely be trying this out tomorrow for work!

Koji DollyWing Eyeliner in Deep Black
Yes!!! I have been waiting a long time for my area to get this eyeliner. They have had the lashes for a while
Because the tip is so sharp this gives precision lines with ease, and you can use it for your upper waterline
Loving this!

Cute Packaging

Sharp point

Last I bought a LUX shampoo and conditioner
Been using Shisedo Tsubaki for a while now and have been looking for a change

Will be trying out all this stuff in the next couple of days, please comment if you would like an in dept review on any of the above

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Powder Review

I have been trying a few powders recently for my combo/oily skin. Mini review ahead!!

First up
Paul and Joe Pressed Powder N in 04
Mauve colored powder with shimmers. I do not recommend this for someone with a darker skin tone than NC 25 because it can make you look pretty chalky. With a heavy hand the shimmers in this powder can make you look like a disco ball, but gently patting a thin layer over foundation can give a really nice glow. So just watch out how heavy you slap this stuff on. I would not use this alone, only to set a foundation.
Packaging is super pretty, etched flower design, sorry I forgot to take pictures of the covers.
( sorry!) come with a puff

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder - Medium 0-1 (sand)
This stuff is amazing at mattifying the skin. It truly delivers what it promises. Usually I blot like 2x a day but with this, never!~Only down side is very mattifying powders tend to make you look flat, so if you don't contour and highlight, this can make you look one dimensional. Again another light hand but if you are struggling with oily skin, I definitely recommend this.
Don't let the drug store price fool you.

Con is the packaging is very clunky! not chic at all, comes with a puff but its really thin, if you try to replace the puff many don't fit!

Chanel White Essential Lift Reflecting Whitening Compact - 30 Beige Cendre
( mouthful)
As you can see my most used powder! This powder is an Asia Exclusive. When applied my skin does seem paler...not sure about light reflecting?
This powder is SHEER in color. It is pretty translucent on the skin. If applied alone with just concealer it looks like nothing is really there and offers little coverage. I used this up because it was my first real powder. When applied "just right" this stuff with a nice foundation makes you look PERFECT but truthfully I don't achieve that often. It can also cake easily due to the sheerness, you may find yourself packing it on.
Packaging is classic beautiful Chanel but in white

MAC MSF Natural in Medium Plus
My newest powder and current favorite. I had steered away from this for years in fears it would break me out but nothing yet! * fingers crossed*
Many people claim this is sheer and yes it is, but it can really make you look perfect without trying hard. It's pretty hard to overdose on this powder, so I never look cakey. Compared to the Chanel, this is like 3x more coverage!! Love that.
I like the color selection, as a tip the MSF Natural colors, if they have two words in the name, ie: Medium Plus,they are more yellow toned. As opposed to one word Medium which leans towards pink
Cons: No mirror, and this stuff gets messy! powder kinda flies around a lot which can be annoying especially with a kabuki
If you have oily skin this stuff is not going to keep you matte. By lunch time I usually have to touch up. I use the Maybelline and that fixes things right up but I still like to use this as a base because of the coverage

That completes my mini review for pressed powders. Next on my list to try is Lancome's Dual Finish. Has anyone tried it?
For loose powder/mineral I only have 1 which is Laura Mercier's which I have mini reviewed here.

Thanks for reading =)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Short Reviews on a Long List of Products

As a complete product junkie and beauty lover, I am guilty of constantly looking out for new creations/items in the beauty world that will be my next potential "HG" item. Constantly trying new things is one of my favorite ways to know more about this topic!
Here are some of the items I have tried recently and just my two cents

Skin Care

1. The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream $18
Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream

I have pretty bad luck with the body shop skin care...
I used this exactly once, and the next morning woke up with 6 cysts on my chin!!! Semi thick cream that absorbs easily
Rating 1.0 <-- bc it broke me out

2. The Body Shop Seaweed Pore Perfector $20

Seaweed Pore <span class=
Used this item once again...woke up with 3 pimples around my nose ( aka pore area) tried this the same night as the nourishing night cream =(
This also received bad reviews on make up alley I just bought it in the store when they were having their buy 3 get 2 free and I have been obsessed with pores lately...
Rating 1.0 <--bc it broke me out...

3. Olay Beauty Fluid-Sensitive skin -$ varies
<span class=
OMG! HG!!!!! I LOVE this! easily absorbs cures all. I have oily skin and it never makes me wake up like a grease ball. It actual counters that. All my other night moisturizers make me awake looking damn oily this stuff mattifies me up. I did try a crazy skin care regime about 2 months ago and it made my skin ridiculously dry, this stuff saved my life.
I went for Sensitive because at the time I was having skin issues, so I wanted to be safe.
Super easy to absorb, slightly runny but light texture, its just love!
I have oily/combo skin and use Clinique Dramatically Different Gel but saw I was getting oily by Mid Day. I added this to my routine after the Clinique and its amazing! No more blotting sheets! The extra surge of moisture while non greasy formula perfectly balances my skin.
Ive tried Clean and Clear to LA Mer and this my friend is the one. I will always have this in my arsenal for life
Rating 5.0!

4. Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector -$49.50
NEW Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector
I have tried the old and new formula of this product and this was definitely an improvement over the old formulation. It worked faster, texture is light, and the results are vi sable. Bad part is it's barley vi sable...I used this whole bottle and will not repurchase. Paul and Joe's whitening serum still reigns supreme in my book
Rating 3.0

Hair Care
1. Organix Shampoo and Conditioner in Coconut Milk -$ varies
Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo

I have always been complimented on my hair and never thought much of it. I actually kinda thought my hair was naturally good....little did I know it was def my shampoo! I had been wanting to try this for years merely for the aroma.
The minute I started to lather I could feel something was not right.. the conditioner did not help...after a few days many people came up asking me why my hair suddenly looked and I quote "messy" "dead" and "awful"
Errrr not exactly what I had been used to being called. Also the scent disappears within 2 minutes of leaving the shower.
Even with my favorite hair treatment mask, my hair was still pretty limp and lifeless.

Rating: 2.0

Make up
1. Skin Food Aloe BB Cream-$ varies
Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF 20 PA+ (#1 Bright Skin)

Pretty heavenly fragranced, and quite thick for my preference. I believe this stuff broke me because I have 2 tubes of this stuff ( buy 1 get one free)
Rating 2.5 bc I broke out...

2. Nanoce BB Cream -$ 28-29
<span class=
My current "foundation" of choice. It is semi light and not thick. Definitely has a yellow undertone thankfully( I am shade two) as most BB creams I have tried have a grey one...

SPF 30 and easy to blend. Coverage is light, it can be built up but I don't like to cake it on. My very first Japanese BB cream. I would def repurchase

3. MUFE Aqua Creams - $22
Aqua Cream

Designed for eyes and cheeks or lips and cheeks I have both types
I think truthfully these are best as non dual purpose items.
The ones for eyes and cheeks I have is Taupe. Blends beautifully, stays on tight on the lid throughout the day, and easy to work with, but... who wears taupe on the cheek?
For lips and cheeks I have a peach shade. On the cheeks its natural, flush, glorious... on the lips its a combination love child of pepto bismal in color along with tin foil finish/effect on the lips...aka ugly.
I don't think I will collect many more of these but for 1 purpose they are def high quality and fun to collect and use. I hope they don't dry up soon though
Rating : 3.7

4. NYC Blushable Cream Stick-$ varies

I have two of these. the price may vary but truthfully it is always pretty cheap. These are easily bendable and smooth, great as a base for powder blush. I don't really tend to use them alone because they do blend in pretty smoothly but the colors are not great for my skin tone so I like to powder above it, regardless of the last step these are a great drugstore buy
Rating 4.0

5. Benefit Sugar Bomb -$28

More of a highlight than a blush, if you are looking for not much color, and a lot of shimmer, this is for you. Nothing special in my opinion and very expensive
Rating 2.0

Hope you enjoyed the reviews. Post is a little long but I hope I covered a varied area of items

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Does anyone know how to get rid of that annoying frame around photos like I have in this post? Does anyone know how to post them and they don't create that frame?

Much appreciated

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

August Favorites

Belated I know...but better late than never!
Please excuse the various fonts in this post, I wrote this in bits and pieces all over the place hehe

LadyBlush BlushCreme (M.A.C)
The only cream blush I have ever found that looks better on top of powder foundation rather than below, no cakiness whatsoever. So easy to touch up, the convenience makes it a winner, did I mention the color is a beautiful natural rosy flush ?

Gentle Mineralized Blush (M.A.C)
I think just about every mineralized blush I have bought from this brand I have loved. Head over heels. I don't think the formulation creates anything outstanding compared to the normal pressed kind but every color in the collection is just gorgeous. Gently is speedily making it's way up as being my favorite blush in my collection ( this is a huge statement for me)

Quiver Pigment (M.A.C)
Beautiful rosy bronze for the cheeks. Suuuper pigmented I have to use a skunk brush that is losing mass amounts of bristles, and gently skid the top of the lid and tap like crazy to create the perfect cheek color. Rosy bronze that just brings life to the face, uplifts.

Loreal HIP Jelly Balms ( Succulent-but I am getting more colors hehe)
Heard these were being discontinued ( rumor) so I grabbed one and am completely obsessed! They're sticky and them remind me of jello but I cant stop applying this stuff. I have heard they are reminiscent to the now discontinued MAC tender tones, so if you miss those, give these a try

St Ives Green Tea Cleanser
On my ongoing battle to achieve clear skin, I have tried a multitide of cleansers, the latest being this baby.The smell is great, the foam is easy to create, and the results are working!!!

Crest Visibly White Professional Teeth Whitening Strips
Claims that after three uses you can see a "visible" difference & I can confirm this is 100% true. Yes the difference is not amazing, you are not about to have glowing white teeth ( rem Ross from Friends?) but the effects stay and don't seem to fade. I have used about eight of these and never had experienced any sort of irritation or sensitivity problems. I def recc these! But make sure to try the “Professional Effects” version

Been smiling a lot more lately which is always a plus

Lash Blast Fusion Mascara

I must one of the few people in the make up community for not fall for effects of the famed CV Lash Blast… I am thinking I may have received an old tube, because this fusion version I am loooving. I have always been a fan of drugstore mascara’s and this is no exception. Maybe I should give the famed orange tube another chance

Maybelline Full and Soft ( Waterproof)

This was my first mascara ever, remember when Sara Michelle Geller was the spokes model? That’s when I first bought this! Haha *Nostalgia*The effects are no where near dramatic, but just prettified natural enhanced lashes that look carefree and just easy breezy for summer. Good Starter or no fuss no muss kind of product

Swatches R-L

LadyBlush, Gentle, Quiver, Succulent

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I am so sorry for this delay!! I have been super been busy ( lame as it sounds) I did not really notice August was over until Labor Day when I suddenly did not have to go to work ( hooray!)

Enough with the jibber jabber, time to account the winner of my very first
( but not last) give away!!

Drum roll please...

and the winner is...

~*~MANDY OF LAVENDER LILAC DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~*~

*clap, clap!* yay congrats Mandy!!!!!

For all of those who entered new and old followers, THANK YOU!!!

I hope to host more give aways in the future!!!!

Mandy please email me at so you can send me your address as I was unable to locate your email on your blog page.

Thanks again everyone who entered!!!

Lets give Mandy a hand!

Winner chosen via Random.Org
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