Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's like Christmas in October! Haul time!

Hey ladies!
October has ended, and I just wanted to share some of the new purchases I made within the month out side the new Chanel lippies

Just a few things... lol ^^

October was the month where Sephora's FF sale arrived and of course I took the opportunity. Most of these items are from the sale the rest are just random throughout the month

Eye Goodies

Mac Engraved: Just bought this today. I am going to give MAC eyeliners another go. First MAC eye liner I tried was smolder, hated it, made me hate MAC for years
DiorShow: I gotta give this classic a try
Lancome Virtuose: Hate this...this mascara is suppose to help give optimal curl, this de curls my lashes within not recommend!

Mac Lippies
MAC lipsticks in Craving and Hot Tahiti
Craving: Raspberry Wine Pink/Red color ( Top)
Hot Tahiti: Wearable red when worn sheerly ( Bottom )

Fall means darker lip colors, sensual wearable wine colors are what I prefer

Truthfully these look very similar...I bought these today and 2 counters were out of Craving but I liked Hot Tahiti. The counter near my home had Craving and I bought it without really swatching both together because they were closing in 5 minutes so I grabbed em.

Love em regardless!

Eye shadows and concealer
Lancome Photogenic Concealer in Camee: Bought this way in the beginning of the month and have been using it daily. My new "go to" concealer. Currently unavailable at Lancome which is unfortunate because I like this product. Bit hard of consistency though
MAC Carbon eye shadow: Sometimes instead of liner I just apply shadow as liner to make it a bit softer
Lorac Croc Palette: I had never felt Lorac shadows before, but they are buttery smooth! I wanted the 2 colors Moonstone and Serenity but this palette had both colors for the same price with additional shades and a blush

Face Powders
Laura Mercier Mineral Finishing Powder in 1: Just to finish off my mineral make up to avoid shine
Lancome Dual Finish Powder in Matte Buff II: My current Go to Face Powder, this does not make me break out ( miracle )
I love how you can use this powder with a puff dry, or sponge dry ( makes my skin look like porcelain)
I have applied it wet also which is not bad
I just love it's versatility

NARS Portofino Multiple: Been wanting this for a while...
NARS Sin and Illamasqua Sin: Is it some kind of industry lingo to name purple blushes, sin?

Close Up

Lorac #1: I plan to wear this under my BB cream to give me a *glow*
NARS O Illuminator: Pretty in 2 seconds, just dab it on and smile

YSL Parisienne
Been wanting this for a few months. Purchased the gift set. Described as blackberry with sandle wood. My boyfriend and I agreed it smelled like lychee

YSL... ahhh it looks so good

Top Row (L-R) Hot Tahiti, Craving, Portofino
Lower Row ( L-R ) Illamasqua Sin, NARS Sin

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bonjour Mademoiselle

Ahhhh I love this ad.
The lace top, the sunlight, perfect hair, long lashes and that gorgeous lip color...
Johnny Depp has a beautiful girl friend no?

My first Chanel Lipstick

Picture Fun

Color Mademoiselle, the color she is wearing in the ad

This looks like a Rosewood but with more pink

The photos below is just 1 wash. The lipstick is pretty moisturizing and has a nice gloss finish. It is also long lasting. A few more washes can easily come to the same color as the model but her lips seem more pink due to her sun lit background

I also picked up a lip gloss in the craziest pink color, 247 Pink Pulsation, sorry for the slight blurr

Insane no?? Sorry no swatches on the gloss, I actually bought it as a gift for a friend but if you do not like the price tag ( $27?? ouch...) Dior has a similar color, and this reminded me of "Like Venus" from MAC

Ahh Chanel
I'm thinking it's love...this lipstick is my new go to for this fall season. Ladylike, and so easy to wear for work.

Have any of you ladies tried it? Please tell me if you have any shade recommendations =)

P.S. Does anyone know how to get rid of picture frames in blogger.
IE the ad at the top of this post. I hate those frames... thanks!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Confessions of a Skin Care Junkie - Current Routine and a plethora of short reviews!

Isn't that first picture ridiculous? My current skin care routine just did not seem to be the phrase I wanted to use to describe this...
As some of you may be able to tell, not only am I a make up junkie, I'm a skin care one also!

Just wanted to give a brief run down of items I am currently using/using for the summer months, and wanted to finish up before the upcoming colder season

Background:m Combo skin, oily T, normal cheeks.
I use a Clarasonic every night only, but skip nights where I exfoliate (2x a week)
I do not discriminate against brands, whatever works, I use

Current Cleaners 2x-3x a day

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap for Oily Skin
I am currently on the famous Clinique 3 step system with some "enhancements/modifications"
The facial soup is nice for combo/oily skin. If you are looking for a cleanser to help with your oily T zone but not looking for anything acne related this one is pretty good. I would repurchase this. Aa basic cleanser that I currently use prior acne facial soaps to give my skin a clean base to work with

St Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Wash
I don't like this. I do not think it works, I do not like the smell, it is not as pleasant smelling as the famous scrub, and I don't like the way it lathers or feels on my face when applying. The mini beads seem harder when lathered up than the scrub equivalent.I bought this for when my face is just being stubborn with the pimples...

St Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Wash
I really really like this. I like the smell, I like the lather, and I love the results. I use this after my Clinique facial soap, it can be drying but a toner and moisturizer afterwards fixes that right up. A definite repurchase!

Who hasn't tried this cleanser? I use this after I come home from the gym and am not ready to go through my whole routine yet. Just to get the sweat and grime off my face. Real simple, huge following, most basic you can buy, excellent for people with sensitive skin

Garnier Make up Wipes
My favorite make up wipes! I have tried a few and this one is the best in my opinion. Pleasant but not overpowering smell, does not try quickly in the package, and after wiping your face with these, your face does not feel tight but comfortable and hydrated. I use these at the gym if I am coming from work to remove my make up

Laniege Multi Purpose Make up Removing Cleaner
( not pictures) bought like 3 of these already, like the smell, simple, micro beads, does a good job. I recommend it.

Exfoliators: 2x a week

Clinique Turn Around Facial: When I bought my 3 step I grabbed this also, I love to mix and match brands, but sometimes I think it's nice to use items from 1 brand because they can work in conjunction. Does anyone else think like this?

This is a fine-ish grain scrub. You apply after cleansing on a dry face. Apply a thin layer and wait 5 minutes. After, rinse off for a bright refreshed face.
I like this enough to finish it but I do not see any really outstanding effects from a drug store scrub so I will not repurchase.

St Ives Green Tea Scrub ( sample size) <-- recommend trying the sample, $1 dollar at Target!
Very fine grains, I think this is suitable for everyday once a day if your skin is not sensitive. Pleasant smell and brightening effect. Truthfully the Clinique one has a better brightening effect but this scrub I believe was meant to be more of a cleanser and not a weekly thing so it would not be as potent.

Toners 2x a day

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3
I hate this! I have also tried 1+2 but I am really a 3. 1 is the most hydrating and as the numbers go high for more oily skin types they become far harsher.
This stuff hurts my face. I am positive alcohol is the first ingredient in this. Do you see how much of this I have used? and everyday 2x a day I have to fan my face and grit my teeth. ( Not a good sign) If you have ANY open pimples, sores, or blackhead on your face it will sting. Definitely finishing this up and never looking back

Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner
On the opposite side of the world in terms of ingredients, this toner is one of my favorite drugstore favorites. I use this after my bi weekly scrub followed by a mask. Since my skin has a new bright layer I don't want to lay on a harsh toner on the newly revealed skin so I use this gentle one. Always comfortable, not much of a scent and cheap. I have repurchased this many times. I recommend this if you want something not harsh, and very simple.

Beauty Maker Softening Spray
I spritz this on my face after the Clinique toner has dried, as it can leave my skin feeling a bit tight. This brings the moisture, and also brings feeling back to my face

Eye Creams 2x a day

Clinique all about eyes Rich
Probably my 4th jar. It's something I recommend when you want to start use an eye cream but wrinkles are not your first priority. This claims to help fine lines but I use it more for dark circles, de puffing, and moisture.
When I do not use this for a few days I notice my eyes get very dry on the corners so this is a

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream
This I use more as a preventative to stop the first signs of aging. It seems to have helped cease the development of finer lines so I will continue using this. I would repurchase this if I don't know what eye cream to purchase yet and just needed one on hand. A "for now this is ok" kind of cream

Whitening Serum - Night Time only

Paul and Joe Whitening Serum
My 3rd jar. I love this stuff. Feels so light, orang-ey scent, and really works. I have heard that P&J have come out with an "intense whitening essence?" I will be trying that next but I would definitely recommend this to truly lighten your skin

Moisturizers 2x a day

Clinique Dramatically Diff Moisturizing Gel
This feels really nice, if you have oily skin, I think you should check this product out. Feels light, non greasy, and does help moisturize. I would repurchase this, also, the bottle lasts a long time!

Olay Beauty Fluid for Sensitive skin
Now as the weather is rapidly cooling down I am getting slight dry patches on my face due to the weather and the mass amounts of topical acne treatments I use. I layer this on top of the gel. The result is not greasy but complete hydration.
This lotion is un scented, light, classic, and never greasy.
Previously I had tried some ridiculous skin routine which left my entire face peeling and disgusting. I slathered this on one night and it fixed it over night! I became a believer. A constant in my bathroom now and forever
This comes in another formula the "original" which can be found by some as greasy, if so, please try the one for sensitive skin!

Topical Treatments - every night
Mast 2x a week

My biggest problem is acne!!! this is my army to help fight this enemy

Khiels Rare Each Pore Cleansing Mask
Use this 2x a week after exfoliating. It's grey, and you apply a light layer on your face. The first 3 minutes, my face feels HOT, I do not know if that's normal as it is not mentioned anywhere on the label as a side effect, but when I wash it off my face, it is no where near red but completely white! This really calms down my redness and sucks out the dirt beneath my face is reveal a clean face

Jason Tee Tree Oil
If you like the natural routine I recommend this. Apply this on spot under neath the skin that's not too deep, like you know it will come out within the next 2 days? and it should bring it down but for that to work you have to be re applying this every few hours. This can lead to drying/peeling skin depending on where on your face it is.

Clinique Acne Gel
Love this. My 3rd tube ( lasts a while) this is great for pimples that are deep and still just a slight white bump on your face. Has not turned red yet or surfaced. Every night for 3 nights, and it's gone. But you have to make that window... if you apply this too late, like, the life cycle of the spot is coming to maturity, this stuff doesn't work.
Also, if you apply this to an area that has opened due to popping, it hurts baaaaaad but that just means it cleaning the least that's what I am repeating in my head....

Mario Badescu Drying Cream
this is ok.... suppose to dry pimples, will not repurchase, I prefer the tea tree oil as I believe it has a better & faster effect

Mario Badescu Whitening Mask
a new purchase so no comments yet

Clinique Emergency Spot Treatment
This has a higher dosage of topical medication that the Clinique Gel but I think the gel works much faster, and would not repurchase this

Proactive Repair Treatment
Believe this works slightly better than the Neutrogenta spot treatment ( below) but not by much. Same texture, feel, smell, effect. I would recommend buying the Neutrogena and saving $

Mario Badescu Buffering lotion
This is supposed to help cystic acne, the stuff deep within the skin that is hard to get to/treat. My worst enemy!!! I bought this happily but do not use it...It is super watery. When you apply it on your spot, the liquid ends up running down your face in seconds. I apply this with a Q tip if I have the patience. Recommended to apply with your hands but it made my fingers peel
(potent stuff) would not repurchase

Neutrogena On the spot Acne Treatment
Not bad, not good. Basic if you do not suffer with regular acne. I use it to apply a thin layer over areas prone to breaking out. Definitely better out there but if you do not want anything too harsh aka peeling, get this one. One of the only 2.5 % treatments on the market.
I believe 2.5% is just as potent as 10% personally just with far more gentle effects.

Neautrogena Healthy skin anti blemish anti wrinkle cream
Really liked this. Nice dual product for those of a certain age struggling/thinking about both problems. Non greasy, and absorbs quickly. Found out last night they are discontinuing this though. Try to buy it now if you would like to try it as it is still on shelves

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
This is the reason why I have tried so many Mario B products. Because this one works!
Dip a Q tip into the jar and grab the calamine lotion on the bottom. Do not shake the bottle, and dip only once, then apply on white heads.
This stuff destroys white heads. It must be a white head already for it to work, as it is useless for when the spot is in any other stage. Once applied go to bed and find the white head dried up in the morning and falling off ( sorry if this is too graphic)
3 nights max but most of the time 1-2 applications is all you need
Second jar!

Items that were ok and I need to finish because I stopped before finishing

SK II Facial Treatment Essence
Will never buy again. Did nothing for me. Just want to finish it because it was like $150 bucks

Aloe Vera Gel
Have red irritate skin? Apply this at night. It absorbs into the skin in a few minutes, moisturizes, and calms all your red areas down for the day. Cheap, and works for redness.

Philosophy Hope in a Bottle
that small bottle is never ending. If you have acne problems and your skin is not dry give this a try. Not drying, medicated lotion, but still hydrating enough as a moisturizer to not leave dry flakes

Khiels Ultra Facial Moisturizer
More for winter for the day. Can be greasy if you pile on too much. Overall very moisturizing if the correct amount is used and a nice item to have, I would repurchase, but not the huge bottle like I did this time. Have had this forever...

IQQU Acne Treatment
It's ok, if you have moderate acne, like once in a blue moon this helps, but if you are regular with spots this does seem to help calm down the amount per month, but spots arise regardless. Will not repurchase

Lush Tea Tree Water
Refreshing fie mist, I would not use this as a toner alone but after toner as I do not find it hydrating enough. Bottle lasts a long time, but no other facial spray I have tried is as refreshing as this one for some reason, I would repurchase this but not as a necessity

And of course...
The New Stuff I will be using in the coming weeks since I am almost done with so many things...
I love to try new things...
All new except La Mer

I hope this review was helpful. A mass amount of short reviews turned into a huge post!!!

Please tell me some of your skin care favorites for winter, or all year!
Please also come back if you would like a more thorough in depth review of anything =)
I will try my best to oblidge!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lancome Gift with Purchase

Hello ladies! I know I have been neglecting my blog, and I promise to have some reviews soon!

In the mean time I wanted to share a great gift with purchase Lancome is having right now at Boomingdales.

Free Goodies!! So many!!

I recommend anyone on a budget or starting their make up collection to head over to the counter!

I am recommending this because you can basically have a whole daily routine with this gift.
It comes with Dual finish powder, morning and pm serums, lip product, eye product, and eye make up.
Buy either a blush, concealer, or foundation to make the $35 dollar requirement, and you will have everything you need for a full face!

Also if you buy over a certain amount, you receive 2 full size lip glosses for free. The lip glosses alone are a $50 dollar value.

*Update* If your counter is out of the mini face powder they will give you a mini blush

What I actually bought:

Lancome Genifique - I am going to try this to even out my skin tone

Lancome Virtuose Mascara- Just finished my belowed Hypnose *sigh* I miss you already

Will try to review some new items this weekend!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

September Favorites!

Haha I am always late with these

Vitamin E Face Mist

First up is an actual hit for me with The Body Shop
I have been very into face mists lately and carry this one around in my gym bag. Great for after your work out to calm down the skin, set my make up on normal days, and a pick me up during work.
I love the spray nozzle because its a very fine mist. After I am done with this, I will be filling this same bottle up with other sprays, the size is also perfect for travel.
This comes in a slight rose scent mmmmmmmm

M.A.C Peaches

Believe I featured this last month?
Sill going strong!

M.A.C Mineralized Skin Finish Natural : Medium Plus

Really like how this looks on my skin. Satiny finish. This does not control my oily T so after applying this in the morning I just dab on some Maybelline Dream Matte Powder to help.
Not my favorite powder but definitely loving this month, I have my eye on 1 more powder to try before I decide on which I'm going to to be using non stop for the rest of the season

M.A.C Blankety Lipstick

Awesome N*de!! On my lips alone its ok, it's nice, but there is a definitely a brighter pink undertone than Hue.
This goes perfectly with Barry M Lipgloss #2 in Toffee. It is it's exact color in lip gloss form. It gives it the extra pigmentation and gloss it needs to fill up the gaps on your lips. Its sooooooooo perfect. Too bad Barry M is no where in the states! Argh, for those who have access, try the combo!
Perfect color dupe!

MUFE Aqua Eye Pencil in 23L

Think this is another repeat. I'm starting to see what products I really love. This along your lower lash line not all the way but the middle leaving 1/4 on either side bare, really brightens the eyes, and gives a youthful appearance

I forgot to take a picture of my last favorite

The Sephora Daily Make up Brush Cleaner!
Love this, a few sprays every night to get rid of any excess product on your brush, still need to give them a good clean weekly or bi monthly, or whatever schedule you have. You will be surprised how much comes out with each cleanse, keeps my brush hairs soft and my face clearer!

Random Favorite
My TOM Shoes in Navy

These have been gaining popularity. For every pair sold, a pair of shoes is given to a child in South America and I believe they have now moved to include Africa also. Wonderful cause.
The shoes are super comfy! great for walking around all day.
I want to get a red and black pair in the spring!!

Hope everyone is doing great! Rain non stop in NYC...Booo hope the rest of the world is having some sun =)
I recommend you going 1/2 a size down, but that is just my experience

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