Tuesday, October 5, 2010

September Favorites!

Haha I am always late with these

Vitamin E Face Mist

First up is an actual hit for me with The Body Shop
I have been very into face mists lately and carry this one around in my gym bag. Great for after your work out to calm down the skin, set my make up on normal days, and a pick me up during work.
I love the spray nozzle because its a very fine mist. After I am done with this, I will be filling this same bottle up with other sprays, the size is also perfect for travel.
This comes in a slight rose scent mmmmmmmm

M.A.C Peaches

Believe I featured this last month?
Sill going strong!

M.A.C Mineralized Skin Finish Natural : Medium Plus

Really like how this looks on my skin. Satiny finish. This does not control my oily T so after applying this in the morning I just dab on some Maybelline Dream Matte Powder to help.
Not my favorite powder but definitely loving this month, I have my eye on 1 more powder to try before I decide on which I'm going to to be using non stop for the rest of the season

M.A.C Blankety Lipstick

Awesome N*de!! On my lips alone its ok, it's nice, but there is a definitely a brighter pink undertone than Hue.
This goes perfectly with Barry M Lipgloss #2 in Toffee. It is it's exact color in lip gloss form. It gives it the extra pigmentation and gloss it needs to fill up the gaps on your lips. Its sooooooooo perfect. Too bad Barry M is no where in the states! Argh, for those who have access, try the combo!
Perfect color dupe!

MUFE Aqua Eye Pencil in 23L

Think this is another repeat. I'm starting to see what products I really love. This along your lower lash line not all the way but the middle leaving 1/4 on either side bare, really brightens the eyes, and gives a youthful appearance

I forgot to take a picture of my last favorite

The Sephora Daily Make up Brush Cleaner!
Love this, a few sprays every night to get rid of any excess product on your brush, still need to give them a good clean weekly or bi monthly, or whatever schedule you have. You will be surprised how much comes out with each cleanse, keeps my brush hairs soft and my face clearer!

Random Favorite
My TOM Shoes in Navy

These have been gaining popularity. For every pair sold, a pair of shoes is given to a child in South America and I believe they have now moved to include Africa also. Wonderful cause.
The shoes are super comfy! great for walking around all day.
I want to get a red and black pair in the spring!!

Hope everyone is doing great! Rain non stop in NYC...Booo hope the rest of the world is having some sun =)
I recommend you going 1/2 a size down, but that is just my experience


  1. The weather here is finally taking a turn for the better! Clearer... cooler. Hope your weather gets better. :)


  2. It's not that late! lol Better late than never :]

    I love mists..it gets kind of addicting (in a way lol). I want to try one of the Shiseido (drugstore) ones, heard they're pretty good too!

    The rain needs to stop!! What happened to the great weather from the weekend :(

  3. the shoes are so damn amazing! I lvoe them!
    adorable blog ;)

  4. I really wanna try that Vitamin E Face Mist!


  5. Thanks for sharing your favorites! I need to learn how to do on the point concise reviews like you. ^^ Wah I didn't know Toms donated so much, thanks for the info! :)

  6. Cute shoes and great incentive!

  7. I had no idea that the Body Shop made facial mists!! I have to try it out soon! :) MAC blushes are great! Peaches is such a pretty color! :)

  8. Great picks! The spray mist sounds great :)

  9. You just reminded me that I wanted to get a pair of those TOMS, great cause! And Blankety is a great lipstick :)

  10. Oh MAC peaches really mind me of the the Illamasqua blush I have... *cant remember the name right now* lol... the Toms shoes look dead comfy!

  11. the shoes are so damn amazing! I lvoe them!
    adorable blog ;)


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