Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthday Haul

Hey everyone! I have a birthday haul to share. My birthday was earlier this month and I received some Sephora Gift Cards, so here are the items I chose.

I think my new favorite brand is NARS. Been obsessed with their stuff lately & have a wish list is a mile long ><>

NARS PRIMER - I chose the one w/o SPF

I chose the one w/o SPF because I already wear SPF underneath my make up. I heard too much makes make up slide off? So I got this one. I had heard that the NARS Sheer Glow foundation
(which I love) lasts longer and applies more evenly with this used underneath. Currently I use my Paul and Joe primer and the foundation lasts about 10 hours? So I want to see if this helps. I have not tried it yet.

It was sooooooooooooooo hard to get this. I went to FIVE Sephora's in 1 day, did I mention it was 92 degrees in NY that day? Hope this product lives up the challenge of trying to find it.
Last one in the Times Sq location!

Exhibit A Blush

I've wanted this for over a year but never got the guts to get it. It is a pretty hefty price tag for something you are scared about...seemed less scary with a gift card. This is really pretty! You just have to apply it right. I use a stippling brush and just one DAB, tap away excess and start blushing a beautiful red

Abatrosse Highlighter

Still in my highlighter stage. This looks white/off white in the store. When swatched it has a definite gold tone, I like it! Wish listed for a while.

Albatrosse ( can you see it??) Exhibit A, Lush Nectarine

NARS Lipsticks in Dolce Vita and Beautiful Liar (L-R)

These are so moisturizing. I think I need a few more of these for my collection!

Dolce Vita
Listed on the NARS website as one of their best selling products. When I went to the store I was like THAT'S it?? It looks more pink in the picture, in real life it looks brown..brown with a tinge of pink. If I had not read so many good reviews I would have never picked it up. It swatches very sheer and you have to apply a few layers.
I tried it on, and decided I was definitely not leaving the store without this.
Now I need the matching lipgloss!!

When you try a lipstick and change your mind and wipe with a tissue, and try another lippie, and wipe again, the plumped flushed lip color=dolce vita on myself <3 div="div">

Beautiful Liar
More orange toned with shimmer. Great for daytime, 100% non offensive and subtly perfect on the lips

Both shades look slightly similar but I couldn't decide so I got both!

Dolce Vita on top, Beautiful Liar below

Laura Mercier

Tined Moisturizer-Oil Free

My latest BB cream broke me out! so I got this. I don't really like foundation, unless they are quite thin and light but a tinted moisturizer is also preferred. I hate to look cakey.
I bought oil free because my skin has been becoming more oily in the new weather =(
I am in the shade n*de.

I really want to try her mineral foundation for super hot/oily days

Lush Nectarine Blush

One of her newest colors for the season. Originally I was going to buy "Lotus Pink" but when swatched it looked kinda like MAC's Pink Swoon so bought this. Really pretty peach, darker than MAC Peaches. More deep and luscious

I was pretty mad at this when I got home. First the case is kinda hard to open...also it's SMALL
3.6 Grams...I bought a few benefit eye shadows and they were 3.0 grams! my cheek is a lot larger than my eyelid. I wish LM would add a little more product.

Check out the size comparison

I own a LM shimmer bloc, the Gilded Garden which I *LOVE* soooooooooooooooo glowy, I know the shimmer blocs and the cheek colors are different products on her line but I wish they were closer in size

I got two of their velvet shadows
Benefit for me has never been a brand I have had the greatest experiences with, but I am always willing to give them another shot.

Fawn over me (left), Rich Beach (Right)

They have a gorgeous green shade called Mermaid which I wanted but I will never wear green =( but these are so pretty too! With a eyelid primer they lasted about 10 hours but there was slight creasing.

These are also hard to open for me! Is everyone coming out with new packaging? I use a bobby pin to open these...

This is Fawn over Me, compared with MAC's All that Glitters
All that Glitters definitely has more of a pink tone
Rich Beach compared to MAC's Mulch. After this photo I knew I should have taken it with Tempting instead. Rich Beach is about 1 shade darker in the brown family than tempting while Tempting is more Gold

Hope you all have a great long weekend!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My MAC blush collection - with swatches!

Hey everyone I've wanted to do this post for a while. I kinda felt bad for not swatching my new Vissee Palettes so this time it's swatches galore! haha not really but I am trying to be a better blogger =)

Remember this photo from my room tour?
Know what they are? Yup you guessed, their all my MAC blushes

Time for the reveal:
Permanent Line:
T-B, R-L (top-bottom, right-left)
1.Trace Gold (Sheertone Shimmer)
This is my only non pink/peach blush. Looks like a shimmery It is alot prettier on the skin than in the pan. This is beautful layered on top of any blush that you think needs a little more "oomph" If you have a matte blush or need a slight highlight, Trace Gold is very nice

2.SpringSheen (Sheertone Shimmer)
My secret weapon...this is a blush I passed over numerous times on the MAC counter. It was not until I saw pixi2woo's tutorial that brought this item to my attention. It looks much more orange in the pan but in truth its a gorgeous pink coral
Seriously, if I wear the same make up everyday but just change to this blush SOMEONE will compliment my skin. ( Happens every time with this product!)
I don't know why, when I look in the mirror I think it looks okay, not gorgeous but in the sunlight,amazing.You really need to swatch this the next time you go over to a MAC counter. Seriously.

3.Lady Blush (Blush Creme)
I tote this around in my make up bag for quick pick me ups. Don't need a brush and will never break causing powder to shatter all over your bag. A matte pink, no shimmer but it's not needed. When applied this is just a beautiful pink dewy color that's non offensive, looks natural, and is perfect for work's 3 pm pick me up's

4. Peachykeen (Sheertone Shimmer)
Known as a dupe for NARS O, when swatched it really does look alot more like a pinkier verision of O to me. When applied to my skin since I am yellow toned, O looks prettier to me, so this item unfortunetly does not get much use, but if you are a warm toned girl, check this out as it may be a contender, I do not deny at all that it's very pretty

5. Peaches (Sheertone Blush)
I...don't like this. The name is very fitting. It's the color of a Peach. It's matte. This blush made me realize I dont like matte on myself...if I do wear this Trace Gold is going on top. I bought this because I heard it was used the movie "Inglorious Bastards" topped over Lady Blush, blushcreame. Let's just say I was not a fan of the combo on my own skin, maybe it looked better in the movie due to editing...

6. Fleur Power (Powder Blush)
Every try a MAC blush that was not a sheertone or a satin? I never did till this one. My experience with MAC is to swirl the blush around and around the pan to get a color to apply.
This is not something you want to do handle that technique with. Just a tap is more than enough because my first time, my 1st cheek made me look like Ronald Mcdonald.

MAC knows how to make a blush thats super pigmented, pigmentated as in NARS quality
( I did not know they created products like this in blush form)

MAC definetly knows how to make a pigmented blush and this proved it.
A true coral reef pink. Matte. Needs trace gold in my opinion as a topper ( can you see how much I like shimmers? hehe)

7. Pink Swoon (Sheertone Blush)
Love this. One tone darker than Well Dressed. Don't let the scary pan color fool you, this stuff needs to be layered due to it's sheer tone but its a very very pretty ballerina pink! I love wearing this with my hair in a bun, and black clothes. Makes you feel like a prima ballerina! This blush actually effects my whole day's outfit and hair.
Did I mention I love this?

8. Well Dressed (Satin)
Famous, for a reason. It's ... perfect? like a perfect cool toned pink with silver shimmers. This just makes you feel dolly and natural. I definetly made a dent in this one. When applied correctly this just makes you look so healthy and for myself, kinda younger
I definetly recommend this

My limited edition items, and misc:
T-B, R-L

1. Azalea Blossom (Blush Ombre)
I bought this because I wanted Ripe Peach and could not find it so I got this instead. When swirled together evenly it creates more of a cool purple toned blush, so I tend to stick more to the pink side and try to minimize the darker portion

2. Ripe Peach (Blush Ombre)
Yes I found it =) When swirled together it creates a very wearable orange with a tinge of pink. Applied sheerly it's gorgeous! I can see why this was a stand out of the collection. Reminds me of a more orange version of MAC style ( which I don't own but it's definitely on my list)

3. Perfect Topping (MSF)
My first & only MSF, when swirled together creates a pretty shimmery beige pink tone which is a gorgeous highlight

4. Hand Finish (Mineralized Blush)
This blush is alot like a child of if you mixed together PeachyKeen with Trace Gold. Definete peach undertoned pink with alot of gold shimmer running through the veins

5. Dainty (Mineralized Blush)
This looks like a mix of Springsheen with Well dressed put on top
Everytime I go to MAC I pick up this blush and I think omg so pretty! In truth I rarely touch this thing...I don't know, this was the one item that turned me off MAC blushes. I don't know if I am using this wrong but the blush is HARD like you need to swipe your brush HARD into the product to get the proper color. I know this color is popular amoung make up artists, and have heard this was the blush used in the movie "Twighlight" on Kristen Stewart, but for some reason I just don't like it...

6. Quiver (Pearlized Sheer Pigment)
WHOA, I recently added this to my collection. I stole it from my mom. This is how the pigments used to be packaged. This is like a copper penny with a background of pink. Even though it's a pigment, I can see this used beautifully as a blush when lightly applied because this swatch was just a dab on my finger, it was crazy

As you can see my collection is very varied, lol NOT. A lot of pinks, which I am a slave for with a few peaches thrown here and there. I tried my best to describe these but since they are all semi simmilar there are only so many words I can use to describe them.

Please be advised that these are all swatched except Quiver and Fleur Power with a heavy hand to try to show the true color of these products. On the face they would be a lighter shade, but I was trying to show the true color.

Hope someone found this useful in case they were thinking of a blush to buy soon from MAC.
Next on my list? MAC Style, the color I was debating on when buying Peaches ><

After seeing this long post I will admit now I am a blush addict, MAC is only a part of my collection. Blushes are my favorite make up items to collect. What are your favorite items to collect?

For reference I am a MAC NC 20-25

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quick Post on Quick Palettes

As you can see from the below photos, I'm all about the neutral eye. I love collecting Japanese palettes because I think the quality is amazing, even the drugstore brands.

I bought these to use for quick office looks for the morning, and to throw in my purse or gym bag. When they arrived, I laughed because they all looked... the same! still love em!

Sorry I did not have time to swatch, busy work week!

The Kate palette is nice because it offers 5 eyeshadow shades, truthfully I think it's 2 eye shadows, 1 eyebrow, 1 highlight, and 1 inner corner color so it's a very nice all in one~!
I really like Kate palettes so I am glad this is added to my collection.
The last color ( white ) is a cream shadow
First 2 have shimmers
Middle 2 are matte

I have never tried Visee but they're pretty nice! very very shimmery, something I noticed a lot in Asian make up. I actually use a cheap eye shadow brush with these super shimmery shades, because the less dense the brush, the less eyeshadow/pigments will be applied to your eyes to tone down the look. I work in an office so anything non offensive is preferred, even pretty shimmers!

I did get a Limited edition palette but in my opinion, this had the cheapest looking packaging...
Limited edition is on the left ( looks cheaper no?)

I have used this Visee palette the most ( left side), mainly because the way the eye shadows are laid out, it's easier for me to grab the colors with my brush
( pure laziness = most favorited palette)

Hope you enjoy! It's Friday!!! YEAH!

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Tour Around - Random Post

Here is a peek into my bedroom

Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Favorites

Monthly Favorites Time~!

Eye Favorites

1. Lancome Palette
Been using this everyday recently. It's old. A gift with Purchase from I cant remember how long.
I love carrying this around because it is so small.
I use the white as a highlight on the brow bone, and to line my lower lash line, the gold and purple all over the lid and the brown as a light eyeliner which I wing out
If you think black winged eyeliner is too much for work/'school try it with a semi dark brown shadow for a very soft look

2. Clarins eye shadow in White Marshmallow
Bought this after I saw it on Youtube from Ahanhbarbie34. I carry it around in my purse to brighten up my inner corner and lining my lower lash line. After a long day of work, reapplying white shadow on your lower lash line and inner corner really brightens you up again

3. Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study
Been using this everyday under every eye look. Its a great base, shimmery champagne color, for those lazy days where you just whip it on, and need an error proof color.

Face Favorites

1. Layering Blushes

I know, there are a lot of blushes in the photo and yes I have been using them all, but in layers.

Been trying a lot of cream blushes lately, I love how they look so dewy on the skin but they only seem to last about 6 hours on me, even with primer. I love a pretty bright cheek.
I usually go for low key eye make up and lips to compliment my bright pink cheeks, I think it brings more life to my face

My favorite combinations:
MAC: Blush creme in Ladyblush topped with either Well Dressed, or Pink Swoon
NARS: Cactus Flower topped with O ( which had been greatly neglected)

Layering the blushes cream then powder is like foundation and setting powder.

With this method my blush seems to last a good 9-11 hours! Better! (with primer)
I work about 10-12 hours and add a 2 hour commute. Ideally 14 hours would be perfect but this is working great for now.

2. Dior Highlighters

In my last post I had hauled about these new Dior highlights and the one getting the most action is 02 Amber Glow, sooo pretty. These are all finely milled, all shimmery but NOT glittery which is the key clinching point.

There is a reason why these things are freaking $44 dollars ( yes i know, $44!! for a highlighter?) and STILL are very frequently out of stock on the Sephora website.


1. Seche Vite Top Coat
Is it just me or has this product come out of no where? and suddenly is being featured EVERYWHERE??
Regardless, I couldn't resist all the raves on this product so I picked this up.
Typical OPI nail polish is about 8 bucks, this is 10 bucks. Worth every penny!
Dries sooooooo fast, you know when you just finish painting your nails and tentatively touch them to see if they are dry and they're not??? and you now have a beautiful fingerprint on your freshly painted nails, never with this!
Also this stuff created the most amazing glossy top coat that makes your nails hard as a rock! No chips, no peeling, fast drying, and strength. loving this!!

I did hear it gets gloopy fast, and you need to thin it out with another product which sucks but I will see how long it lasts before it comes to that

Here is a photo of my nails 7 days after applying the top coat. They still look pretty perfect!

Color: Revlon Gum Drop

Those are all my favorites for now, thanks for reading!

PS: Does anyone know how to move the blogger body entry to become bigger? Alot of my photos are being cut off due to size but I have no idea how to expand the size of the "body" on blogger
Thank you!

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