Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Small MUFE Haul, OOTD, & Gifts

Grabbed a few MUFE items this week =)

I have been very curious to try out the new aqua creams because I had heard they were waterproof and would be handy in the summer

I picked up colors 5 and 13 ( Peach and Taupe)

The taupe was created for eyes and cheeks while the peach is for lips and cheeks.
I really doubt I would be using the taupe on my cheeks but I wouldn't mind using the peach on my eyes as a base.

When applying these I noticed they do not budge once dried. The staying power seems amazing but I have yet to try these, will work on it tomorrow!
None of the aqua creams are matte, they all have mother of pearl shimmer

I also picked up one of their aqua liners ( love these ) in 23L a Champagne color.

I had seen Fuzkittie use this under her eyes to make herself look younger, what a great idea!! I had attempted to mimic this pencil with the NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Yogurt but I haven't been able to find it anywhere so I just picked this item up.
It's a beautiful shade, it's an EXACT copy of the Benefit Creaseless cream shadow in R.S.V.P.

Left -Right : 23L, Taupe, Peach

Just a shot of what I was wearing yesterday in the rain and sudden cold

~Random Bits~

I am currently on a vacation from my job and it has been RAINING EVERY DAY! sucks... especially since last week and next week is all sun =(

I was pretty sad about the weather so my boyfriend surprised me on day 3 of rain... with a big bouquet of yellow flowers to represent the sun! I felt so much better. Yellow flowers are so cheerful

He also got me a new Rilakuma for my collection ( I love this charecter, he's sooooooo cute)

Hope you guys are enjoying the last weeks of summer!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tired of this yet? =)

Yup, I got more

First up is the NARS Summer 2010 Multiple Tint in Turks and Caicos

Yes I know, this looks BRIGHT NEON orange ! This is supposed to go on the face and look natural, and it DOES!!!

These are super sheer and glide on like a dream. Unfortunately since they are the "tints" and super sheer I need a good 3-4 swipes per cheek to get the color to show up as barley flushed look in the most amazing apricot color of dewiness

These are for the girls who are in a rush, don't need to fuss much, and don't like to look like they are wearing much. I love wearing it alone, just super fresh. Just swipe, finger blending seems best, and run out the door.
This is perfect for summer.

NARS blush in Mounia

I have wanted this forever! I have never ever seen this at any counter. I finally just ordered it online, this what I would call brick red! Described as "Cinnamon" it actually has tiny tiny red/pink glitters when applied

I can picture myself wearing this a lot around Christmas and New Years

NARS eyeshadow duo in Rajasthan

YES! Finally grabbed this also! Bloomingdales is still awaiting shipment here ( seriously...)

OMG! I love it! This is the one thing I recommend for the Fall 2010 collection
The lighter side is a beautiful gold sand, and the peacock blue comes out more charcoal when swatched with amazing blue glitter! Super subtle but when reflected AHH I don't have any shadows like this, so happy I have this!

Rajasthan, Mounia, Turks and Caicos (Left-Right)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's Growing

You girls called it, my NARS collection is growing in a light speed pace!

I still am waiting to get my hands on the NARS duo in Rajasthan but until then these should tide me over hehe

New to the Fall 2010 collection - NARS Love Devotion Lipstick

Like a lot of other NARS lipsticks this is far more sheer than it looks in the tube. It comes out a sheer color with an orange tinge
All you ladies with a yellow undertone, please try any orange lipgloss, it will just make your face alive! I love collecting orange tinge lip glosses/sticks
As always of NARS, this is super moisturizing

NARS Duo in Earth Angel

This was recommended to me from Popcorn
The taupe side is *AMAZING* my new HG taupe! Gorgeous! why in the world don't they sell this in the singles???

The green is kinda hard to use...bit muddy. If anyone has this duo can you please tell me how you use this? I tried a few ways but haven't had much success. I would re purchase this for the taupe alone, did I mention it's amazing??

NARS Cairo

This was my attempt to try to find the Earth Angel taupe in single form. This is pretty but definitely not the same. I heard this is gorgeous over savage cream shadow but I have yet to make this work. It swatches gorgeously but on my lids its definitely not the same.
It's...ok, may have to try to exchange this with Ashes to Ashes not sure. Any recommendations for an all over lid color? Favorites?

NARS Lola Lola

Really nice as a liner, has a reddish brown undertone, interesting!


Looks alot like Lola Lola but without the red undertone, don't know why I got both but I just could not choose!!

NARS Galapagos

I have wanted this forever!!!! isn't it gorgeous, one of NAR's more famous colors

Love Devotion, Cairo, Lola Lola, Fez, Galapagos, Earth Angel duo

Love Devotion, Cairo, Lola Lola, Fez

Fez, Galapagos, Earth Angel

Monday, August 2, 2010

DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum – REVIEW

Let’s start by saying that I have ridiculously short stimpy lashes, its one of the things I absolutely despise, so I am always looking out for a great mascara base.

Dior has a great reputation for mascaras so when this Sephora exclusive came out I just had to try it! Also I loved the packaging…so pretty and white! (I am a sucker I know)

I don't like this (*SIGH*)…also $28 dollars!? (geez!) thankfully Sephora has a wonderful return policy.
I FAR prefer my Shiseido mascara base. $23 dollars (staple, not HG but staple)

The why:
I applied this and not only did a small amount of product come out per application, but it seemed to bring down the curl of my lashes. So I have to put the wand back in the tube a few times per eye to get enough of a base on (weighs down my lashes)

I tried this with a water proof mascara (Maybelline Full and Soft) and two normal High End mascaras ( Lancome Hypnose Drama and Benefit Bad Gal) admitting while using this primer I came to the simultaneous conclusion that I hated the way Drama and Bag gal looked also! Not sure if it was solely the mascara or the base I used. No volume AT ALL, & minimal length increase

Because it is Dior, I decided to give it one last test with my current favorite Lancome Hynose. A mascara I have had great results with and UGH never did I see my beloved mascara look so crappy on my eyes. That was the it.

Dior really let me down with this one…next on my list to try is the Urban Decay lash primer.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

NARS Tzarine

The NARS 2010 fall collection has finally starting to spring up in stores. I really want to get the NARS duo in Rajasthan ( India inspired) but my NARS counter does not carry the products yet, BOO!
Luckily Sephora has already stocked up on the new collection ( Sephora carries the entire collection except the Rajasthan duo, weird does anyone know why?)

Presenting the Tzarine Eyeshadow Duo

Described on the website as "Platinum gold with gold and silver reflects/steel grey)
Truthfully I was less excited with this duo but I bought it because it is a great all in 1 eye palette.
I use the gold side as an all over lid color and the grey as a liner. When using a grey liner, it makes the liner appears much softer

The grey side has large chunks of glitter in it. Fortunetly I have used this palette 2x and can happily report there is no large fall out issue. The colors are quite sheer and I don't think this is the most pigmented duo I have come across from NARS, but the colors do come out pretty nicely with a base. Also the silver side when foiled comes out stronger for a liner.
The more beige side reminds me a lot of a powder version of Bare Study Paint Pot by M.A.C


Keep a look out for a post of the Rajasthan duo soon!
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