Monday, January 31, 2011

Finished Products of January

Inspired by the lovely Luluchinadoll I have decided to follow one of her ideas and start blogging my finished products of the month.

Not only will this let me review items that I have completely finished, but I want to run some kind of tally to realize how many beauty items I actually use up in one year.

Here is to installment one!

Pacifica Brazilian Mango Grapefruit Body Butter

I love the Pacifica brand. My favorite scent is the Tuscan Blood Orange. This scent is not as good to me, but all of their body butters are great quality, not too sticky or thick. They have a variety of scents at Sephora and I am planning on Indian Coconut Nectar next!

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter ( Travel Size)

I have gone through tubs of this stuff. I have tried a bunch of different scents from the Body Shop but like the Coconut the most ( I love coconut if you have yet to see ^^)
This is a bit thick and can take a while to absorb into the skin. ( I slather it on! I hate dry skin)
These are ok, nice containers and reasonably priced, but there are better out there.
I will always repurchase this, just not consistently

Kiehls Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

This took forever to finish! It a grey colored mask ( not a fan of the color) I applied it about 2x a week. When you applied to freshly cleansed skin, the mask on my face starts to feel *hot* I was worried in the beginning but when I rinsed, my face was never red, but always super bright! I was addicted to the results. I don't think this really helped deep clean my pores but it was not bad. You get a lot of product for the money, and I may repurchase this but did not see any special results at all.

Lash Blast Fusion & Lancome Hypnose

Lancome Hypnose is by far my favorite mascara. Enough volume and length, and fans my lashes!! The formula is a bit wet but does not weigh down my curl. This would be my constant mascara if not for the price.
If I feel like spoiling myself, this is definitely something I would look to. Definite repurchase.

Lash Blast Fusion
I liked this far more than the original lash blast for some reason. It's ok, not bad, nothing special, I would repurchase this if my drugstore was running some kind of sale.
Adequate volume/length but again, nothing special

Neutrogena Body Clear Body Scrub

Because I go to the gym, I am very afraid of getting body acne. I purchased this as a preventative measure. This foams great!!! it has mini scrub particles that are not harsh at all. I would definitely buy this again. Probably in the summer. This was a happy surprise to be honest

Paul and Joe Foundation Shade 02

My first Paul and Joe make up item. The foundation is a very thin, watery texture, not too much coverage, but has a nice glow effect. If you mainly have uneven pigmentation but no active spots, this may be very nice on you. Feels light, had a slight scent, I never received any bad skin reactions. I really like this for spring and summer due to how light and thin it is.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap for Oily Skin

Bought this when I was going through my "Clinique" phase.
This is OK, lasts a long time, if you have oily skin and use this, your oils will not greatly reduce, it does seem to help mattify but the results are not easily seen.
Also when you use this product and you have acne prone skin it can take about 3-4 months before your skin adjusts to a non blemish fighting cleanser and it would take about that much time for this soap to get deep into your pores/face to really start cleaning and preventing future breakouts.

Not sure if I would repurchase this...Price is not bad at all, considering how long it took me to finish
I used this at night with my clarisonic to remove my make up ( did a pretty good job)

Ferregamo Dreams Perfume

My favorite perfume for spring and summer. I am really sad I finished this. Like I had mentioned before, this smells like Hawaii! Orchids, pineapple, flowers,citrus. Ahhh Love it!
Got to get this again this summer!

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

I bought this so long ago! I had the theory if I was super gentle to my skin, my face would calm down and my spots would leave. NOT WITH THIS STUFF! this stuff made my face have a pimple party!
I wanted to finish the bottle so I used this every morning before my facial scrub to just remove the night's accumulated oils.
A gel cleanser, when applied to the face, it never feels like it cleans deeply, only topically.
Unsure how I feel about this, but if you want a simple cleanser, no fuss, no muss, this is it. Easily accessible and price is fair.

I think this could be a great item depending on your individual skin needs. I will admit the more I used it, the more I enjoyed it.

Boscia Lavender Blotting Linens

Boscia makes the best oil blotting sheets hands down. I love the green tea scent more than Lavender. Def repurchase

Boots Soothing Eye Make up Remover

This must be my 4th bottle of this stuff. Cheap ( found at Target) and works! I never buy high end brand eye make up removers because this baby does it all in 1 sweep
Def repurchase

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist

So far my favorite face mist. I prefer this over fix + because it seems to have a finer spray nozzle, smells like roses, and the size is more convenient to carry around in your purse. Love to use this to set my make up, refresh after the gym, and just hydrate mid day at work due to the dry air
Def repurchase!

Vitamin E Eye Cream

The Body Shop was having a sale so I stocked up on the Vitamin E line ^^ my favorite line in the store. This took months to finish, about 5 months? This did not do anything....I do not recommend this item.
Maybe if this is your first eye cream....but I was dissapointed with such lack of effects and I am so glad I am finished with this to be honest
Will not repurchase

That's my list! I hope these super mini reviews helped and I hope to continue these monthly tally's!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Three Month Toss Out and Review

For the New Year, one of my "Beauty Resolutions" was to toss out my mascaras when they passed expiration. Rule of thumb is three months, I am definitely guilty of keeping a mascara for longer than that. ( Three months seem to fly by!)

Here are all my current open mascara's many of which are going to be dumped tonight, but before then I thought I would give mini reviews!

Background: My lashes are pretty pathetic. Short and sparse. High end mascaras and drugstores don't seem to show much difference on my lashes so I usually shop drugstore, but Lancome Mascaras are my favorite high end splurge
All the below mascara's are in black

Mascara's from Top to Bottom
Revlon Grow Luscious, Dior Show, Cover Girl Lash Blast,
Maybelline Full and Soft (Waterproof), Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes, Maybelline Lash Stiletto (Waterproof), Bare Essentials Flawless Definition

- Wand Comparison-

Revlon Grow Luscious
Do you see how similar the wand looks to Dior Show? at about 1/3 the price??
To be honest the wands to me are exactly the same. The formula of the mascara also seem to have the same viscosity? The only difference I saw between the two was Revlon's is just slightly wetter, so it takes longer to dry, and has more of a tendency to clump when applying because it is a little wet. Did not notice any growth in about 2.5 months of use
Not repurchasing

Dior Show
A Cult product. My first time purchasing, and I really did not understand the hype. It's nice, but definitely not showing any special results considering the price - I had tried Dior Show Blackout previously, and I feel the same on both but prefer Blackout
Not repurchasing

Cover Girl Lash Blast
The drugstore cult item. This was my second time buying this because of all the hype, but I really didn't receive as great of results as I had seen some girls have! most likely because my lashes are too short to begin with. This was ok.... will not be buying again, it just did not do anything for me.
Guess I am one of the unlucky ones, but this did volumize nicely. Did not hold my curl at all though
Probably will not repurchase, damn hype always gets me
Should I try the waterproof version?

Maybelline Full and Soft ( waterproof)
My drugstore favorite, and the first mascara of my life. This holds a curl like no others I have tried. Gives adequate volume and length, nothing drastic at all, but the lashes look naturally enhanced. Also I hate crunchy lashes, like the name states, these do leave my lashes full and soft
Definite repurchase

Batch 2

Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes
I hated this... I bought this because pixi2woo stated it as one of her favorites. The wand is very sharp! When you apply this on the roots of your lashes it hurts! I hated using this and am no where near finishing this tube but it's going in the trash... not worth it. The eye area is too delicate for the pain I had with this wand.
Not repurchasing

Maybelline Lash Stiletto (Waterproof)
This is good as a layering mascara. Once you apply your normal mascara, brush this on top, and it should give far more length. Best drugstore lengthening mascara I have tried.
Do not think I will repurchase, even though this works, I am more of a volume seeker

Bare Essentials Flawless Definition
The high end version of Maybelline Lash Stiletto with less flaking
Good at removing clumps and lengthening. Also a nice layering mascara. Not much for volume at all. Pretty natural, but not what I am looking for.
Will not repurchase

Hope this mini review helped!

* A huge THANK YOU for all the lovely ladies who helped with my picture problem last time! All your tips really helped! Cant thank you all enough!*

Thursday, January 20, 2011

MAC Kissable Lipcolour

Short post on the new MAC Kissable Lipcolours from the Peacocky Collection

Believe this is a new formula for MAC and it's great! ( hence 4...)

I know in this picture they all look alike but...I like what I like, in the swatch later on, you can see they are different

These are opaque, non sticky, and more like a liquid lipstick. I believe one of them "Woo Me" has shimmer but it's not very apparent on the lips.
Like all MAC lip products you must wear lip balm under, I did not the first time, and my lips were paying for it within moments.

All in all my favorite lip formula from MAC yet, I love it more than either the lipsticks or the glosses because it is the best of both worlds with nice pigmentation and not too high of a sheen
Lasting power is so so to be honest ( 3 hours max without food or drink)

Woo Me, Super, So Vain, Exxx hibitionist

So Vain is very similar to Jazzed from "In the Groove Collection" if you missed out on that item

On a side note
Has anyone tried these wafer cookies??? I just discovered them in my market and it's LOVE

Another personal recommendation below!
Def need to try all the flavors!

Has anyone else picked up something from the Peacocky Collection?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Everyone Made me Do it!

Believe everyone in the make up community now knows what's in these boxes ...

I actually may have been the only neutral eye loving beauty blogger that had, no count it, absolutely no interest in this palette. I had seen it in passing a few times in person but never saw the hype. Never bothered to get it while it was still in stock.

Soon after this palette was pretty damn hard to find! All of my friends were on the search so I of course helped.
( Following UD on Twitter helps - they tweet often about sites that have the palette in stock)

During the "drought" period I was almost bombarded with videos, posts, and raves about one of the best beauty items of 2010. Was I missing something here???
All the "def woth the hype" jargon got to me ( I am so easily persuaded - and just sneakily added an extra one to my cart when ordering for others )

When I heard Sephora were going to have these palettes "soon" I was ready. When it was finally back in stock I bought more than one - the other two are for my friends - Let's not go nuts =X

So it's time to see what the hype is about

The shades are obviously beautiful, easy to wear, and not outrageous.
Unlike other UD palettes there isn't a row of colors where you know you will end up not using. Which is probably why this was so appealing to so many people! The chances of you actually using every color is def high.

12 FULL sized UD shadows for $ 44 dollars (Very good deal! )
6 Permanent shades
1 re promoted shade
5 new exclusive shades
1 dual ended pencil in whiskey and zero - whiskey is a new shade
Mini Primer potion


Have any of you purchased the N*ked palette? Was it worth the hype to you?

P.S. I know I have asked this before, but do you guys know how to enlarge the pictures when posting on your blog? I tried to make these swatches bigger but to no avail...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Haul of 2011

Few bits I picked up recently

First off, little boring but a new brush. Rounded powder brush, I realized I don't like big flat brushes for my powder. I like big round ones! Nice and soft, Sephora brand has nice quality items

Ohhh NARS Luster, I have been lemming this forever! Totally worth the wait. The perfect summer blush ( I know it's January, but I am preparing) , sheer this out for the perfect glow, shimmery apricot, gorgeous

Fresh Supernova mascara, I don't know why I keep trying high end mascara's they always disappoint. This one is a bit better than my new recently acquired Dior Show, but def not worth $25

Since my skin is still recovering from previous issues I have been back to trying mineral make up. New in my collection, is the Korres mineral foundation. Review coming up soon! I was unable to find many reviews for this item online.
Still trying this one out but so far I am liking it! I'm in the shade Light 2

Next up is Smashbox. I have never tried anything from this brand. I did not like any of the famous "O" items, and have heard mixed reviews on their primers.

First up is their limited edition cream blush duo

Pretty packaging

The texture of this is very thin and emollient? Not as thick as the MAC blush creams and not as hard to retrieve from the pan as the NARS and Stila cream blushes.

The two colors, are both very wearable.
The lighter color is reminiscent of MAC's Ladyblush, and the darker side is similar to MAC's Posey

Last, is a single eyeshadow
Smashbox is Champagne. I found out my HG Champagne shadow is not sold in single form
( WHY!?) I have been trying to find dupes. Smashbox has a very similar texture to Lorac eye shadows. Buttery smooth!
Champagne is not the right match I may exchange it for "Shell" from Smashbox. I think I prefer a hint of pink in my gold shadows.

My last bit is my 100 point perk. A mini NARS illuminator in O. I have the full sized already, but really prefer this size for some reason

Swatches L-R
Luster, Lighter of the Smashbox Duo, Darker of the Duo, Champagne

I am actually a bit behind on some of my haul items... I have more I just have yet to post so expect a few more entries soon!! Catching up now!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dior 360 Mascara

Yay or Nay ?

Spinning wand that rotates as you apply to your lashes

$ 36 USD

Haha Dior 360 - $ 36 USD

Monday, January 3, 2011

Discontinuing the MAC Blushcremes?

I have been hearing many rumors that MAC is discontinuing their blushcremes?
Did anyone hear if they are getting rid of them for good, or just introducing new colors?

They are now listed on the "Goodbyes" Section of the MAC website. Every color.

 <span class=

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Favorites of 2010

My favorite products of 2010 !
Get ready for the ramble
Please message me if you would like a review on any of the below items, they most likely will be glowing

Make Up:
Base Make up: Nanoce BB Cream, more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, and has a yellow undertone not grey which makes it a better color match
Concealer: Loreal True Match concealer, affordable and reliable
Powder: MAC MSF Natural ( if it did not break me out) followed by Lancome Dual Finish, and Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
Blush: MAC Peaches- matte, pigmented, great with warm undertones
Highlight:MAC By Candlelight - Amazing, prettiest MSF I ever bought
Bronzer: NARS Laguna - Perfect for fair/light medium skin tones
Brows: Shu Uemura Hard 9 - takes about 5 years to finish one of these!
Eyeshadow: Lorac Moonshadow, MAC Vanilla Pigment, MAC Satin Taupe, MAC Mulch, Revlon N*de Slip - don't need to think about it, these are foolproof and great for everyday
Pencil: MUFE Aqua Eyes in OL-This is down to a little nub! Chanel waterproof is also excellent, MUFE 23L for brighter eye effect
Gel liner: Bobbi Brown Black Mauve Shimmer Ink - amazing with Satin Taupe for a neutral day time smoke
Mascara: Maybelline Full and Soft (waterproof) holds a curl better than any high end mascara I ever tried
Eye Base: MAC Bare Study and NARS Eye Base
Brush: Sephora Platinum HD Foundation brush 55 - This makes your base looks perfect
Lipstick: Mac Hue, perfect n*de pink, Dior 664 my go to that's perfect on my skin tone anytime
Lip gloss: Barry M Lip gloss in 2 (Toffee) amazing over n*de lipsticks, especially MAC's Blankety
Nail Polish: Essie Mint Candy Apple

Skin Care+Body:
Cleanser: None really wowed me this year
Toner: Lush Tea Tree Water, Clinique Acne Solutions Toner - If I don't either either of these, I notice my face becoming more spotty in mere days
Exfoliator: Origins Modern Friction, lemon scent, and nice beads lead to a great feeling & effect
Moisturizer: Olay Beauty Fluid for Sensitive Skin - Cheap and reliable. This classic product will never be out of my life
Eye Cream: Clinique All about Eyes
Serum: Paul and Joe Whitening Serum - this stuff really works!
Spot Treatment: Oxy Maximum Strength Vanishing Spot Treatment 10% - Better than Mario Badesqu in my opinion
Mask: Khiels Rare Earth Deep Pore Masque
Lips: By Terry Baume de Rose,MAC Tinted Lip conditioner, and Rosebud Salve
Body Moisturizer: Pacifica Blood Orange Body Lotion
Make Up Wipes: Garnier Wipes never leave my face feeling tight but refreshed and clean
Eye Make Up Remover: Boots Soothing Eye Make up Remover, found at Target and affordable
Perfume: YSL Parisienne, Feregamo Dreams, Joe Malone Orange Blossom, Nectarine Honey Blossom

Shampoo and Conditioner: Shisedio Tsubaki (white range) for damaged, colored hair -leaves your hair like silk!
Hair Mask: Garnier 3 minute hair masque deep conditioner - this fixes all hair sins in 3 mins
Hair Spray: Aussie Awesome Volume - not too stiff and leaves the hair soft, not crunchy
Heat Protectant: CHI Spray or serum works
Hair Serum: John Fredida's Frizz Ease Serum Original Formula - small bottle lasts a ridiculous amount of washes and you definitely notice a difference from using it or not, can't be without it

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