Saturday, January 29, 2011

Three Month Toss Out and Review

For the New Year, one of my "Beauty Resolutions" was to toss out my mascaras when they passed expiration. Rule of thumb is three months, I am definitely guilty of keeping a mascara for longer than that. ( Three months seem to fly by!)

Here are all my current open mascara's many of which are going to be dumped tonight, but before then I thought I would give mini reviews!

Background: My lashes are pretty pathetic. Short and sparse. High end mascaras and drugstores don't seem to show much difference on my lashes so I usually shop drugstore, but Lancome Mascaras are my favorite high end splurge
All the below mascara's are in black

Mascara's from Top to Bottom
Revlon Grow Luscious, Dior Show, Cover Girl Lash Blast,
Maybelline Full and Soft (Waterproof), Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes, Maybelline Lash Stiletto (Waterproof), Bare Essentials Flawless Definition

- Wand Comparison-

Revlon Grow Luscious
Do you see how similar the wand looks to Dior Show? at about 1/3 the price??
To be honest the wands to me are exactly the same. The formula of the mascara also seem to have the same viscosity? The only difference I saw between the two was Revlon's is just slightly wetter, so it takes longer to dry, and has more of a tendency to clump when applying because it is a little wet. Did not notice any growth in about 2.5 months of use
Not repurchasing

Dior Show
A Cult product. My first time purchasing, and I really did not understand the hype. It's nice, but definitely not showing any special results considering the price - I had tried Dior Show Blackout previously, and I feel the same on both but prefer Blackout
Not repurchasing

Cover Girl Lash Blast
The drugstore cult item. This was my second time buying this because of all the hype, but I really didn't receive as great of results as I had seen some girls have! most likely because my lashes are too short to begin with. This was ok.... will not be buying again, it just did not do anything for me.
Guess I am one of the unlucky ones, but this did volumize nicely. Did not hold my curl at all though
Probably will not repurchase, damn hype always gets me
Should I try the waterproof version?

Maybelline Full and Soft ( waterproof)
My drugstore favorite, and the first mascara of my life. This holds a curl like no others I have tried. Gives adequate volume and length, nothing drastic at all, but the lashes look naturally enhanced. Also I hate crunchy lashes, like the name states, these do leave my lashes full and soft
Definite repurchase

Batch 2

Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes
I hated this... I bought this because pixi2woo stated it as one of her favorites. The wand is very sharp! When you apply this on the roots of your lashes it hurts! I hated using this and am no where near finishing this tube but it's going in the trash... not worth it. The eye area is too delicate for the pain I had with this wand.
Not repurchasing

Maybelline Lash Stiletto (Waterproof)
This is good as a layering mascara. Once you apply your normal mascara, brush this on top, and it should give far more length. Best drugstore lengthening mascara I have tried.
Do not think I will repurchase, even though this works, I am more of a volume seeker

Bare Essentials Flawless Definition
The high end version of Maybelline Lash Stiletto with less flaking
Good at removing clumps and lengthening. Also a nice layering mascara. Not much for volume at all. Pretty natural, but not what I am looking for.
Will not repurchase

Hope this mini review helped!

* A huge THANK YOU for all the lovely ladies who helped with my picture problem last time! All your tips really helped! Cant thank you all enough!*


  1. I never throw mascaras out after 3 months! Maybe I should start doing that. I basically only use 1 mascara at a time so I wouldn't be wasting much money! ^___^

    I've been wanting to try Full N Soft for a long time! I only hear great things about it. Lash Stiletto DOES lengthen a lot! I think I like Maybelline mascaras best for drugstore. :)

  2. CoverGirl Lash blas has a nice wand. I would like to try it, but too bad it's available only in the US. :(


  3. How disappointing that you didn't notice a growth with the Revlon mascara )=

    I love Lash Stiletto (the original formula)!

  4. I am soo bad about tossing these on time. =\ Think I will revisit that Maybelline Full and Soft!

  5. holy moly you have so many mascaras! the most i owned one time was like 2 or 3? Now Im back to one :P Thanks for the review! I may try and get maybelline in the US... hoping its not made in China :P Lol

  6. If you need something that holds a curl... waterproof mascara is a must. My lash blast waterproof is amazing for it!

  7. I am soo bad about tossing these on time. =\ Think I will revisit that Maybelline Full and Soft!

  8. Ahh mascaras are really a hit or miss with asian lashes. I know your pain :'( I've tried so far
    - Helena Rubinstein - Lash Queen Feline Black, pretty average for the price tag
    - Max Factor - False Lash Effect (really liking at the moment)
    - Clinique - High impact mascara
    - Buxom Lash (it's the one I liked the most so far)
    I heard asian mascaras, especially the japanese ones were better for our asian lashes. When I'm going back, I will definetely buy a huge haul of them hehe.

  9. yup! japanese mascara's are a bit better for asian lashes bc many of them have more wax in the formula to help lengthen and keep curl on wispier lashes like ours.

    Max Factor is the same as Cover girl that is just the name outside the USA i blv.
    Oh thats for the FYI on the HR, I wanted to get that in Duty Free but if its avg for the price, i think ill pass..

  10. The mini reviews are very helpful! I've been looking into new mascaras to try...(although I have more than enough for 6 months!) I'm in singapore but my brother is in the states and I'm getting him to pick up some drugstore mascaras that aren't avalible here! I've got monolids that become double lids with certain mascaras so I like natural- slight volume on my lashes...

    If you are looking for volume but want separation and curl I'd recommend L'oreal double extend beauty tubes with growth serum (blue and gold tube). If you tilt your head back while applying this, it gives great buildable volume. I like to use old mascara wands I've clean to separate any clumps. I don't usually use the primer but it's worth buying for fine, shorter Asian lashes!

    Check out my review on it if you like, I've taken some pictures to show how it works on me. =]


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