Sunday, February 27, 2011

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

New to the Clinique Mascara Family, the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

It's no news if you are a regular reader to my blog, that I have not been blessed in the lashes department. I actually tend to not put mascara on my bottom lashes, because it just emphasizes their sparseness, and just makes it look more pathetic, in my opinion.

Could this change routine? I happily ran to Clinique when I first heard of this. Who doesn't want long wispy eye framing lashes?

The mascara when I first saw it, was surprising. It's REALLY small.

Size comparison to the Dior Show's famous fat brush

This is for just the bottom lashes, so it makes sense to get those tiny hairs, but really... super small.


Left and Right Eyes PRE Mascara on the lower lashes

On one eye I am going to apply the Clinique bottom lash mascara alone, and on the other eye, I will apply the Shiseido Mascara Base which I use everyday, and would use with this product.

Clinique states if you have very few/thin lower lashes, to hold the wand vertically first, coat lashes, then turn the wand horizontally to clean up clumps.

I tried this, the tip of the mascara had a lot of excess product, so it immediately clumped. I did not really like this method, and just applied it normally (horizontally)

Clinique Mascara on Bare Lashes

( I was not very impressed to be honest) I have received the below effects with lengthening mascaras previously

Eye with Shiseido Mascara Base topped with Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

Defiantly see more of a difference using the base

Overall Thoughts:
This mascara is really good for getting into those tight spots which you just cannot reach with all the new fat wands out there. I also enjoyed using this on the corners of my top lashes, another tight spot.

I'm going to be honest, I had heard a lot of raves on this, and I understand my lashes are not ever going to look suuuper long and wisp,y but I was a bit let down.

Overall, I think this is nice to have for those corners on the top of my lashes, and I will use this tube, for my lower lashes, if I apply a brown liner on the bottom so give them some background, they won't look as sad.

The price is not terrible, it's $10, but the tube is very small and it really is a very isolated purpose. (.07 oz.)

This mascara is nice to have to just help with those corner's that you just cannot reach, but I really am on the fence if I think this is good or not, as it did not have a huge effect on it's own and it's also an additional step to my routine which I would happily do, if I had seen more prominent results. Due to the fact that the results are something I have found through Japanese lengthening mascara's still don't think I would repurchase this.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Top Taupes

Presenting the newest shadow in my collection

I'm thinking it's Love

When I started wearing eye shadows, I was firmly a fan of neutral colors. No electric blue or hot pink for me. I steered clear from that camp. But for some reason I hated taupes. Most likely because the first "high end" taupe I tried ( and wanted to love ) made me look like I had a black eye. Blech, not for me,
I thought.
Over time and countless raves of this sub category, I slowly grew in curiosity on what I was missing. How many times have you heard of Satin Taupe being in every one's favorites videos/listings? Mine's included!

After some trial and error I have gathered in my collection, a small group of taupes that have never failed me

The newest in my collection being Corinthian by La Metier de Beaute, a brand growing in recognition

Here is Corinthian compared to MAC's famous Satin Taupe for a size comparison

You can tell easily how much bigger the pan is, and the quality is clearly evident when you look at them side by side.

My Favorite Taupes - Clockwise from the top
Corinthian, NARS Ashes to Ashes, NARS Earth Angel Duo,MAC Satin Taupe

Corinthian swatched against Satin Taupe
Corinthian has a much brighter more pink/brown undertone
La Metier's eye shadow is so smooth, I can easily apply this with my fingers, and the pigmentation is richly gorgeous

It was pretty hard to get these swatches to photograph to see the difference between the colors, but in person it is far more evident

Earth Angel, Corinthian, Ashes to Ashes, Satin Taupe
Earth Angel has the most brown, Corinthian is the "brightest" with an almost mauve undertone, Ashes to Ashes has the most grey undertone, and Satin Taupe even though has a silver sheen, when swatched side by side, seems to have more of it's gold flecks apparent, also it shows with most purple undertone

Any of these would be lovely additions to any one's collection
My favorites? In order:
Corinthian, Earth Angel, Satin Taupe, and Ashes to Ashes
All of these look phenomenal over Bare Study Paint Pot for a more dimensional look with minimal effort

Video in action of how these colors look together:

The Bare Study+Corinthian combo came from watching this video.
I love Sandra, her taste, clothes, and reviews are always lovely and truthful

So tell me ladies, what are some of your top taupes?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Current Obsessions & Winter Wardrobe Staples

What I have been wearing all season, and loving

Big Statement Rings

American Apparel Nail Polishes
Only 1 coat~!!

Blair Waldorf's Wardrobe

Gossip Girl 4.17 Empire Of The Son

4x16 "While You Weren't Sleeping"

Mulberry Bag and H&M Hat

Black Clothes

Top Knots!

Sheer Neutral Blouses
I wear these everyday from work skirts to black jeans.
A dark coat easily puts everything together

3.1 Phillip <span class=Lover / Portrait Blouse

Spring is coming!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lancome Teint Miracle Review

I have always been more of a BB cream fan, but as of late, I have been drawn to grabbing more often the newest foundation to my collection. Lancome's Teint Miracle.

Lancome's newest foundation. According to Lancome this foundation is 10 years in the making.

What it does:

This oil-free, fragrance-free formula with SPF 15 sunscreen is made with Lancôme's Aura-Inside™ technology, which recreates the true, natural light of perfect skin. Its lightweight texture enriched with soothing rose extract provides 18 hours of hydration and sheer to moderate coverage for a natural finish without a cakey effect. It creates a complexion that looks beautifully bare and lit from within.

What else you need to know:
Non-comedogenic. Non-irritating and does not cause break-outs. Suitable for sensitive skin. Contains 37% pure water. Dermatologist-tested.

Do you see that last line?
Does not cause break outs. That really drew me in to give this a chance

$37 dollars. Truthfully, I've seen worse with Bobbi Brown and NARS. It is nice this was below $40, and I think the price is quite fair for the standard 1 oz, brand, packaging, and overall product

I think this packaging is actually really pretty. It comes in a feminine glass bottle. I don't think this would be too easy to travel overseas with, but I would feel comfortable enough to tote this around in my bag for everyday use, as it seems quite sturdy if I am traveling domestically.
This has a pump. (Sigh of relief)
When you paying $40 dollars for a foundation, I think a pump should be standard.
Lancome's pump is actually pretty well made as it does not squirt at a random direction, and you can do half pumps or less so you can control the amount desired.

It is light, and slightly watery textured. (37% water)

Coverage+Overall Effect:
Light to medium.
The below pictures show dots of brown liner ( this is meant to mimic freckles + hyper pigmentation) the foundation covered these items pretty easily.
The overall feeling on your face is not suffocatingly thick, it actually feels pretty light. You don't feel like you have something harmful or pore clogging on your face, but its not so light that you feel nothing at all.
1 layer of this is ample coverage for me. 1/2 pump for my face and 1/2 pump for my neck seems to be the perfect amount for my needs.
When I applied 1 full pump to my face it looked a little thick.

This foundation does mimic natural skin. It is a satin finish with a hint of a glow. I think they did a really good job with the balance. It doesn't look overly shiny, but you look healthy.
The finish of this is not so natural that you don't look like you are wearing make up. It's pretty clear you are wearing something, but due to the finish and formula of this, I believe it makes you look quite put together, and more polished looking.

With a primer this looks great 10+ hours after application. Granted I blot at 2 pm, but I have oily skin, it's a step I don't even see as additional anymore. I will state that I did wear this 1 day without a primer and it looked bad!
I apply my make up about 6:30 AM, by 10 AM it was separating from my T zone, and my 3 PM I had to run into a drug store to grab some kind of aerosol water spray to spray over my face to keep it together. Primer is a MUST.
I did also mix this once wit my BB cream for a different color finish, and it seemed to blend well.
I mix this often with a pump of liquid highlight for the ultimate glowy look, and this foundation mixes well overall with other liquid products.

I suggest you go to a Lancome counter over Sephora for this foundation if it's your first time looking into this item, as Sephora does not carry all the colors this foundation comes in ( mine included ) so you can get the best color match.
I am Buff 6W - NC25

The color of this foundation is a bit weird. When I went to the counter I was matched to a shade that looked a bit light on me. The sales lady told me that it starts off light, and in about 30 minutes darkens to your natural color.
( Brighter effect maybe?)
It is apparently suppose to oxidize on you those first 30 minutes, but throughout the day the foundation does not change color after that and stays the same, no further color changing effects.
This really does not bother me because the 1st 30 minutes of wearing this, I am commuting to work and I don't care what I look like on the train...but please keep this in mind if you whack it on and meet someone special 5 minutes later. ( one of those days...)

I apply this with the Sephora Platinum Airbrush 55 ( HG) and it makes it look perfect
Never tried it with fingers

Overall, I really like this foundation. 1/2 a pump is great coverage for my skin, while looks natural and glowy. I don't think the price is unreasonable. Lasting power with a primer and powder is great, it looks really good 12 hours after application. Does not clog my pores, no break outs, fragrance free, slight spf, and the color selection is quite good. I would really recommend this foundation to people who are weary of breaking out, wants something natural looking, long wearing, and just an overall good formula.
After trying this, I am quite interesting in also trying the co in siding product, Eclat Miracle for an overall beautiful effect finish
10 years in the making, good job Lancome, it really shows in the end result.

Monday, February 7, 2011

January Favorites

For the month of January I have been so boring with my make up.
Behold my current every day make up routine, I pretty much wore all of these daily without fail

Constants in my everyday make up routine : Lancome Dual Finish Powder, Laguna Bronzer, Lorac Moonstone. Everything outside those three, I tend to change up but this month I have been in a some what make up rut.

I have been pretty satisfied with my "look of the month" but am determined to change it up soon!


Lancome Teint Miracle: Review coming up ASAP

NARS Primer: Finished my Paul and Joe Primer, and had a full sized of this primer waiting. Love it. Something different about this primer is that it does not have silicone in it. For those who have a sensitivity to that ingredient, try this primer out. It's a gel, light, and does a great job.
They do also create an SPF formula

MAC's Redhead MSF:

I have been going through a phase of wearing MSF's as blushes all month. ( I have paled out due to the mass amount of snow and rain the east coast has received this season)

First was By Candlelight, then a little dip down to Stereo Rose, but Redhead, has been the one I have been reaching for the most. I know MSF's are almost all limited edition, but if you are paler, and want to brighten up your winter skin, try an MSF, a new use for these "highlighters" They are very shimmery, but if you pick an MSF with a refined shimmer, it really has a beautiful effect

The Little Accents:

Benefit's Birthday Suit: I have a few of these crease less creams but Birthday Suit and R.S.V.P are by far my favorite. Been layering this under my shadow, and it's just easy and lovely. I also line my lower lash line with this for just the slightest bit of definition, since I do not mascara my lower lashes ( just exaggerates their pathetic-ness, and makes my eyes look bigger)
So smooth, at least swatch these things!
I far prefer these over the MAC paint pots which can be a bit drier

Sephora Electro Liner in Copper
I tight line in black everyday, but for my upper lash line this copper pencil is perfect!!! I wing it out ever so slightly, and still can wear it to work. Due to the color, it works well with my yellow undertones, and does not look too dark or dramatic. It gives just the right amount of definition

NARS O Illuminator
I own a full size of this baby, but I love using the sample I received because the size is just more convenient. I keep this in my make up bag and travel with it.
Above the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, beneath and above the arch of the brows, cupids bow, and on top of your lipstick, brings your whole face together! LOVE this the most this month.

Smiths Rosebud Salve
A complete classic staple in so many make up bags. Thin and vaseline like with a rose scent, but the ease, vintage like packaging, and scent makes me reach for this daily this month. Gives the nicest, sheerest, just enough pink tint to the lips. Along with moisturizing benefits.
Finally hit pan! - these last forever!-worth the $8 bucks, def repurchase

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