Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Top Taupes

Presenting the newest shadow in my collection

I'm thinking it's Love

When I started wearing eye shadows, I was firmly a fan of neutral colors. No electric blue or hot pink for me. I steered clear from that camp. But for some reason I hated taupes. Most likely because the first "high end" taupe I tried ( and wanted to love ) made me look like I had a black eye. Blech, not for me,
I thought.
Over time and countless raves of this sub category, I slowly grew in curiosity on what I was missing. How many times have you heard of Satin Taupe being in every one's favorites videos/listings? Mine's included!

After some trial and error I have gathered in my collection, a small group of taupes that have never failed me

The newest in my collection being Corinthian by La Metier de Beaute, a brand growing in recognition

Here is Corinthian compared to MAC's famous Satin Taupe for a size comparison

You can tell easily how much bigger the pan is, and the quality is clearly evident when you look at them side by side.

My Favorite Taupes - Clockwise from the top
Corinthian, NARS Ashes to Ashes, NARS Earth Angel Duo,MAC Satin Taupe

Corinthian swatched against Satin Taupe
Corinthian has a much brighter more pink/brown undertone
La Metier's eye shadow is so smooth, I can easily apply this with my fingers, and the pigmentation is richly gorgeous

It was pretty hard to get these swatches to photograph to see the difference between the colors, but in person it is far more evident

Earth Angel, Corinthian, Ashes to Ashes, Satin Taupe
Earth Angel has the most brown, Corinthian is the "brightest" with an almost mauve undertone, Ashes to Ashes has the most grey undertone, and Satin Taupe even though has a silver sheen, when swatched side by side, seems to have more of it's gold flecks apparent, also it shows with most purple undertone

Any of these would be lovely additions to any one's collection
My favorites? In order:
Corinthian, Earth Angel, Satin Taupe, and Ashes to Ashes
All of these look phenomenal over Bare Study Paint Pot for a more dimensional look with minimal effort

Video in action of how these colors look together:

The Bare Study+Corinthian combo came from watching this video.
I love Sandra, her taste, clothes, and reviews are always lovely and truthful

So tell me ladies, what are some of your top taupes?


  1. OMG I just got Corinthian like 3 weeks ago and I'm in love with it too! I haven't tried it with Bare Study yet I'll have to do that next.

  2. It's beautiful! I like all the eyeshadows you've shown. I own Satin Taupe, and I really like it. :)


  3. Omg this post made me drooooooooooooool. I want to get Corinthian but I don`t know if I`m willing to drop the big bucks on an eyeshadow yet

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