Saturday, March 26, 2011

February and March Favorites

Two months worth of favorites = mass amounts of products!
Current face routine that I have adapted for the last two months and a new hair must have

Estee Lauder Hydrationist
One of the best overall day creams I have tried. I purchased the "dry skin" formulation to combat the crap weather we have been having here in the North East. I recommend the dry skin formula for people with normal/combination skin. I believe if you actually have dry skin, this wont be hydrating enough, because I had to buy an additional moisturizing supplement, my skin is currently normal

Fresh High Noon
I recently purchased the book "True Whit" from Whitney Port of the City ( I know I know...)
In the book Whitney showed her everyday make up routine, and I loved her natural/effortless look. She achieves it by mixing Fresh High Noon ( liquid bronzer) with her moisturizer. Topped with her Mineral foundation.
Your own home made tinted moisturizer! This works perfectly with Hydrationist. You have to color adjust, but since the color still comes out darker than my actual skin tone, it gives me a nice sun kissed glow. High Noon also acts as a primer, and adds slight illumination to the face. This has been my go to base

Moroccan Oil
Has been a favorite for months, but I keep forgetting to mention it. A hair must have! When you apply it to damp hair, it helps your hair dry in almost half the normal amount of time. The following day, and the day after that, your hair is suuuuper soft. After I finish this bottle ( which will last me a long time ) I am definitely buying the larger bottle.
Applied to dry hair at the ends, adds instant shine

MAC's Margin
Of my current go to work blushes. Dirty peach with a bit of coral. Looks very blah in the pan but is better translated on the face. I buff with this out with a powder on top along with bronzer everyday to help tone down the shimmer for work, and add more natural ness

Laura Mercier Lush Nectarine
My other go to work blush. I have only been rotating between the two these last few months. Very nice fine shimmer peach. Pretty good pigmentation compared to other blushes in her line. I recommend using a MAC 109 with this blush because the compact is incredibly small

Laura Mercier Peach Mosaic Bloc
Since I have been gravitating towards peach blushes, a nice peachy gold highlighter adds the perfect glow. I apply this with an ELF fan brush
In a pinch with the ELF brush I can use 1 sweep, as a brow highlight, and eye shadow

Clinique's Moisture Surge
Completely loved this product! I carry a tiny jar filled with this stuff in my make up bag for emergency flakes in the day.
Full review here

Prestige Soft Peach Lip gloss
Just an easy everyday gloss, nice lemony scent, no color, but nice over n*de lips. Not too sticky, and drugstore! A favorite of BelleduJour

Josie Maran Concealer
Been really enjoying this concealer (shade:Sand) the lighter shade is perfect for any redness on my face, I do use the peachy shade for my under eyes but I have found it is a bit drying, but I have the inclination, that it's not the concealer but that my under eyes are not moisturized enough

MAC Superslick Liquid Liner - On the Hunt
I sucked at applying liquid liner. My worst eye medium by far. I went on vacation this month and only brought this to purposely practice!!! Now I FINALLY got it down! ( practice, practice, practice!)
This liquid liner is very black and quite glossy. The tip is very nice and fine for an easy wing liner effect. Removing it, I have found is flaky and you need a very GOOD eye make up remover so you don't end up swiping like crazy getting all the little black flakes off your face

Lancome Ageless Mineral Make up ( Natural Beige 10)
I prefer Lancome's mineral make up over Laura Mercier's. This powder is very fine and has a nice glow ( not as glowy as LM though) I have been buffing this on my face everyday on top of the Fresh high noon. It's the PERFECT combo. Whenever I am not using this combination for BB creams or foundations, I'm just like ugh...
The Fresh High Noon Moisture Mix+ Mineral foundation = light, natural, and long lasting!!!!
Thank you Whitney for the tip!!!

Bare Mineral Mineral Veil
I have been using this to just diminish shine on my face. I apply the Fresh mix, then Lancome's mineral foundation, apply concealer, then this, as the overall topper on my T zone + setting the concealer. After applying blush and bronzer, I take a big fluffy brush with just a small amount of this stuff, and blend together the bronzer+blush which melds all the colors, for the most natural look.

Favorites not pictured:

Sephora Rounded Powder Brush # 49

<span class=

This is what I have been using for my Mineral foundation+Bare minerals. The huge brush makes it take about 3 seconds to cover my whole face. During the next FF sale, I will definetly be getting the IT version in Hot pink.

Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment

Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15

I LOST this on my trip! =( It fell out of my pocket.
SPF, perfect rosy shade, slight gloss effect, and lemony scent. Must buy another one ASAP. Been neglecting my lip glosses/lip sticks in place of this as of late. No fuss and very pretty!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Short Reviews on a Long List of Products 3

A few new things I have been buying and trying, first impressions, and short reviews

Josie Maran Argan Oil Concealer: Reminiscent to Laura Mercier's dual color concealer this too has a concealer shade and a correcter. The correcter is a peachier and firmer texture. I really like the ease of this, as I have both eye and face concealer in one. I just apply with my fingers, and so far happy with the product. It does not last all day though, even with a primer. This lasts about 6 hours on me. My Shade: Sand -NC25
Lack of colors though in this range (3), I suppose you can create your own by mixing the shades in her defense

Bare Minerals Queen Tiffany Eye Shadow: My first BM eye shadow. What drew me in this was the beautiful shimmer! its a red/plummy undertone brown. I forgot the swatches I'm sorry! It is slightly similar to MAC's Mulch but with more red undertone. Unfortunately even with a primer, after about 4 hours most of the shimmers were GONE. *Sigh* the brown shadow stayed all day, but 85% of the shimmers left and the remaining 15% stayed all day though. Not too impressed-will keep trying this out though!

Maybelline the Falsies: This has been getting a lot of hype, in short I really don't see it. It's ok but CG lash blast is better in my opinion. I applied about 4 coats of this stuff and it did not clump at all, which is a plus for this

Loreal Telescopic Clean Definition: I like to use lengthening mascara's over volume mascara's to de clump. This mascara alone is so so. On top of a volumizing mascara it does add length, but my lashes became very stiff and crispy. So don't over apply this stuff!

Chanel Lilac Sky

I've wanted this shade for so long. It has been previously discontinued, but it's back! My first Chanel polish. Let me tell you, this took forever to dry. For-ev-er...

Two coats to opaque, I am currently on day 3, and no chipping as of yet. I used Sally Hansen's Mega Shine as my top coat. So far so good, but I really don't know if the price is justified to be honest.

This color is perfect for spring though, pastel purple with beautiful very very fine silver shimmer
I don't regret this, as I think I will use it often in the upcoming season

Cargo Blushes in The Big Easy and Rome

My first Cargo blushes.
These are a great size and quite pigmented, especially Rome!
I bought " The Big Easy" (light pink) because Lillichantilly stated it was one of her faves. It is nice, but I need to play with this more. So far, I am unfortunately not loving it as much =(

Rome, I have been loving! its so pigmented, and peachy pink, but has a more peach coral lean than pink which is what I prefer. The color looks scary in the pan but is suuuper pretty

Swatching these was a bit difficult because they are so light

Cargo The Big Easy on the left vs. MAC's Well Dressed on the Right
Well Dressed looks a bit chalkier but is smoother in person. A more blue toned pink and more silver shimmer than Cargo's.

Left to Right
NARS O, Cargo Rome, NARS DT, Benefit Coralista


Shiseido Perfect Rouge in BE333 ( Fuzkittie's favorite for 2010!) NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in Damned, and Cruella

My 1st Shiseido lipstick and omg! I love the formula! So moisturizing and on your lips look like a great sheen and pretty! No need for gloss. I want to buy so many more shades! Day Lilly looks good ( but too similar to Vegas Volt and Morange which I own - must be good must be good)
These made me realize more and more how much I don't like MAC formula lipsticks, just too drying...

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils

Damned: Described as Magenta, its like a Plummy color which is not too out there for day I believe. If you are worried about wearing this, you can feather this and make it thinner for a light stain effect.

OMG the most perfect red for my skin. Love it love it love it!
Completely brightened my face, all you need is mascara and you are good

These are matte, but I apply chap stick prior and they do not dry out my lips. Watch out though, since they are matte, if you apply them, and some product get's on your skin, it is NOT coming off. Make up remover, rubbing, tissues, nothing. I had to put concealer on top to be honest. Be really careful but once these are on they stay on, even through eating and drinking which is awesome!
Bold lips for Spring!

(Even though I said I am not loving MAC's formula, Costa Chic is calling me!!)

I also want to also try the NARS gloss pencils in New Lover. Any one try the shades yet?

L-R (BE333, Cruella, Damned)

Hope these reviews helped!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Surging to HG status

Winter is still unfortunately here in the north east coast, and wreaking havoc on my skin!

A few days ago, I shared my new Hydrationist moisturizer from Estee Lauder for normal comb skin. I exchanged that in for the dry skin formula. I don't have dry skin. Not even close. This is how bad the wind and weather has effected my skin

All winter, (yes March counts here) I have had very random flakiness. My skin did not seem dry but sometimes I would just randomly get flaky. This looks pretty horrendous under makeup. The more you try to remove the worse it looks. I tried fix +, started using tinted moisturizer tinted moisturizer, and nada, nothing would stop this

It happened today, I knew it would, I could tell in the morning. When I got to work, it looked like I had eaten a bag of cookies and had never heard of a napkin. Ridiculously mortifying
In desperation I used the lotion in the bathroom and slathered it all over my flakes, within seconds flakes again, running back to my desk, I then slathered on my intensive moisture hand cream, again useless - getting desperate here
My face was literally falling off! I'm sorry if this was too graphic, but I'm trying to explain the severity with some background

I ran to my local Sephora for an SOS situation, and knew exactly which product to grab
The same item that helped me last time ( yes I run to Sephora for aid often)
This my dear readers is magic. Say it with me M-A-G-I-C

I slathered this on my skin on top of my makeup and within seconds *poof* problem solved! All my flakes, every single one was soothed. I decided I could not do without this again, and purchased a small tub. While it is March, the crap wind is still blowing 60 mph in my face, but I now have a secret weapon!
This is a moisturizer you wear on top of your normal moisturizer for an extra sure of hydration, and this damn well works!

New to my HG list:

Clinique's Moisture Surge

May we never be parted!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lip Protection - Importance -

Hello Ladies
Today I am going to share with you a small realization I had recently. Lip protection.

I have been a devout believer in sunscreen DAILY since I was 16, I started applying sunscreen for the eyes since I was 19 but I have been always slightly lazy with SPF lip balms.
I am a lip balm fiend and constantly buy more because, my main focus was moisturization. I easily have five lip balms open and all over my purses, jackets, or room.

Recently I noticed, I had a tiny brown spot on my lip.
( The first night I thought it was chocolate I ate) =P
Turns out my lip had developed a brown spot from too much sun exposure!!! What???? I was pretty stunned considering I spend about 7 minutes outside daily. Two block walk to the train for work, no lunch break, and walking home well after the sun went down. I don't even get my recommended 15 minutes! But apparently that was enough????
( I don't even sit near a window at work)

I realized all my current lip balms after going through every jacket and purse were non SPF

I searched my stash and found all my SPF lip balms, sad to say, very few found, which I have been living off on

So behold my current stash that have now all been moved to PM only
*My beloved Burts Bees* - I heard they have a SPF version also! but not in the original flavor

I am currently using the "By Terry" as my over night treatment as it is too pricey to just whack on throughout the day.

I am also going to Las Vegas in a few weeks, where they have far more sun than the North East - which has been a non stop rain -a -thon

I am in the market for a HG SPF lip balm

Here are the contenders:

Dior Lip Glow - Bit pricey

Dior Addict Lip Glow

Jack Black Intensive Therapy Lip Balm
I know this is the Sephora 100 point current gift ( I am def getting the trial one)
But I would get the full size Lemon and Chamomile

Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

Fresh Sugar Lip Therapy- I would buy Rose ( I have heard this is over hyped)
Also pricey

Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15

I ask you ladies, what is your favorite SPF lip balm??
( drugstore or high end, I don't have a preference as long as it works well)
I need some choices before I go on my trip

- I will note I hate Carmex. I hated the version in the tub, tube ( shown above) and stick. I also do not like plain flavored items, and would prefer some tint so I can grab and go -Sorry if I am too picky! =*(
( I am searching for HG here lol )

This post is to warn all of you to please please please do not forget to protect your lips!
I know after I am done with my current over night stash, I will never buy a non spf lip balm again!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Collective Haul for Jan + Feb

I have been trying to be good, less make up, I keep repeating that in my head "Less make up, you seriously have too much"

Thus, my brain decides to make mini excuses hehe, the below were the "exceptions"
This is collective between Jan+Feb

My skin has been a bit dry lately which leads to flaky make up ( not attractive) since all my moisturizers are more light, I wanted to get a slightly heavier one

Estee Lauder Hydrationist line for Normal/Combo Skin

Bare Minerals - Mineral Veil ( My 1st BM product)

I have been setting my foundation with mineral make up lately, but I still get a shine in the middle of the day so I am trying this to see if it keep my shine away
Has anyone tried the SPF version? I am thinking of exchanging this for the SPF version, but do not know if they are the same quality, if so, please do tell!
I know the SPF version gives 1/2 the amount of product

MAC Sun basque and Feline Super Slick Liner
I did not buy these, they are belated Xmas Gifts,
I requested these items though =P

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - B20
No excuses, I just really wanted to try this - My 1st Chanel Foundation

Lancome Lipstick in Pink Preview and Stylista
Since I have finished my beloved Dior Lipstick from my last post, I am looking for the perfect everyday work lipstick. That's what I kept repeating when buying these hehe

Josie Maran Concealer-Sand

I just recently chucked a lot of my older concealers out because they were just too old, and all seem to be the wrong color
I remembered Fuzkittie listed this as one of her faves for the month, so I picked this up

L-R Stylista, Pink Preview, Sunbasque

Decided recently to try to buy more natural lotions so I picked up this trio set by Jurlique
1st Jurlique items ( trying new things!)

Ever since changing shampoos my hair has yet to come back to what it used to be ( and it used to be great!) since I am not done with my current shampoo I bought this to help perk my hair up
Moroccan Oil - I am really enjoying this!

Khiels Eye Creams, since I finished my Clinique

Top Shop Flats

Spring is coming so flats need to come back! I always buy black flats to wear when commuting to work! Top Shop shoes have always been very comfortable because all the pairs I have bought, have all had additional cushioning!

Top Shop Small Change Purse and Ring

Loving rings ATM, and I always have fist fulls of change...this was an effort to be more organized

UO necklace

I love simple jewelry- My bf thought I wore my necklace backwards when he saw this! lol

H&M Blazer

Peach for Spring! I need some color in my wardrobe

UO-BDG T Shirts

My favorite T shirts+Jeans are from BDG. The best cuts for my body shape and height. These are always on sale at UO so I stock pile in all sorts of colors!
Can never have too many basic T's

H&M Shirt

H&M Scarf and Belt

Light spring scarf, and a bird belt. I wear a lot of black in the winter, this belt can bring some life into my outfit without a lot of color


GWP from Lancome + Estee Lauder at Macy's

Sephora's Current 500 point Gift
I love their blotting sheets, excited to try other items from the brand

Last items purchased were Corinthian+Clinique's Bottom Lash Mascara, reviewed. Last was a few new skin care items which I will introduce soon as my Neutrogena stuff is almost out.

Please let me know if you wish to see a review on any of the products listed above!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finished Products of February

Finished Products of February

Clinique All About Eyes Rich (Jumbo sized jar)

I believe this is my 4th jar of this eye cream. I always buy the rich formula. I have decided it's time to move on. I never knew which new eye cream to try, so stuck with this, but I have noticed my laugh lines becoming more apparent ( I am aging! ) so I started using a new eye cream towards wrinkles

I think if you are in the market for your first eye cream, or are in your early 20's this is fine and a nice all around er, until you have larger issues to deal with

Yes To Cucumbers Make up Remover Facial Towlettes

I have been a devotee fan of Garnier make up wipes, but in Target picked up a random sampling of travel sized towelettes from various brands to try. This was brand number 1 in deviation. I 100% regret buying this! ( thank goodness it was the mini size )

This stings my face~! the first time I used this my eyes and area around my lips were all red. After that I stopped using it on my eyes
( I use these wipes in the gym before working out - not really part of my normal skin care)

I once used this on my neck to remove some bronzer and it got so red. I went on the treadmill, and the moment I began to perspire omg... it was like the Harry Potter Scar. Turned red and stung like crazzzy. Glad to be done with these and would not recommend at all.

Pretty surprised with this, I thought this brand was aimed for more a gentle audience.

Garnier Facial Wipes

So far the best I have tried, best smell, best compact size, non drying, and leaves my skin feeling hydrated +soft after each use

Clinique Turn Around Instant Facial

I purchased this during my "Clinique" phase.
Really don't think it is anything special, you have to use a lot of product per use ( wear it as a mask and rinse off) I don't see any benefits of the mask, outside using more product, which is most likely what Clinique had in mine. I have tried better exfoliators, and have found equal results from drugstore brands

Lush Tee Tree Water Toner

Most likely my favorite toner. Gentle, non alcoholic, feels refreshing, and helps with spotting.
I will definitely be repurchasing this later on in the year, I just always seem to come back to this

Swedish Skin Deep Pore Lotion

I used this to get rid of excess oils in the AM, after waking up before my acne cleanser. This feels very much like a glycerin soap ( I hope that makes sense) It claims deep pore, but it feels like its only penetrating the most exterior portion of my skin. It feels like it's just on top of the skin. Does not foam at all. Fragrance free, but I thought it had a lousy smell to be honest.
The package is actually very small. It lasted about 4 weeks, which is very short in my opinion.
Even through all these cons, after using it for 1 week, my skin was more normal and less combo, so I think it really did help to balance my skin

Burts Bees Acne Solutions Moisturizer

Surprisingly the best salicylic moisturizer I have ever tried. I do need two pumps, but it absorbs quickly, hydrates adequately, and the 1.0 salicylic acid gives me more assurance on my skin. Will definitely be repurchasing again in the future

Body Creams +Hand Creams ( I hate dry skin if you cant tell)

Bath and Body Lotion/Hand Lotion
I am not a fan of the Bath and Body but grabbed these during their semi annual sale. Eh, not great, but for 5 bucks ( body) and .75 ( hand) very good deal! I would not buy these at full price.
I have tried many of Bath and Body's Moisturizers, and the body container above, is my least favorite formula type. Will no longer be buying those, no matter how much they are on sale.

Herbacin Hand Cream
Little greasy + glycerin like

Burts Bees Almond Milk Hand Cream

I thought this would smell like Almond Milk which is why I bought this. It smells like cherries to me. Bit greasy in my opinion, but I did slather it on each night before

Anna Sui Perfume

Nice, light, and citrus like. Very inappropriate for winter, but I wore it anyway!

Shisiedo Pureness Blotting Sheets

Received this as a sample, and I am glad I did. Did not care for these much. They were pretty bad actually, in comparison to my HG Boscia blotting sheets ( The Best!!)

Dior Lipstick 664

My first high end lipstick *sniff* What you see above is the plastic rim. I grabbed whatever remnicant I could with a lip brush. My 1st big girl lipstick, and probably the most flattering color in my collection! Who knew...I will definitely be repurchasing this shade again.

Srawberry Chapstick

For some reason the Strawberry Flavor of this brand is hard to find here, Cherries galore in my when I saw my pharmacy have this, I bought 5! lol 1 down.

Dr Bonners Peppermint Soap

Purchased this during my "natural" phase haha I go through these.

My body wash, this took forever to finish!!! it is a whole quart and you only need a quarter size amount. Peppermint may not have been the smartest type to choose for winter. When I left the shower daily, the peppermint made it even colder to leave! I think I would repurchase this in the summer

Shu Uemura Deep Sea Facial Spray in Rose

I have come to the conclusion that I love facial sprays, and need them all the time! Quick pick me up, and afternoon make up set. I loved this scent. I am pretty sad Shu Uemura left the US. I know we can purchase the items online, but I don't want to order just 1 facial spray.

Conclusion after this Month

I realized I slather body moisturizer on. I think I use more than the average person. Once I go through my current stock pile of lotions I have currently, I will try to go with more natural lotions, as recent press keeps indicating all the dangerous chemicals companies use in these beauty products that I pretty much drown myself in ( lotion wise )
My current stash will take a while to go through but this is a step in the right direction

*No pic posted*
Tossing out my Seche Vite, too much bad press recently so it's "finished" haha total cheat

Hope everyone has a great March!

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