Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finished Products of February

Finished Products of February

Clinique All About Eyes Rich (Jumbo sized jar)

I believe this is my 4th jar of this eye cream. I always buy the rich formula. I have decided it's time to move on. I never knew which new eye cream to try, so stuck with this, but I have noticed my laugh lines becoming more apparent ( I am aging! ) so I started using a new eye cream towards wrinkles

I think if you are in the market for your first eye cream, or are in your early 20's this is fine and a nice all around er, until you have larger issues to deal with

Yes To Cucumbers Make up Remover Facial Towlettes

I have been a devotee fan of Garnier make up wipes, but in Target picked up a random sampling of travel sized towelettes from various brands to try. This was brand number 1 in deviation. I 100% regret buying this! ( thank goodness it was the mini size )

This stings my face~! the first time I used this my eyes and area around my lips were all red. After that I stopped using it on my eyes
( I use these wipes in the gym before working out - not really part of my normal skin care)

I once used this on my neck to remove some bronzer and it got so red. I went on the treadmill, and the moment I began to perspire omg... it was like the Harry Potter Scar. Turned red and stung like crazzzy. Glad to be done with these and would not recommend at all.

Pretty surprised with this, I thought this brand was aimed for more a gentle audience.

Garnier Facial Wipes

So far the best I have tried, best smell, best compact size, non drying, and leaves my skin feeling hydrated +soft after each use

Clinique Turn Around Instant Facial

I purchased this during my "Clinique" phase.
Really don't think it is anything special, you have to use a lot of product per use ( wear it as a mask and rinse off) I don't see any benefits of the mask, outside using more product, which is most likely what Clinique had in mine. I have tried better exfoliators, and have found equal results from drugstore brands

Lush Tee Tree Water Toner

Most likely my favorite toner. Gentle, non alcoholic, feels refreshing, and helps with spotting.
I will definitely be repurchasing this later on in the year, I just always seem to come back to this

Swedish Skin Deep Pore Lotion

I used this to get rid of excess oils in the AM, after waking up before my acne cleanser. This feels very much like a glycerin soap ( I hope that makes sense) It claims deep pore, but it feels like its only penetrating the most exterior portion of my skin. It feels like it's just on top of the skin. Does not foam at all. Fragrance free, but I thought it had a lousy smell to be honest.
The package is actually very small. It lasted about 4 weeks, which is very short in my opinion.
Even through all these cons, after using it for 1 week, my skin was more normal and less combo, so I think it really did help to balance my skin

Burts Bees Acne Solutions Moisturizer

Surprisingly the best salicylic moisturizer I have ever tried. I do need two pumps, but it absorbs quickly, hydrates adequately, and the 1.0 salicylic acid gives me more assurance on my skin. Will definitely be repurchasing again in the future

Body Creams +Hand Creams ( I hate dry skin if you cant tell)

Bath and Body Lotion/Hand Lotion
I am not a fan of the Bath and Body but grabbed these during their semi annual sale. Eh, not great, but for 5 bucks ( body) and .75 ( hand) very good deal! I would not buy these at full price.
I have tried many of Bath and Body's Moisturizers, and the body container above, is my least favorite formula type. Will no longer be buying those, no matter how much they are on sale.

Herbacin Hand Cream
Little greasy + glycerin like

Burts Bees Almond Milk Hand Cream

I thought this would smell like Almond Milk which is why I bought this. It smells like cherries to me. Bit greasy in my opinion, but I did slather it on each night before

Anna Sui Perfume

Nice, light, and citrus like. Very inappropriate for winter, but I wore it anyway!

Shisiedo Pureness Blotting Sheets

Received this as a sample, and I am glad I did. Did not care for these much. They were pretty bad actually, in comparison to my HG Boscia blotting sheets ( The Best!!)

Dior Lipstick 664

My first high end lipstick *sniff* What you see above is the plastic rim. I grabbed whatever remnicant I could with a lip brush. My 1st big girl lipstick, and probably the most flattering color in my collection! Who knew...I will definitely be repurchasing this shade again.

Srawberry Chapstick

For some reason the Strawberry Flavor of this brand is hard to find here, Cherries galore in my area...so when I saw my pharmacy have this, I bought 5! lol 1 down.

Dr Bonners Peppermint Soap

Purchased this during my "natural" phase haha I go through these.

My body wash, this took forever to finish!!! it is a whole quart and you only need a quarter size amount. Peppermint may not have been the smartest type to choose for winter. When I left the shower daily, the peppermint made it even colder to leave! I think I would repurchase this in the summer

Shu Uemura Deep Sea Facial Spray in Rose

I have come to the conclusion that I love facial sprays, and need them all the time! Quick pick me up, and afternoon make up set. I loved this scent. I am pretty sad Shu Uemura left the US. I know we can purchase the items online, but I don't want to order just 1 facial spray.

Conclusion after this Month

I realized I slather body moisturizer on. I think I use more than the average person. Once I go through my current stock pile of lotions I have currently, I will try to go with more natural lotions, as recent press keeps indicating all the dangerous chemicals companies use in these beauty products that I pretty much drown myself in ( lotion wise )
My current stash will take a while to go through but this is a step in the right direction

*No pic posted*
Tossing out my Seche Vite, too much bad press recently so it's "finished" haha total cheat

Hope everyone has a great March!


  1. So many finished products! I only finished 1 LOL
    I'm still young but my eyes have fine lines already (probably because I rub it a lot especially around allergy season and lack of sleep). Maybe I'll try that one next..
    I don't particularly like makeup wipes. They never make me feel clean afterwards or it could just be that I haven't tried a good one lol
    I agree about B&BW. I think some are alright and the scents are lovely but there are probably way betters one out there. I bought a lot of hand lotions from them in the past during my B&BW phase..I can't wait to finish them and try new/better ones! Any good suggestions for body lotions? I suffer from very dry skin in the winter but too lazy =X to put on lotion and the sticky greasy feeling most lotions leave behind doesn't help either.

  2. wow you finished so many products! I have tried 3 15ml jars of All About Eyes Rich then i moved on to something else, only to find that All About Eyes Rich is my favourite :(!!

  3. I love these types of posts. You have used up loads. It takes me forever to use up body lotions.
    I have the burts bees almond milk hand cream and i love it.
    Its interesting that you say the burts bees moisturiser is great as im trying out the toner in that range which has salysilic acid in it and im finding it brilliant at reducing my spots. Think i may have to try the moisturiser too now xx

  4. WOW!!! Great job on finishing all those products! I love these kind of posts. They're fun to watch for some weird reason? And, isn't it fun to see lipsticks finish?
    I will definitely check out the Lush Tea Tree Water. Although, I probably don't need another spray to add to my already crazy numbers of sprays.

  5. I love this kind of posts of yours. I use the same eye cream, just not in rich formula. And I have the same problem, I have noticed small laugh lines!


  6. @ mandy: for dry skin I love Pacifica ( Blood Orange is my fave) or Korres!

  7. I've been researching about Swedish Skin products, thanks for posting about this.

    Strawberry Chapstick is so hard to find no matter where you are, it's the only flavor I like.. and I hate Cherry.

    ***** Marie *****

  8. I love this kind of posts of yours. I use the same eye cream, just not in rich formula. And I have the same problem, I have noticed small laugh lines!


  9. @ mandy: for dry skin I love Pacifica ( Blood Orange is my fave) or Korres!

  10. I just discovered your blog and I love your reviews & pics. By the way, the Dr. Bronner's Soap is great for cleaning your makeup brushes! It's my HG!


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