Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Look Book 1 -Scalloped

Spring is FINALLY here!!! A few showers here and there, but the sun is finally making more of an appearance

Here is a typical spring outfit for me with some of my favorite pieces

Coral Blazer : Silence and Noise blazer from Urban Outfitters
Black Tank : Unknown
Necklace: Vintage
Belt: Goodwill
Shoes: Korea
Bag: Mulberry (ignore the hat)
Short: H&M - I LOVE these, but got to work it so it dosent look like your grannies Pajamas!
Nails Essie's Topless and Barefoot

Current Song on repeat:

Beauty Lover : GirlAboutTown18 singing " If I Aint Got You"
She can sing!
Youtube needs a repeat loop button!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

MAC's Grand Entrance

MAC's Grand Entrance is possible of the more popular limited edition eye shadows that had come out during the Starflash collection.
The beauty of this shadow is in the finish, the star flash finish is named to be a favorite for many bloggers/beauty reviewers, but is it that special?
Or can this color/finish be duped, before it's unforeseen re promote

Beautiful every day color
(oops someone touched it already, sorry folks! that was me)

Indoor lighting

Potential Dupes:

Clockwise: Grand Entrance, UD Sin, MAC N*ked Lunch, Coastal Scents S03, Stila Kitten

Swatches L-R
Grand Entrance, Kitten, S03, N*ked Lunch, Sin

My first Starflash finish
It feels more buttery smooth than all my other MAC shadows, while remaining pigmented. It feels very much like Urban Decay's eye shadow in Sin
Same tactile feel
I don't know if UD label's their finishes, but some definitely feel different from others!

MAC's Grand Entrance is not exactly original, but I don't own a dupe.
I do however own many CLOSE dupes

Kitten has the same level of frostiness but is peachier
S03 is also the same level of frostiness but is more gold
N*ked Lunch was the least pigmented and not as nearly as frosty
Sin was the closes match in texture, but was also a bit more pink

I think if you have Sin+Kitten and mixed them together on a fluffy brush, you would have Grand Entrance - Fluffy brush to avoid shimmer over load!

For those of you who have been waiting for this color, the above is a mini guide of close dupes, or a mix and match to create your own, instead of waiting for a MAC re promote

I do like this color, and do not regret having it in my collection, but the color itself while beautiful, is not something to pine over for very long, as it is not extraordinary unique

On the same note, for a MAC shadow, in terms of texture and color combination, I can easily see this being something I would reach for often, just for the sheer convenience of it all

If you can get it, I would recommend getting it. If you have the above two colors for the mix, or even any of the dupes, you don't really need it, but it is nice to have for your collection, because this is something I can see being heavily used by just about any neutral eye lover
One of the best overall MAC shadow's I have in my collection.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Review

Wow, this review is overdo!
Presenting my overall review/impressions on Chanel's newest foundation, Vitalumiere Aqua

I purchased this I believe the same week it was released in early March.

Short stats:

I was matched to shade B20, I am about NC 25

This comes in a standard 1 Fl oz. container but its small and light. The plastic packaging did not seem too cheap to me. It was light and easy for travel. This could have easily been popped in a make up bag due to the size, and I think this is far more practical than typical glass bottles.
I think this packaging is more for the modern day, busy women who are on the go.

Look how small 1 Fl. oz can be!

Now to the actual review

The foundation itself is scented. This was my first Chanel foundation, and I have heard they can be fragrant but I did not know what the aroma would be. To me this was faintly reminiscent to paint, but the scent luckily does not linger, and seems to fade shortly after application.

Once applied - (I tried fingers, damp sponge, and a brush)
The consistency was very thin, and watery which would usually lead to a far more sheer coverage, which could be built up with layers.

I found the color I was matched to was a bit ashy in my opinion, then as the day progressed, seem to oxidize unfortunately, and went slightly dark on me, despite various primers.

I found that I could counter act this by applying a more yellow based powder.

In terms of the color selection, I believe due to the light consistency, Chanel may be relying on the color itself adapting well to match a wider array of skin tones with less shades. Since I was matched to the 2nd lightest shade, I believe if you are fair, which is about lighter than NC/NW20, you will not be able to find a good match in this line.

The finish was semi matte, not very glowy, or dewy, quite a natural finish.

Sanitary opening

I am going to be honest with you all, I returned this last month. Very shortly after purchasing.
I did not like the way this sat on my face. It felt, just like that, something was sitting on my face!
In March it was pretty cold here, so I had a few dry bits, this foundation was not very moisturizing, and definitely emphasized any single flake I had on my face, along with making it feel itchy on top of it.
I tried spraying fix + to make it more "moist" but to no avail.
Whatever areas I had on my face which was semi oily, the foundation seem to disappear at the end of the day, leaving only the dry emphasized bits =\

To be honest, I returned this because every time I put this on my face, I just wanted to take it off. It just did not feel very comfortable. Despite the thin consistency, it just felt very apparent on my face.

In fact on two occasions it actually looked so bad on my face, with just the weird coloring, and flakes, that during my lunch break, I would actually rub it all off with make up wipes, that I purchased just for this purpose! and went on the day with no make up on.
The fact that I went through this more than once, pretty much said to me, I was not enjoying the product enough to keep.

I think this foundation is more suitable to those with normal skin types.
Oily skin types might find this disappearing before the end of a work day, and dry skin types will not find this moisturizing at all ( but I do realize it never claimed to that) and would fully emphasize any flakiness.

I am pretty bummed this did not work out for me, due to all the hype I had heard when this was first released. As my first Chanel foundation, and for the pretty hefty price tag, I was quite unimpressed.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

MAC MSF Natural- Making it Work- Or Breakout Trying

Have you ever loved a product that your skin just did not agree with? but you just could not let it go?

My skin is semi sensitive, but when it comes to MAC base make up, its super sensitive!
Just about any base item from the line causes mass amounts of break outs on me, boooo.

Last year I was in the market for a new powder, and the MAC MSFN caught my eye. So many girls use/love it, and it has pretty amazing reviews from everyone.

I was matched to Medium Plus, and for a few days applied this over my BB cream with a stippling brush to just add a light layer.

Semi glowy, natural, not cakey!!! I thought, this was an AWESOME powder! No wonder it's so popular.
Little Fix + and I was set!

Fast forward 3 days of continuous use to find a face full of unhappy and angry cystic spots!
I was so disappointed! I had applied such a sheer layer and it had a terrible effect on my skin.
This went into my box of rejects, but I always thought about it.
I have tried many powders, and though I am pretty dedicated to Lancome Dual Finish
(which is highly under rated)
I couldn't stop missing the glow MSFN provided.
Dual Finished is pretty matte, which is anti ME! I love the glow...regardless of combo/oily skin.
I recently picked up yet again a MSFN but this time in Medium, which I think is a better match for me

R-L: Medium-Medium Plus
The difference is subtle in these photos, but in real life Medium Plus has a stronger yellow undertone

( The bulb from my lamp is currently dying)

This time I needed a STRATEGY, sheer application was just not enough

Now this might sound crazy to some people to go through so much to make something work- but I refuse to give up!

Problem 1-Acne

Post toner apply an anti acne gel/lotion all over the T zone, or wherever you normally break out often - Currently using "Off with their Heads"

I pretty much prayed the acne gel would be enough, and at night get all that crap out of my pores with my Clarasonic

Problem 2 - Oil control

SIGH unfortunately this powder did a pretty crappy job of keeping my oils at bay.
Still loving the effect enough, came strategy number 2.
Apply a sheer layer of MSFN with a big 150 brush, then on my T zone apply with a fluffy brush - Bare Minerals Mineral Veil

Like MAC, I had some kind of reaction towards bare minerals, but the veil seems fine for me.

It is mattifying but throughout the day the glow starts to appear around 12.

Since I cant stand matte, I spray a bit of Fix + at the end after mineral veil for the natural look.

Since I am still experimenting I only use this powder 3-4x a week and have been attempting to keep adding in days, so my skin can adjust

So far this has been a complete success, and I have been using this combo under various foundations and BB creams, yielding glowing results.

But I wanted to ask you

Have you guys ever went a bit above and beyond what was necessary to make a product work for you?

Also, if you love MAC MSFN and broke you out, but you can't part with it like I couldn't, maybe the tips above can help another dedicated beauty addict.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Finished Products of March

Time of the month where I show you all my empty bottles!

Khiels Calendula Herbal Extract Toner
I prefer Alcohol free toners, and this is my first toner from Khiels. This ladies is a $35 dollar bottle of TEA. If I unscrewed the top, and stuck in a straw I could probably drink it and have no side effects what so ever. This is a very weak toner, smells like honey water tea. It does not do much to the skin outside making it feel refreshed. There are Calendula petals in this toner - most likely for aesthetics. After you finish half the bottle, the petals start showing up on your facial cotton, and you have to pick them off your face. ( I am not a garden) I did like this toner towards the end of the bottle, but this is just far too expensive for what it really does.
Grab a box of Lipton for a DIY similar effect.

Neutrogena Acne Scub and Wash
I used the scrub in the AM and the gel in the PM with my Clarasonic. In short, I used to hate Neutrogena because it was formerly too harsh for my skin, but now that my skin has become more sturdy, I actually have come to really like the brand and have since purchased a few more items from them to try.
I have already re purchased these for a later time, stock this up in my drawers.
( Anyone else do that?)
Really think these are good to give a go.
Great smell too - Wait for BOGO deals

Ponds Make Up Wipes
Still trying a few other brands of make up wipes, Garnier is still my number 1, but these are not bad. I wouldn't mind buying these if Garnier was out of stock but the sheets are huuuge, so you don't get nearly as many in 1 pack

Bath and Body Lotion/Hand Sanitizer
Nothing special, just wanted to finish these

Anna Sui Perfume + VS Perfume
These posts have really pushed me to finish my perfumes! I never finished a perfume before 2011 now I have finished 4? *patting myself on the back*
Anna Sui is citrus-ey and very refreshing for a girl scents
The VS perfume was only for work, non distinct,  or overly sweet, just safe - perfect non offensive perfume for work

Clinique Dramatically Diff Moisturizing Lotion
Just a sample, I was using this on my neck, too greasy for my face, but I love how many free bees Clinique gives

Dior Snow Sunscreen
Probably my favorite sunscreen ever. This is my 3rd? or 4th finished tube. It's small and pricey but I assure you, I use this everyday of the year, and it takes a full year to finish a tube. You just need a pea sized amount. Also, this leaves your skin mattified with some radiance points on your cheekbones, so you wont be left with a greasy film like other sunscreens with high SPF can do. I have already repurchased, and am using this. Cant be without it.

Revlon Grow Luscious: Not a fan, more details in my mascara review
Maybelline Full and Soft: I don't know why, but I really like how natural this leaves my lashes look, well post eyelash primer that is =P Also found in the above attached review
Shiseido Mascara Base: My favorite eyelash primer. I went to repurchase but they have changed the formulation. WHY?? the new formula stinks in my opinion compared to the original. It really does not do anything like what it used to. So I need a new lash primer, I hated Lancome's Cils Booster...
Can anyone recommend one you enjoy? I know Urban Decay has one...maybe I need to check that out?

Dove Body Wash
Getting desperate for finished products here! lol
This was okay...nothing special

Just wanted to share 1 last bit
This month's Sephora's 500 point perk is actually quite good!
The eyeshadow trip is full sized. Gel liner size is also decent but I have yet to use any of these items. So if you ladies are ready to cash in your points, this is what is being offered this month!

Thanks for reading!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Drugstore Gems

A girl cant ride the train anymore without learning about a new make up obsession. Well at least this girl cant. While reading my twitter, the wonderful WillWorkforMakeup tweeted about an AMAZING post by the lovely Bloomin'Beauty, about Milani's new Baked Blushes.
The post was awesome! The following day, actually the same night, after I got off the train I went to the drugstore! The next day, I visited a few more to find as many as I could. I just had this incredible need to collect them after reading her wonderful post as they seemed they would be great products, at an affordable price.

Verdict : These are AWESOME! Thank you for filling my twitter feed!!!

The baked packing has gold rims, otherwise it is standard packaging for Milani. Clear top, mirror on the bottom with a supplied brush ( which is just for pinch situations, they never seem to be good quality - thought that counts I suppose)
The packaging to me, honestly is big, and bulky. I actually think these are reminiscent to MAC mineral blush packaging, where everyone complains about lack of mirror, which seems to be where Milani listened to the pleas.

These blushes have been receive alot of recent attention in the beauty community for being similar to MAC MSF's at a price people are more ready to spend on.

In my experience when looking for these, Walgreens seemed to have the biggest selection of colors. They had 6 out of the possible 9. All 9 are available for purchase on the Milani website or Cherry Culture. I did not get one additional color, as it was cracked in the store

The last one I can't find is Coralina, grrr got to keep searching- haha I know I sound crazy right now!

Price: Drugstore prices vary but mine were $7.49

Lasting Power:
In the mornings, I tend to apply a bit heavier blush application so it lasts all day. I got a good 8-9 hours from my initial rouged up look

Shade Range:
There are nine colors total but I own five, L-R:
01 Dolce Pink, 02 Rose D'Oro, 03 Berry Amour, 05 Luminoso, 07 Fantastico Mauve, Stereo Rose

A huge hype builder for these blushes is that some are reminiscent to the coveted Stereo Rose MSF by MAC

MAC Stereo Rose is a product where every one's version looks slightly different but I compared Stereo Rose to the two colors I thought they were more reminiscent to from the Milani line

Stereo Rose with Rose D-Oro

Stereo Rose with Berry Amour

Swatches L-R : Rose D'Oro, Stereo Rose, Berry Amour
Stereo Rose was the least pigmented of the three. I believe Stereo Rose is more of a highlighter formula that can be used as a blush, while these Milani items are blushes

Milani Lumnious Changes:
Milani Luminous has actually gone through an evolution through the brand. Original claim to fame was being a NARS O dupe in it's first generation form. It was then re formulated to be a mineral blush. Now, it has been redone for the baked version.
I do not own the original luminous but I compared it to the mineral version.
I have heard the 1st generation was the most pink

*Sorry got a bit blurry!*

As you can see between the mineral and baked version, the new baked version is much peachier

Swatches L-R : NARS O, Milani Luminous ( Mineral), Milani Luminoso (Baked)

My favorite shade of the bunch of Luminoso! I am completely addicted to peach blushes.
Luminoso is one of the least shimmery, it has a very nice sheen, but no frost
I think this looks amazing on more pale to medium skinned, if darker this may work as a highlight. I love this so much, I purchased a back up =P

In real life the blush is lighter and peachier

Comparisons L-R
MAC Margin, MAC Springsheen, Luminoso, Illamasqua's Lover, MAC Peaches, NARS Gina
-I am absolutely kicking myself for forgetting to grab MAC Style!-

Perfect wearable color for work and everyday.
Overall, if you guys see these in the stores I highly recommend them, one of the best drugstore blushes I ever tried. The pigmentation is wonderful.
Weakest pigmentation: 01 Dolce Pink - More shimmery version of MAC Well Dressed
Strongest Pigmentation: 07 Fantastico Mauve -Similar to NARS Dolce Vita or a light Mounia but with shimmer
The brand did create a nice color selection, so I am sure everyone can choose one they like.
Which colors look good to you?

Happy Weekend!!

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