Monday, May 23, 2011

Gifts from Japan & an Announcement!

A Thank you, and Breather post.

First up I want to say a huge HUGE Thank You!!! to the beautiful Nic of

I semi recently sent her a few bits and bobs that she mentioned she liked when I posted on my blog. I did not expect anything back but she sent all this!
(There was more candy but ...yeah! ^^)

I actually requested 1 item from Nic, the Maquillage Eye Lash Curler. Maquillage is under the umbrella company of Shiseido. I had heard this curler was better than Shu Uemura's so I was really excited to get this!

Ive used my Shu curlers for YEARS so when I first tried this, I sucked haha I have to get used to the shape, but still excited!!

Limited Edition Koji Lashes

Suuuper excited about the Lunasol Gel Foundation. I had tried their cream foundation previously but the gel is newly designed for warmer weather and Coffret D'or sample
Also provided was a Candy Doll Gloss ( my 1st Candy Doll item!) and sleeping masks

THANK YOU NIC!!!!! please visit her site for great OOTD's and EOTD's - She is a lovely person!

Now on to my announcement
I need to I guess "publish" this to make this more official so I can't ( well, will feel more guilty) if I go back on my word.
Okay *breathe* ready : I need to go on Project 10 Pan (ugh)

There comes a time in many a beauty bloggers life, when they stop to realize and say
WHOA, I have a lot of stuff….”
The second realization is: “I only have one face”

The level of beauty products needed for this realization varies with each person, but I think I reached mine about 4 products ago…

Before I officially go insane, and open some make shift Sephora outlet out of my tiny apartment I realized, I need to pause.

(All New and UNUSED still in the box stuff!!!!) WTH! - I don't like using new things until I finish or semi finish old things

My personal beauty bomb shelter

I need to stop looking at new things which ever so slightly differs from something I already have in my collection by the smallest percentage, and use that already owned product up before buying it’s dupe with my hard earned cash $$$

So I have and officially am announcing, that I will begin P10P starting today, to realize, and appreciate what I already own, and start loving things properly again. Things I have left to the waist side, which really is a shame on my part.

My Personal Rules for P10P

    1. Finish 10 make up products – not hit pan, completely finish. To see that entire silver base, or empty tube
    2. No skin care allowed – this is something I seem to whiz through, although I purchase a lot of skin care, they don't seem to linger in my collection nearly as long as my make up
    3. I will let myself buy one MAC limited edition item until the end of P10P – only one because the brand is half limited edition in itself- but truthfully their offerings lately has been MEH to me

    4. All future "haul" posts from me should be items I already own/posses but have yet to post on, so...

Wish me luck ladies~!


  1. Nic nic is so sweet you sent you all those goodies!! I love her blog and she is beautiful person inside and out! That's a lot of products unused lol as for me sometimes I would end up buying more things and then I would leave it in my box and then when I'm looking for something, I'll be like oh yeah I forgot I purchased that! lol

  2. I hear you. I have unused things, & they're just piling up.. & I was probably ready to P10P a month ago.


    I might be joining you on this mission very soon!

  3. So nice of her! I've always wanted to try the japanese foundation's but they're pretty price :O Can't wait to hear how it works for you (if you post about it at all lol).

    Wow so many brand new products! I've tried to keep myself from opening too many products at once..and I've got to say I'm a failure at that =X Good luck to you though! I must go on a P10P sooner or later..I have way too much for the amount that I actually use daily. Can't wait to hear how it goes for you! Makeup products are so difficult to pan out completely =X

  4. OMG I LOVE Asian cosmetics!!!


  5. awww I would love to see the lashes on you. Please let us know how you get on with everything :D you do great reviews ;)

    LOL you have a HUGE beauty bomb shelter!! looking forward to hearing about your P10P XD

  6. Omg, good luck! You can do this! Just don't use my failure as an example, haha! It looks like you have tons of new, unopened goodies already in your collection so it should be fun just shopping your stash for a while. I'll be on Twitter for emotional support! :D

  7. Wow, so many unloved and unused goodies! Good luck! I know you can do it and life Tiffany said, we are here to support you. I need a P10P in my life too!

  8. Good luck on your P10P! You can do it!

  9. I love Chanel products!!!

    I really love your blog, I follow U! :)
    ohh! if you want visit my blog too, and follow me back, I hope you like it... :)
    Kisses from México city!

  10. I love Chanel products!!!

    I really love your blog, I follow U! :)
    ohh! if you want visit my blog too, and follow me back, I hope you like it... :)
    Kisses from México city!

  11. Good luck on your P10P! You can do it!


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