Monday, May 30, 2011

Make Up Bag of the Month April-May Edition

Welcome to my Make up Bag of the Month Series. It really is just a favorite's post, but I thought it would be nice to show the everyday face I have been wearing pretty consistently for the last two months, and a cute way to show my make up bag collection ^^

MUFE Face and Body: My current go to foundation for summer. This is quite thin and sheer but the coverage is buildable, and is water resistant which is excellent as the weather get's warmer. I will review this in further detail in the future, but the beautiful Tiffany posted a very in depth review found here

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder: I have been using this for a few years but only recently have I been loving it. Since mid March when my skin started to get a bit more oily due to temperature changes, this has been my savior! I carry this with a mini Eco tools Kabuki, and blotting sheets, and I'm good.
The packaging is ugly to me, too bulky, but the powder is awesome! Keeps me shine free for about 4 more hours with a light dusting, and it's hard to cake this on! A great drugstore gem.

Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer: I must be on a Maybelline kick! I have tried a lot of high end concealers but aways tend to go to drugstore, because I like chucking things into my bag without worrying about damage/cracking. I personally prefer doe foot applicators for my concealer because I like to just quickly swipe. If I have a spot I place the product first on my hand so I don't contaminate the bottle.
Pigmentation and lasting power is nice, coverage is quite good, and the ease is what I am most thankful for. The colors in the tube can be misleading ( which I hate despite the tube being clear) but I am Light 4-5 if that helps anyone, as the next shade up was too dark on me.

Lorac Luminzer: I found this gem completely forgotten so I brought it back out, and falling back in love. This looks gorgeous above peach blush for the most amazing ( not too natural, I will admit) silver/white highlight on the cheekbones. Yes it's not natural, and I do still wear it to work, because truthfully, the effect is so nice, it deserves to be seen. I apply this with a damp sponge or beauty blender

This video is extremely helpful at explaining the beauty of this product, and the reason I purchased

Milani Luminoso: This has been completely taking over my all my other blushes. I think I wore this every single day I wore make up for two months apart from a few very isolated incidents. This has become my go to blush for work, and the shade is the most flattering shimmery peach for my skin tone. It's not orange, but is more of a shimmery mid toned orange sherbert. Haha that's the best I can describe it. This so far has been my number 1 blush for 2011. To think all my high end blushes, this is my favorite so far. A complete steal for $8 dollars!
(Run and get this ladies of about NC 25 skin)
For swatches please check out my Milani Baked Blush Review, found here

Bourjois Blush in Rose D'Oro : A swap item from the lovely 25LONDON. This blush is awesome. True it's small and the brush is EHHHH, ok it's scratchy crap, but the color is great. Sweep it on the cheeks, and the color is not very apparent, but when you go into the sun or a very bright room, you will see your cheeks have a great *glow* The color is there, but the glow is phenomenal. It looks like my NARS O Illuminator in powder form on the skin. Every few "isolated incidents" was this baby right here. Love this, another drugstore gem

Rosebud Salve: I think most people have tried this, as it's quite a classic product. One of these tubs lasts quite a while. It smells of roses and is basically pink Vaseline. I have been applying this throughout the work day to keep my lips moisturized in the AC environment, then exposing myself to the now humid NY weather which can make your lips go chapped quite easily.
If I did repurchase this, I would buy the new convenient tube form over the tub, but I love the design and old school look of this product

Paul and Joe Eye Gloss 5: I have really not been into powder shadows for the last few months. I enjoy just swiping something on, and blending out with my fingers in the morning, instead of going through a brush, and blending with another brush, and crease etc no no no, not in the morning when I am already dying and wanting to go back to sleep. This is a great work color, its like a darker taupe brown with shimmer which is not too apparent . It blends beautifully with fingers for a subtle effect, and is easy to carry around because no brushes!

Physicians Formula Felt Tip Liner in Brown: After the P&J gloss I have been tight lining and lining my eyes quickly with a mini wing with this. I believe it's semi new product to the brand. It is very reminiscent to Japanese style felt tip liners ( it even states it on the box) with a very secure closure. The brown is pretty dark, and looks more natural for day. Because I have hooded eyes no matter how high end the pencil, it will ALWAYS smear. Tight line with a felt tip liner that is quick dry and avoid raccoon eyes forever!
I have been loving a lot of drugstore gems! I really recommend this liner, as I think it is of excellent quality, and the brand does try to cater to more natural and sensitive skin, so it seems safe on the eyes. It states to not put this on the waterline but I have had absolutely no issues, with or without contacts.

Does anyone else find themselves in not only a beauty products obsession, but under arms length of make up bags? I don't know how, I don't know when, but I have found myself the owner of numerous make up bags. Some free bee's (GWP) and so on, but I just think I have so many! Each month, I'll try to showcase what I have collected so far.
Another part of my beauty collection ^^

This pink cosmetic bag was a gift from my mother after her trip to Korea.

What have you guys been loving this month?


  1. I am totally digging your makeup style! I have been dying to try Bourjois blush and MUFE F&B! Great post!

  2. Ahh, so many gems here! I have to agree with you on Luminoso! It is such an easy blush to wear and such a "I'm naturally pretty not wearing blush" kind of look to it ;) Definitely going to look into the Lorac luminizer and the Bourjois blush! And the Paul & Joe shadow, it sounds divine! Loving the cute bag! I know what you mean with the GWPs, that's where a lot of my bags come from too!

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I really liked this post and your makeup.


  4. As usual..I love your favorites. Simple! Very similar to my routine (which is even simpler lol). Is it safe to tightline with the Physician's Formula eyeliner? Because, if I remember correctly from the packaging it said not to? Idk if I've just had mine for too long or if it's defective but whenever I use it I always have trouble getting smooth line that hassame consistency =\

  5. @mandy: It states to not use it on the waterline but I have done so with no reactions. I have also seen people on Youtube do the same with no complaints.
    Not getting a smooth line, really? That's strange, mine is quite good, o no...

  6. As you may already know, I'm a blush addict. I don't have Milani around to try out that blush, and the others that you swatched in your other post, but I do have Bourjois in my drugstore. The only thing is their blushes cost $19. Do you think Bourjois blushes are worth that much?

  7. Thanks for this post hun!I need this brown liner and the blushes look so pretty!!lovely items in your make up bag!!!


  8. I love your blog! I follow, I would like to see my blog and tell me what you think!

  9. hmm 19 bucks! No I personally don't blv it's worth that price I think max 13, but I would wish list it for some kind soul to give when the holidays roll around. Surprised at the price! I requested this item in my swap =\ but i think it's cheaper on the UK

  10. New reader :) Loving your blog!! Just had to comment on this post about your abundance of makeup bags because that sounded just like me! I have drawers of the things and no idea about how I have collected so many! haha

  11. yup! seriously i look around like, how did this happen!? lol glad to know im not alone


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