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Mineral Foundation Reviews - Base Make up Part 1

To organize and review various parts of my make up collection, I am beginning a mini series dedicated to base make up.
The reviews are broken up, and are overall lengthy, because I believe if the base looks good, the rest of your face follows

Part 1 is all about the mineral foundations I have in my collections and currently rotate through, thoughts and opinions are my from my own experience and skin type.

Reference: Combination Oily Skin
Coloring: NC 25

Part 1 -Mineral Foundations

I enjoy the idea of mineral foundations. Whenever my skin is looking a bit aggravated or congested, I run to my mineral foundations because I feel they let the skin breathe ( if you find the right one) others can feel quite pore clogging

Before beginning:

Before I use each of the below reviewed foundations, I always
prime with the Laura Mercier mineral foundation primer ( mine is a mini version ) I personally do not see too much of a difference using a mineral primer vs. a normal primer. I don't think you need both, and the mineral primer has extremely small additional benefit, on my skin

1. Korres Wild Rose Mineral Foundation - Shade: Light

The newest addition to my collection. Korres is a natural brand and I would recommend if you have sensitive skin as they attempt to stay very natural.
The shade selection is unfortunately poor. They only carry four shades.
The packaging is the only mineral foundation I own with a sifter without the twist close holes option, this means this can get quite messy to travel with.
The powder is quite smooth, and is pretty finely milled
This foundation is the only foundation in my collection that for some reason ( I have no idea why)
seems to react better to mineral primers. Whenever I wear this with a normal primer ( I did try a few) it would oxidize. It would turn quite orange, and I pretty much look like I faked tanned during lunch. When using a mineral primer, this effect seems less apparent and the color stays more true throughout the day, but oxidation still does occur, just on a less severe level
It does have a nice glow, and is 100% natural. I think if you have quite sensitive skin this would be a good foundation to try, but I would also recommend buying it at Sephora and asking for a sample of mineral primer to make sure it would work for you.
Oil control power is adequate. I always get shiny by lunch time, but truth be told, I don't find myself grabbing for this often
If I forget to use the right primer, I end up having quite a bit of issues during the day. Granted I doubt my office notices myself going up a few shades during the day, but I really dont like dealing with any oxidation if I can help it.
SPF 30

2. Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation - Shade: Natural Beige

One of the more popular mineral foundations on the market.
I...WISH I liked this foundation...
The texture is amazing. The finest out of all the ones in my collection. It's so *glowy* The first time I ever experienced a powder that can glow. When you apply it to your skin and buff it in, it melds so easily. It actually feels like it goes from powder to almost a cream on your face. I have no idea how Laura got that to happen, but definite kudos!
This is for those who enjoy a dewy finish.

Now to the cons, the first thing is, I think this clogs my pores. Whenever I use this consecutively I seem to develop clogged pores at an increasing rate. There is an ingredient in here I may be allergic to, that many higher end brands use to make their powders feel very silky.
Common ingredient which causes this effect are Bismuth Oxychloride and Mica
Another con is the coloring.
On me this does not stay 1 color all day. When I apply this in the morning regardless of primer, it goes on too dark. I don't apply a heavy layer, but it apples as if I just turned into a NC 35. Crazy right??
Then in about one hour, it transforms and matches my skin exactly! Back to love. It stays that way for about 5 hours then starts to turn darker slowly. Eventually I go up an entire shade at the end of the day.

I have read many reviews, and have not heard many people state the above claims. Usually all I hear is "holy grail" so I keep trying to make this product work for me, but it just doesn't. Complete pity, because this is the best formula powder I have seen, just strange coloring and clogged pores, leads this to collect dust.
SPF 15

3. MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural - Shade: Medium

This is another fail for me =(

This powder is quite glowy and natural ( things I love) I have used this over just concealer as my base, or have sprayed fix + on my brush and just used this as a heavier base.
This 100% clogs my pores - I have no doubt, and quite possibly the least amount of oil control in a powder I have in my entire make up collection.
This never claims to mattify skin, but when you apply a powder and within 20 minutes the oils are seeping through, the powder is not working well
You may recall a post I had done earlier, where I tried to make this work, in the end my modified routine does work, but, it's just a little too high maintenance, and the lack of oil control makes this not something I reach for anymore.
Huge shame because I loved the glowing/natural effect

4. Lancome Ageless Minerale -Shade: Natural Beige 10

My favorite of the bunch by a long shot. Lancome base make up has never broken me out or caused any irritations. I usually run to them with foundation SOS issues, because I trust the brand.

I don't hear many people speaking about this foundation, but it's my favorite.
The powder is almost just as fine as the Laura Mercier's. It is not as glowy, but it definetly does have of a more satin finish. This does have a bit of proper natural shine.

It melds quite nicley into the skin, it is extreamly long lasting, and it just looks like I dont have any make up. (win, win, win)
This also has never oxidized on me
This does have an SPF of 21, but does not alter my pictures at all

Bare Mineral, Mineral Veil

None of the foundations listed above are are the best at controlling my oils, so in the morning I do a quick and light sweep of BM Mineral Veil on my T zone.
I have tried the Bare Minerals foundation and it made my skin itchy, but the mineral veil does not seem to have that effect. It does look pink, but goes on translucent on the face.
This definitely helps with oil control! It doesn't keep you matte all day, but you will notice a significant change with this addition as a finishing powder on the T zone. I use this anytime I wear any of the above reviewed foundations.

Swatches-Heavily swatched
L-R: Laura Mercier, Lancome, MAC, Korres

Swatches - Blended
L-R: Laura Mercier, Lancome, MAC, Korres

You can definetly notice the Laura Mercier not matching my skin in the beginning and darkening, the others blended quite well

Do you guys have mineral foundation favorites?


  1. Isn't the portion with the holes the sifter? Or did you have to put that in yourself?

    I've tried..2 of the 4 you reviewed. And they work well for me. I even think the laura mercier blends out too light for me(I got a sample of the same shade)! Which is very surprising since when I was swatching it at Sephora it seemed pretty dark. The MAC MSF-Natural, I agree, doesn't have too good of oil control in the summer time but right now I haven't had too many problems with it when I'm combo skin. So strange and interesting how products/skin works on everyone..=\

    I can't wait for the rest of this series!! I love reading about makeup base products =D

  2. i never tried any mineral foundations since most of them have spf, and for some odd reason im allergic to some sorta spf ingredient. I did however swatched the bare essential's product on my finger at a local sephora, the result was my finger became sausages, they itch so bad even after i wash my hand and was holding ice, it didnt go away for like hours, and all it took was just 1 swatch....

    i actually have the MAC mineralize skin finish natural in medium deep, but i use it as a bronzer, and iactually really like it

  3. @mandy: ur right!!! oops! i meant that thing you can twist so the powder cant come out. I am not sure what that thing is called...
    Yup everyone's skin is different but nice to hear from all parties so i know what to try next!

    @Jessy: WOW really????? Whoa... BM does use that Bisumuth ingredient, it sounds like that may effect you, it does cause me to be itchy but no swelling. Read the ingredient list and just try to avoid if you can!

  4. Yay that you like the Lancome too! I am thinking about digging it out now that weather is getting a bit warmer XD

  5. i think have the same shade as you but it's too dark for me right now >_< i guess i'll start wearing it again in the summer!

  6. I love love love this post.. Sooo helpful as I was on the hunt for a good mineral foundation. I have bareminerals but i feel it's too drying on me.. Thank God I didn't get any crazy reaactions with it tho.. But i'm just not lovin it..

    I love Korres products but I hate products the oxidize.. so that's a no no.. And MAC face foundations and powders just scare me as they have too many chemicals in them..

    So I'm definitely checking out Lancome thanks to you! Honestly, this post has helped me A LOT! So thanks again hun =)

  7. Great post! I don't go anywhere without bare minerals, it gives me just the right coverage! But it can be a pain in the but to try and get even!

  8. I have a mineral foundation by Bare Minerals and I totally love it! Thank you for these reviews!


  9. I've been really interested in the Korres line of mineral foundations for the hot summer months! I've read a lot of positive reviews about the stuff.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. I love this series. I am always on the lookout for new/better base makeup especially when it comes to oil control! Thanks for sharing your experiences with these products. I might have to give the Lancome one a whirl!

  11. so great blog ! i enjoy every day. ;)

  12. I use Meow mineral foundation and I love it. I haven't tried any of these to compare though.

  13. ive tried ARTDECO mineral foundation which i liked....
    but now i want to give the clinique mineral foundation a try..

    great post!

  14. Thank you for the review!! So far I've only tried one mineral foundation and it's form Clinique. Initially I didn't like it because I felt it made my face really flat. Recently I'm giving it another go >.<

  15. I use Meow mineral foundation and I love it. I haven't tried any of these to compare though.

  16. @mandy: ur right!!! oops! i meant that thing you can twist so the powder cant come out. I am not sure what that thing is called...
    Yup everyone's skin is different but nice to hear from all parties so i know what to try next!

    @Jessy: WOW really????? Whoa... BM does use that Bisumuth ingredient, it sounds like that may effect you, it does cause me to be itchy but no swelling. Read the ingredient list and just try to avoid if you can!


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