Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Presents from Across the Pond!

I have recently had the very good fortune of "meeting" online a wonderful blogger.
Her site is 25FLONDON ( go visit! for amazing swatches!!)

Anywho, we somehow developed a swap, when I offered to send her a Milani blush I had previously posted which was not available in the UK. I sent her a few bits, and her being as lovely as she is sent me some amazing stuff back!! *gushing* Because I am loving everything!

The goods, I was drooling!

I had requested a few items, but she sent much more! Everything she chose is amazing so far!


Bourjois is a brand that was formerly in Sephora, but is long gone now...
I really really wanted to try their famous chocolate bronzer, and requested a blush ( addict here) in the color Rose D'or

Bronzer - Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder Shade 52

I chose the darker shade of the two. It really is not dark at all. It's more of a tan version of NARS Laguna. It does have shimmer but does not transfer on the face, and the smell is something sweet. I am not sure if it's chocolate, but its quite nice! Even though the packaging is in cardboard, its quite stiff, and sturdy. Harder then Benefit's boxed powders, and the size is very convenient for the every day make up bag.

Best drugstore bronzer I have ever come across. Overall great bronzer, high end or drugstore, The powder is quite nice and finely milled.

Blush -Rose D'or 34

Im in LOVE. I specifically requested this shade after seeing it featured on Bubblegarm's post. Hwr swatch is way better than mine, so check it out!

There are not many reviews on these blushes, but this color is perfect!

It's a fresh natural pink with gold shimmer. When I apply it, it looks exactly like my NARS O illuminator ( favorite liquid highlighter) The problem with NARS is it goes away in about 1 hour for me ( sucks) this looks exactly the same on my skin and lasts far far longer with a proper primer.
Pigmentation is not amazing but can be built up, and it's worth it for the glow

The blush does have a downfall. It frosts, badly! When i tried to swatch it for the photos after a few swatches it turned SILVER like a chrome on top of the product. Very freaky...I heard this happens with baked blushes but after years of use not a few swatches...

I read it is as good as new once you scrape that layer off. I kept the brush that comes with the blush. The brush for application is semi useless. I kept the brush because I use the handle of the brush to scrape off the frost. Little handy tool I suppose

Regardless, I love this blush because it imparts a beautiful pink golden glow

Barry M and Number 17

Barry M Lipgloss in Toffee Number 2

I had requested this lip gloss. It is probably among my top 3 glosses. Smells sweet, but not overly so. Slight shimmer, but not obvious. The color is like a n*de with mauve in it. It's just one of my go to's and now I am soo happy I have a back up. This looks nice alone but it is PERFECT over MAC's Blankety

25FLondon had stated this gloss is hard to come by. Due to popularity and ruined versions due to sampling/testing, so this was a bit of a search.

Barry M Nail Paint in Blue Moon 317
This was a complete surprise! I was like "oo0o00oo000" at the color!
Look at it! isnt it pretty???

I will definitely wear this alot this summer! Limited edition shade and matte. In the bottle its like a mix of sky blue and robins egg blue on my skin it comes across as a corn flower blue. It is matte, and takes 2-3 coats for opaque coverage.

So excited to own a Barry M nail paint, and I just love this color!

Number 17 Lip shine in Beehive

Another surprise thrown in! I actually forgot to request this color, but I felt like I was already asking for too much since Toffee seemed hard to find, but it was there!!! I was like, OMG, how did she know??? THANK YOU! haha I really did think that

Very reminiscent to MAC's Hue, which is one of my favorite shades. It seems about one degree less pink that Hue, and leans more towards n*de but it is glossier. and I think Hue is going to have some serious competition for more reached for every day color

Last Bit - Most women's weakness are diamonds and chocolate
I'll take either or, and she delivered

Sorry, some are eaten, I ate this pretty quick after opening the package, the rest did not last long...

The two wrappers, Flake and Twirl - Why don't we have these in the US???? Because they're AMAZING

Cadbury, if you can some how can hear me, let's bring these to the US market!

So that is my swap/haul from the UK. I am in absolute love with everything and could not have asked for anymore.
Absolutely ecstatic about it all, and want to give a huge thanks to the beautiful 25FLondon


  1. aw~~~thats so sweet of her~~when i first saw the bourjois bronzer...i was like chocolate??? ididnt know bougjois does chocolate, then i saw the packaging says bronzer... speaking of chocolate, irecently bought a lot of cadbury cuz the eastern themed chocolate were on sale, and i finished all of them creme eggs in one day...

    btw im holding a giveaway, if you are feelign lucky, come and sign up~~~


  2. Great swap! I have been wanting to try the Bourjois blushes for awhile but can't seem to find them around me. I love 25FLONDON's blog, it's so awesome.

  3. Great picks! Beehive looks so pretty, and the chocolate bronzer is something I really want to try! x

  4. What a anice package! I recently bought Beehive from a blog sale because we don't have any of these brands here )=

  5. I LOVE everything she got you! I love the Bourjois bronzer and Barry M Toffee so much! That nail polish looks gorgeous too, especially for Spring :)

  6. WOWW~ awesomee! hahaha gotta love swaps! The Barry M nailpolish is too cute!

  7. What a lovely package! I wanted to check out barry M lip gloss when i was in UK.. then I didn't have enough time to pic one up - i'll have to next time. I used to LOVE flakes hehe. They are realllllyyyy good. The blush looks gorgeous! I left you an email btw :D

  8. The chocolate bar looking bronzer is so cute!!

  9. i've definitely become a fan of Barry M products, they have such great colors!

  10. The chocolate bar looking bronzer is so cute!!

  11. i've definitely become a fan of Barry M products, they have such great colors!

  12. Great swap! I have been wanting to try the Bourjois blushes for awhile but can't seem to find them around me. I love 25FLONDON's blog, it's so awesome.


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