Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cheek Combos of the Week

I have been for going foundations and tinted moisturizers for just concealer and translucent powder which is minimal, but uninspiring

The "spice" part of my routine have been the new cheek combinations I have been playing around with

Basic recipe : Matte cream blush base + Shimmery highlight/blusher item applied right on top

This weeks rotation:

For bright cheeks:

Top Shop Neon Rose + Stereo Rose

For a Healthy Flush

Stila Petunia + MAC's By Candlelight

Peach Glow

Stila Gerbera + MAC Melon pigment

I tend to wear the "bright cheek" combo during the weekend when I can get away more from office life

Healthy Flush found it's name because Stila Petunia is my color of health! Blended out it becomes my natural flush color after the gym. By Candlelight is my favorite MSF and I will take any excuse to use it

Stila Gerbera is a more peachy pink but Melon pigment is a more dark peach orange melon color that has a reflex of almost green gold (amazing)

Thank you Danielle for the amazingly generous pigment sample!!

For the peach combo I cant wait to get off P10P and get my hands on Stila's Gladiola or MAC's Something Special which would make this pigment combo outstanding~!

The tool I use? My ever so fancy ELF fan brush, applies the perfect amount of product to get your glowing cheeks! I fan it over the whole cheek and when you move in the light it gives that whole side of your face the *glow*

Because you place the cream blush as a base, the loose thin layer of shimmer powder is able to stick on the base and lasts most of the day

R-L Petunia with By Candle Light, Gerbera with Melon Pigment, Neon Rose with Stereo Rose

See how amazing Melon is??

What has been your glowing combo's lately?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Look Book 7 - Crochet Cute

A Grandma approved outfit

Top + Shorts : Urban Outfitters
Belt: Stolen from my mom (Probably Korea)
Wedges: J Crew
Rings: Aldo +F21
Necklace: Top Shop

Showing a little skin in the summer is not bad in my book. Especially when it has a cute peek a boo effect like this crochet shoulder top.

I'm sorry you cannot see the length of my shorts, none of the pictures came out right for them but they stop mid thigh

You can see the amazing HRH Collection model the same shorts in this video

I'm sure you are all tired of seeing these JC wedges by now! But I FINALLY found some sandals
( took long enough ) and should be posting them soon!

In the interim, these wedges have been faithfully glued to my feet as a season staple. I do have a lot of clothes ( I think ) but you guys are seeing a pattern of repeat items that I just tend to go to

I never realized until I enlarged the pictures that the ring I wear with the multiple rings have patterns on them! Go F21!

This belt was borrowed *cough* stolen from my mother. One thing about me is I never buy expensive belts...I just can't pay $30+ dollars for a strip of fake leather... The belt was a bit too big for me unfortunately as it was already on the last hole, so I am currently on the look out for a nice gold belt. J Crew has many but in this area, I am quite the cheap skate

Are there any things you guys just never splurge on?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Top 10 Tag and Give away Winner!

Tagged by the wonderful BloominBeauty5 - Here are my Top 10 Beauty Products!

MUFE Face and Body : Sheer, natural, blends seamlessly, and never looks cakey. This foundation is water resistant, so it is excellent for summer
Not sure if this is my HG yet, but it's coming damn close

I apply this with a Sonia Kashuk Stippling brush and Fix + for a dewy light finish

Milani Luminoso: A complete drugstore gem. I end up wearing this pretty much non stop, and I can't believe I have yet to get bored with this. Perfect for work or time off, this gorgeous peachy blush gives the perfect amount of glow that's never over the top, but always luminous

NARS Dolce Vita: A personal fave for fall and winter. I don't hear as many people talking about this shade and I have no idea why! This is the most gorgeous berry toned color.

The lipstick, the blush, the gloss, I own them all and will always repurchase
This color may look scary but it gives a more sculpted effect that leans more towards sophisticated without being old lady

Any age can wear this gorgeous matte berry, a NARS must have in my humble opinion

Blistex: A very recent discovery for mine ( I know, where the hell have I been?) disguised beneath the extremely non outlandish packaging is the best lip balm period.

I've tried balms from Shisiedo, MAC, By Terry, and have gone all over the drugstore route. This baby is the winner!

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder brush: A complete stumble of a gem. I received this as part of a Laura Mercier Mineral foundation pack. This is her version of a mineral foundation brush, which I hated it for. Talk about shedding!!! ( Ok, I did not expect much, it was sold in a gift set...) but used on any pigmented or baked blush (Dolce Vita and Luminoso included) provides the perfect cheek application that's never overly sheer nor heavy. The perfect hand is easily found with this brush

Moroccan oil: Complete hair HG. I apply this to my hair mostly wet, and prepared for silky strands in the AM. Not only does this help my hair dry at a rapid speed, but on day two, my hair is beyond silky soft, and feels incredible. Makes me not want to wash it! When applied dry, it provides assistance to damage ends, and adds easy shine

Lorac Moonstone: In the world of Champagne and neutral shadows, this is my number 1. I know, it does not look special in the pan, even when applied its alright but as the day goes on it just starts looking even better and not really fading, but more intensifying on my lid with the natural oils to make the most amazing shade. I can't stand Champagne colors which are too gold, it has to have a bit of pink in it for me to really stand out, this for me is my number 1 most used shadow for everyday, and I already have a back up.
Do you see the pan? That never happens to me!

By Candle light: More MAC MSF's need to be like this formulation. A sheen not glitter, pinky gold, with refinement. In the winter when I am paler, I can use this as a blush for a glowing semi n*de pink effect. Blush or highlight, this is my favorite highlighter. It beats Dior Amber diamond for me by a long shot

Shu Uemura Hard 9 Brow Pencil Seal Brown: Best brow pencil ever. When I bought this I couldn't even swatch it and had to buy it blind. This formulation of this pencil only releases pigment when mixed with the oils on your skin that are a part of your own eyebrows. ( I know, what?? It's that smart~) The pencil is soo long, much longer than traditional eye brown pencils and because it does not release color on any part of the skin except the eye brows this lasts forever! I use this 6-7x a week and sharpen it maybe 8x a YEAR

Talk about bang for your buck
Shu uemura is no longer available in US counters, but can be purchased online.

Clarasonic: No, this is not the pore blaster that it's famously claimed. This did not provide quick results either, but over the months you notice an overall clarity to your complextion (not spots wise) but less scarring, faded freckles, and it just really helps make your skin look even With the mild daily exfoliation, super soft skin to the touch is to be expected

For the Top 10 Tag I nominate:

Now on to the Give away Winner :
*Please note the winner was chosen via Random.Org*
And the winner is...



I will email you tonight for your address details.

Everyone, let us congratulate Spider Girl!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Current Obsessions for Summer

Proenza Suede Bag in Peach - How perfect would this be for summer?

Proenza Schouler shoulder bag

Debrah Lippmann Polishes
Shown in Light as Air

Bobbi Brown Tortoise Palette in Shell

Lauren Conrad - Seriously how amazing does her hair look?

Ombre Hair - Hair obsession continues

Marc Jacobs Cranberry- My Summer Scent
Love this blush pink shade too!

Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara - It flakes but I love it still

Jergans Natural Glow - This stuff works!!

Spinning!! - Exercise Obsession of the week!


Jeffrey Cambell Lita's
When I first saw these I was like nuh uh...but the more I see them, the more I love em
Practicality be gone!

New Frozen Summer Drinks

McDonalds Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

Dunkin Donuts Frozen Hot Chocolate - No whip for me!

Clothes Encounters!!!!!

Wardrobe inspiration and tips galore!
I own Maybelline's Give me Gold Palette because of Jenn!

What are some of your summer obsessions?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Benefit Box Powders - A Review

Benefit...(insert long pause) is a hit miss brand for me. To be honest, it's mostly misses, I think I have returned far more of Benefit items, than any other brand I have ever tried. The cute packaging ALWAYS gets me! The clever names, and did I mention the packaging?? I honestly think the brand is a BIT overpriced buuuut they definitely do offer some nice quality products, that has earned the brand quite a following.

One of the brand's more well known items are their famous boxed powders

My Benefit boxed powder collection - aren't these cute?

General's about the Benefit Box Powders
Retails: $28 -USA
All comes in a Cardboard box
All box powders include a brush ( which I personally don't think is very useful)
Box powders all seem to have a light sweet scent
New powder packaging includes hinge + mirror

First up for review, are the blushes R-L T-B (Coralista, Bella Bamba, Dandelion)

My first boxed powder was Dandelion

Described as a ballerina pink, this is a very natural sheer color with micro shimmers
This is described as a highlight and all over face powder
The color is light enough if you have the right skin tone, to use all over your face. If your skin tone is more deep it will be better as a highlight.
Since I am in between fair and deep I use this as a blush
Like I said, this color is very natural! I tend to like pretty obvious looking blush, not clown level but a nice healthy color
I end up really layering this on my NC25 skin tone to make the color have the effect I am looking for. This is one of the box powder's where the brush actually applies the color to a decent level.
I would not repurchase this again, because it does not suit my blush taste, but if you younger, maybe High School, or have a very fair complexion, I think this would be an excellent choice
It just tend's to give you a slight natural glow...how many times can I describe this as natural...

Coralista and Bella Bamba are the more pink/coral blushes of the brand
In the pans, they actually look quirte similar

Coralista is more of a peachy pink and definitely what I would consider a coral color
Bella Bamba is described as a watermelon pink. It's by far more pigmented than any of the other blush colors, and is defiantly pink! Bella Bamba is the farthest blush in both pigmentation and color from Dandelion
Both have gold shimmers

Bella Bamba is the only box powder I have in Benefit's "new packaging" Which includes a hinge, and to many people a huge hallelujah THANKS, a mirror.
I personally don't know which people were more happy about, the hinge or the mirror.
The box powders are housed in sturdy-ish cardboard boxes. I have seen some people travel with these, and the boxes do end up looking quite tattered.

I personally don't like the hinge because in two sample box powders I nicked the powder when I was attempting to close this, OOPS, so sorry Sephora!
I have to be pretty careful and take my time to close this properly which is bad, because in the morning I am usually in a rush

The new boxes are also a bit smaller than the original predecessors

The size comparison is not only limited to the box, but the amount of product itself. That's right ladies. They have changed the content amount of these box powders.
The original boxes held .42 oz, while the new boxes are .28oz
Decrease in product, but not in price, not cool Benefit, not cool

$1 an oz, pretty easy math at least

Benefit Bronzers

I have two Benefit boxed powders that I have more of a bronzing feature, the famous Hoola, and Dallas

Hoola is a matte bronzer that has won the hearts of many. It's very pigmented and the high selling point of this bronzer to me is the fact that it is matte, which many consider far more natural for contouring

On me, Hoola is quite an ashy brown, and easily, EASILY creates a muddy effect on my skin. I don't know...I have heard many girls claim this as their HG with the same skin tone as mine, so it may just be personal preference on how you like your bronzers to look on you

In the Laguna, Hoola wars, I am a Laguna girl

I can't take away the fact that Hoola is an HG bronzer to many women because it really is amazing. The color if on the right skin tone looks incredibly natural, the powder is soft and finely milled, and the pigmentation is strong, meaning this could last a person years, which makes it well worth the price tag

Dallas is my most recent box powder. I passed it for years never giving it a second though but after hearing some surprising reviews I picked this up. I love Dallas. It's like a rosy bronze. I love bronzers that seem to have that hint of pink or rose in them. Not harsh, can be used in that famous three motion on the face, and a bit on the apple to just make you look very healthy and natural. Because the pigmentation is quite good you don't have to layer this stuff on to have a very evident effect, so powdery-ness begone, Just a quick swipe down the face and you definitely have that outdoor chic look!

Swatches L-R - Dandelion, Coralista, Bella Bamba, Dallas, Hoola

Indoor Lighting

In sunlight

Benefit Box Powders not listed but general short thoughts

Sugar bomb
I actually did own this once, and returned it. On my face, I had people literally tell me " That blush, looks like nothing special at all" OUCH seriously...but I knew they spoke the truth. I wore this three days in a row with three different brushes, and just could not get that fresh glow the company claimed...Every time I pass by Benefit I swatch this which is a very nice peachy pink, I am pretty bummed this did not work out for me
Quite nice shimmer when swatched

Benefit has revamped their packaging on all their box powders, except Sugar bomb, so you can still get this in the .42oz container

<span class=

10: No real thoughts I never really investigated this powder much, seems shimmery


Georgia : I never tried this powder but as an FYI this is being discontinued by the Benefit brand. If you love this powder, I would advise you go out and get it ASAP. Once it's gone from the remaining counter's its gone

What is your favorite Benefit boxed powder?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Look Book 6 - Keeping Casual

A Sunny Saturday

My version of a T shirt and Jeans day

Shirt: T by Alexander Wang
Short A&F
Belt: H&M
Wedges : J Crew
Other: MK Watch, Lorrain Stanick Cuffs, H&M Bracelet
Head Scarf: Vintage

One of my current obsessions of this week are head scarves. You can pick them up in any vintage or charity shop for very little money in nice colors. The one I am wearing is as actual a Turquoise colored map. I realized I don't have the best head to tie these so I have to secure mine with bobby pins

My hair looks a mess in the last picture, but seems far more tame in real life

Love beachy waves in the summer, since my hair is stick straight, does anyone know of any good products to make that casual wavy effect on stick straight hair?

How to tie a head scarf:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Look Book 5 - Crown of Jewels

Today was just errands and non stop Dr's appointments. When I go to the Dr. for some reason I try to look healthy, I really don't want any lectures on health when I'm there, so a rosy cheek is a must!

I was not planning on doing an OOTD post but by request from the lovely Tiffany here are some pics I snapped.

Please exscuse the less quality photo's as half were taken impromtly on the Iphone, and the not so glamorous frizz in the hair - rain was the culprit

The Dr's office has amazing lighting! Far better than my bedroom
Prepare for my professional Iphone pics

Blazer: H&M
Top: American Apparel
Jeans: BDG found at UO
Rings: Forever 21 + Topshop
Watch: Michael Khors
Bag: Aldo
Shoes: Korea
Head band: Anthropologie

You can kind of see my face today so...
Mascara: Chanel Inimitable Intense
Blush: Stila Convertible Color in Petunia -healthy flush!
Lips: Ample Pink Plush Glass
Chipped Nails : Essie's Mint Candy Apple

I've not mastered how to make jeans look good yet in photos, they're just indigo colored because I hate blue jeans for some reason.
Sorry for reusing the pic of the shoes and purse, but they were repeated again today because I was late
Alot of the pieces you have seen before, because although I do have somewhat a large amount of clothes which you can see glimpses of in the explosion background called a bedroom, I tend to wear the same 10 things over and over again.

Anyone else like that?

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