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Benefit Box Powders - A Review

Benefit...(insert long pause) is a hit miss brand for me. To be honest, it's mostly misses, I think I have returned far more of Benefit items, than any other brand I have ever tried. The cute packaging ALWAYS gets me! The clever names, and did I mention the packaging?? I honestly think the brand is a BIT overpriced buuuut they definitely do offer some nice quality products, that has earned the brand quite a following.

One of the brand's more well known items are their famous boxed powders

My Benefit boxed powder collection - aren't these cute?

General's about the Benefit Box Powders
Retails: $28 -USA
All comes in a Cardboard box
All box powders include a brush ( which I personally don't think is very useful)
Box powders all seem to have a light sweet scent
New powder packaging includes hinge + mirror

First up for review, are the blushes R-L T-B (Coralista, Bella Bamba, Dandelion)

My first boxed powder was Dandelion

Described as a ballerina pink, this is a very natural sheer color with micro shimmers
This is described as a highlight and all over face powder
The color is light enough if you have the right skin tone, to use all over your face. If your skin tone is more deep it will be better as a highlight.
Since I am in between fair and deep I use this as a blush
Like I said, this color is very natural! I tend to like pretty obvious looking blush, not clown level but a nice healthy color
I end up really layering this on my NC25 skin tone to make the color have the effect I am looking for. This is one of the box powder's where the brush actually applies the color to a decent level.
I would not repurchase this again, because it does not suit my blush taste, but if you younger, maybe High School, or have a very fair complexion, I think this would be an excellent choice
It just tend's to give you a slight natural many times can I describe this as natural...

Coralista and Bella Bamba are the more pink/coral blushes of the brand
In the pans, they actually look quirte similar

Coralista is more of a peachy pink and definitely what I would consider a coral color
Bella Bamba is described as a watermelon pink. It's by far more pigmented than any of the other blush colors, and is defiantly pink! Bella Bamba is the farthest blush in both pigmentation and color from Dandelion
Both have gold shimmers

Bella Bamba is the only box powder I have in Benefit's "new packaging" Which includes a hinge, and to many people a huge hallelujah THANKS, a mirror.
I personally don't know which people were more happy about, the hinge or the mirror.
The box powders are housed in sturdy-ish cardboard boxes. I have seen some people travel with these, and the boxes do end up looking quite tattered.

I personally don't like the hinge because in two sample box powders I nicked the powder when I was attempting to close this, OOPS, so sorry Sephora!
I have to be pretty careful and take my time to close this properly which is bad, because in the morning I am usually in a rush

The new boxes are also a bit smaller than the original predecessors

The size comparison is not only limited to the box, but the amount of product itself. That's right ladies. They have changed the content amount of these box powders.
The original boxes held .42 oz, while the new boxes are .28oz
Decrease in product, but not in price, not cool Benefit, not cool

$1 an oz, pretty easy math at least

Benefit Bronzers

I have two Benefit boxed powders that I have more of a bronzing feature, the famous Hoola, and Dallas

Hoola is a matte bronzer that has won the hearts of many. It's very pigmented and the high selling point of this bronzer to me is the fact that it is matte, which many consider far more natural for contouring

On me, Hoola is quite an ashy brown, and easily, EASILY creates a muddy effect on my skin. I don't know...I have heard many girls claim this as their HG with the same skin tone as mine, so it may just be personal preference on how you like your bronzers to look on you

In the Laguna, Hoola wars, I am a Laguna girl

I can't take away the fact that Hoola is an HG bronzer to many women because it really is amazing. The color if on the right skin tone looks incredibly natural, the powder is soft and finely milled, and the pigmentation is strong, meaning this could last a person years, which makes it well worth the price tag

Dallas is my most recent box powder. I passed it for years never giving it a second though but after hearing some surprising reviews I picked this up. I love Dallas. It's like a rosy bronze. I love bronzers that seem to have that hint of pink or rose in them. Not harsh, can be used in that famous three motion on the face, and a bit on the apple to just make you look very healthy and natural. Because the pigmentation is quite good you don't have to layer this stuff on to have a very evident effect, so powdery-ness begone, Just a quick swipe down the face and you definitely have that outdoor chic look!

Swatches L-R - Dandelion, Coralista, Bella Bamba, Dallas, Hoola

Indoor Lighting

In sunlight

Benefit Box Powders not listed but general short thoughts

Sugar bomb
I actually did own this once, and returned it. On my face, I had people literally tell me " That blush, looks like nothing special at all" OUCH seriously...but I knew they spoke the truth. I wore this three days in a row with three different brushes, and just could not get that fresh glow the company claimed...Every time I pass by Benefit I swatch this which is a very nice peachy pink, I am pretty bummed this did not work out for me
Quite nice shimmer when swatched

Benefit has revamped their packaging on all their box powders, except Sugar bomb, so you can still get this in the .42oz container

<span class=

10: No real thoughts I never really investigated this powder much, seems shimmery


Georgia : I never tried this powder but as an FYI this is being discontinued by the Benefit brand. If you love this powder, I would advise you go out and get it ASAP. Once it's gone from the remaining counter's its gone

What is your favorite Benefit boxed powder?


  1. I think Dallas is going to be my next Benefit purchase. The only one I have is Sugarbomb, and I'm one of the lucky ones who gets a healthy glow with it. When I first bought it I was having a hard time trying to get it to work for me, but then I bought a new blush brush and gave it a go one day and it looked lovely. I've been using it daily. I'm not one for super pigmented blushes though, because my complexion is much more rosy than I'd like as it is.

  2. Ooh great collection! I only have benefit hoola and I love it! It can be a little dull looking, so I like using it mainly as a winter bronzer. I can't believe they changed the packaging like that. I am always tempted to buy more of the box powders, but they are so expensive for what they are!

  3. ohh what brush do you use with it!? I thought it was lovely but I just could not get the application right, and gave up, maybe too soon??

  4. im glad hoola works for your! I can tell it is an excellent bronzer! but it looks a tad grey on me, I think it would be better in the winter. Yes, I def do think they are a bit overpriced, esp now with the reduced quantity! *pouting*

  5. I LOVED this post! I feel like I always start off all of my comments with that, lol! Sugarbomb seems to be a love-it-or-leave-it kind of product...I personally love it but what can you do. This post definitely makes me want to get Dallas, though...I don't know why that one seems to get overlooked so much :-/

  6. Really great post hun! I think you said it all... I have Hoola, Dandeloin which was a gift and I barely ever use it, and Coralista I sold in my blog sale as I found it way too shimmery for me.. Hoola I use for contouring when I remember it =P My Dior, Korres & Chanel bronzer seem to take the spotlight from Hoola.. But it is a great product overall

  7. Bella Bamba, and sugar bomb <3 LOVE this post :D really nice ^^

  8. i know! dallas seems like... anyway... but i thought i would give it a whirl after vivianna does make up spoke of it and then a few ppl on twitter. Real ez color to wear. I have been having haunts on sugar bomb... maybe it was the brush? maybe try it again one day @.@ but i love bronzers with that hint of pink in em, just makes it 1 less step but still look great!

  9. Thanks! yeah hoola seems to be HG or sell it off. I think most of Benefit is like that!!!! i have been trying to make Dandelion work for me, but i have been wanting to chucking it at a wall bc it's just not. Maybe in the winter....ahh u sound like u have so many beautiful bronzers =D

  10. thanks so much!!! i love ur picture!!!

  11. Thank you so much for the review and swatches!Its so nice to see them all together!great post hun!!


  12. Thanks for this post! It's really helpful. I own Dallas and I love it!!! I think it's something between a blush and a bronzer. I wanna purchase also Georgia, Hoola and Dandelion.


  13. I remember when Dandelion first came out ... I was dying for it. It's amazing that after YEARS I've still not picked it up!

    ♥ Jessica

  14. lovely comparisons! i personally like Dandelion a lot.. perhaps it works well on my fairish skin but i really wanted to try Georgia.. sad to hear it's being discontinued! i might pop on their website and give it a go! yeah i'm only using their blush and creaseless shadows for now!

  15. Dandelion looks great on you!!! i think it looks better when it's winter and i am a bit more fair as I have received some color as of late

  16. Love the swatches girl! I agree with everything you said. Benefit is overpriced and I have had more disappointing experiences with them than probably any other brand I have tried--though I like their skincare line and fragrances ;) Coralista, Dallas and Bella Bamba are the stand outs for me. I never tried Throbbb or 10, though I think I have swatched them in store. Hoola I am so-so about and have owned Dandelion in the past, but was a little light for me. I have Georgia now, but its really a highlighter on my skin tone. Sugarbomb was the same for me, just didn't look like I had any blush or glow to my cheeks whatsoever. Of all of them, Bella Bamba is probably my fav. They should make a tangerine boxed powder I would go for that! :)

  17. i think dandelion would look AMAZING on ur complextion!!! Dallas is def a winner

  18. oh!! a tangerine box powder!! i would totally try that too! I know they have that new tint? Cha Cha? I don't know... I don't really like their tints either! I think Dallas is my fave, I def dont use it enough! lol
    I totally fgt about Throb during my review, oops, that one never interested me at all it seems!

  19. I didn't even notice the size change on the new boxes... I am glad that I got Coralista when it was big (not that I will finish them any time soon). My favorite one from the range is Thrrrob, which was discontinued.

  20. too bad about thrrrrob but as u said, these take forever to finish!! stinks about the new amts so its great you got the older boxes! im glad i have so many original boxes too!

  21. I use Rock & Republic's blush brush. I think it's the 102? It's super soft and I got it really cheap on HauteLook.

  22. I've never tried Benefit's blushes before but I am DYING to. I think I'll have to do some haulage soon ;)

  23. Really!!! give em a shot!!! post ur haul if u do! i want to see which one you would pick! =D


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