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Concealer Reviews - Base Make up Part 2

A continuation of my Base Make up Series! Part 2 - Concealers!
Please note that these are not all the concealers I have ever tried, but what is in my current collection/rotation

From the ages of 17-22 concealer was my best friend. Concealer was my foundation, it was my entire base make up, and it fit in my pocket! Concealer holds a special place in my make up life- so finding a good one, is important to me

Concealers come in tubs, sticks, tubes, and palettes. You can find great ones at any price point

Though I have concealers for eyes and some for face, to be honest...I usually just use one for my whole face ( morning laziness/speed)


No matter how many high end concealers I buy, I will always love drugstore more

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer (52): The newest concealer to my collection. This stuff is pretty awesome. Coverage is quite on the higher level of medium, opaque,and stays on my oily summer skin all day with a primer.
The color selection, lacks. Seriously. Most of the time online I only see 3 shades. I believe they have more than three but most places only show three, so definite need for a broader range.
There is a scent, which is apricot-ish and does not linger.
This banishes heavy dark circles but if you have light cirlces this may be too high coverage, and I mix it with a tiny bit of moisturizer. On blemishes its a bit better than ok, but if redness is your problem this is going to stick on like glue, and 12+ hours later redness is still concealed, blemishes a diff story.
One of my current go to's

Loreal True Match (W1-5 mix) - This was my best friend. 17-22 this was my whole base make up and I went through several several tubes of this stuff. This product has been mentioned on numerous beauty editor awards lists, and I think the True Match range overall is quite good.
This has a brush applicator and the color is opaque but not as thick in texture as Bourjois. This is more accessible for my American ladies and though they do offer more colors, I think the range of colors is too broad any many people may fall in between.
This is not as long lasting on my face as the Bourjois, but it will get your through the day. I think this looks more natural on blemishes, and is more hydrating during your "flaky period"
I am actually between shades of this concealer at the moment so I usually mix 2 to get my match and wait for BOGO deals.

Maybelline Mineral Concealer (Light 4-5): This is my current make up bag touch up concealer because I like concealers with wands. This is pretty good, but the above two are admittingly better. This does not last the whole day on my skin, about 7 hours. It does not do the best job at covering blemishes, and can get quite cakey looking under the eyes. Not bad for the price, but I prefer Loreal or Bourjois in the drugstore aisle

Beauty Maker Under Eye concealer: This is the only concealer I own where I don't put it on my face. It's too peachy. To hide blue/purple toned dark circles, aim for a peach to counter act the color. It may be darker than your real skin tone, but so are those circles! I bought this because it is a fave on some beauty bloggers. Though the texture is amazing, and the color is perfect, for some reason this looks drying on my eyes. It tends to dry the area up no matter how moisturizing an eye cream I use.
I think I need to play with this more but definitely not an HG for me

Higher End

YSL Touche Eclat Pen (2): I bought this very early on in my make up love development. When I first used it I thought HG HG HG for the under eyes. It could also be used to highlight other areas of your face but now that I have been testing and collecting, I can safely say, I don't believe this is worth it.
The price is quite high, and the effect can tend to give me backwards raccoon eyes. I know this is marketed as a highlighter instead of an under eye concealer, so this may have been my own mistake, but I do this this is a bit over rated.
When I apply this under my eyes I know what effect they were going for, but I just don't end up looking much brighter

Josie Maran Argan Oil Concealer(Sand): I used this consistently for a few months. It comes with two corresponding shades like the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer. One for under the eyes and one for the face.
The line only offers 3 shades of this concealer, but you can mix them to find your perfect match.
After using this for a few months I can safely say, the under eye concealer is not that great and tends to crease, and the face concealer is ok at blemishes, but wherever I apply this concealer on my T zone, becomes far more oily than normal...It may be because there is Argan oil in this product, and though it never caused reactions, I think I may reserve this only for the more drier seasons
The texture of both shades are quite nice, with a brush or fingers

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer(Light Golden): This concealer has quite a following, and claims to be able to cover tatoos. Again, a concealer that falls short for me...It defintly creases under my eyes but if your main concern is redness on the face, I highly recommend this product. It will cover like no other! I do think as the day goes on the texture of this product on the face gets drier, and has a tendency of flakiness if your skin is dry
The pigmentation and coverage ability is high

Kevin Beauty Maker BB Concealer (2) : ( Just realized I placed this brand in drugstore and High end =P) I think it is actually in between categories. This concealer really surprised me. The tube is so SMALL, but it is so highly pigmented. It is even more pigmented than the Amazing Cosmetics Concealer. The texture is thicker but it blends amazingly, and lasts all day. If you can try this, and fit into the again limited light shades, this is a nice concealer to try.

Lancome Concealer (Camee): Not too much description on this as it has been discontinued but if you find this online ton purchase, this concealer is very nice! I really don't know why they discontinued this, because the remaining concealers in their line I think are not as good! creamy, and blends easily~! Tons of product, and would be my favorite in terms of high end except the color I have is too pink for me

Swatches L-R
Amazing Cosmetics, Bourjois, Beauty Maker for face, Beauty Maker for Eyes, Josie Maran, Lancome, Loreal, Maybelline, YSL

I am still on the look out for an HG, what are your favorite concealers?


  1. I just bought Revlon Colorstay concealer a couple of weeks ago and I love it so far. It's creamy and doesn't get cakey. I use it on redness and under my eyes. Blends beautifully and doesn't crease. Not sure if it's HG status yet but it's been working for me so far.

  2. So many concealers! I've only tried 1 of all those mentioned and I don't remember liking it much (maybelline one). But it might have been because it was getting a bit old and neglected..may try it again in the future. I didn't know that loreal one is raved about..must wait for good chance to try when bogo comes along. Hmm the kevin beautymaker ones seem to work nice. Maybe that'll be next on my to try list =D I don't have a absolutely favorite concealer as of yet but I think the bobbi brown corrector isn't too bad. I may try a darker/peachier shade next time around though. Or just get the concealer version.

  3. What a great post! Very informative. Glad to know I shouldn`t go running to purchase Amazing Cosmetics Concealer. Money saved!

    I too have a big love for concealers! Mine needs to blend really well with my skin because I don`t wear foundation to blend it in with. I love my Lise Watier colour wheel, it has correctors and colours to help sculpt and highlight different parts of my face. But for under my eyes I love the BB corrector and concealer! AMAZING. Go to a counter and have them apply it to you, and walk around for a day. The thing will not BUDGE!

  4. @Obsessed.Makup.Addict : Thanks! everyone raves about the BB!!!! I have wanted to try it numerous times but the SA's always ignored me so i was always spiteful! will try it from Sephora now!

  5. Yess~ hahah concealer should be my best friend but sadly I've never tried any concealer before~ I def. need to though. Where did you buy the Bourjois one? I have never seen that brand in the drugstores near me. hmmm

    I want to try the Josie Maran one though~ hahaha or actually the beautymaker one seems good too.

    Thxs for the Review though! it was very helpful!!

  6. This is great!! I've been looking for a great concealer for ages so this is a real help. Ty ty ty!

  7. I feel the same about concealers. They are my MUST-HAVE basic makeup product. I own a few the same concealrs that you have shown and my fav from these are the YSL one and the BeautyMaker BB concealer. I use them and they're great. But I really LOVE the Maybelline one, which is in mousse form (in a jar). I also like MAC studio finish. The worst concealer that I have ever tried in my entire life, was Bobbi Brown concealer. It was way too oily and sticky for me.


  8. I feel the same about concealers. They are my MUST-HAVE basic makeup product. I own a few the same concealrs that you have shown and my fav from these are the YSL one and the BeautyMaker BB concealer. I use them and they're great. But I really LOVE the Maybelline one, which is in mousse form (in a jar). I also like MAC studio finish. The worst concealer that I have ever tried in my entire life, was Bobbi Brown concealer. It was way too oily and sticky for me.


  9. Oh wow I must have missed this post! Awesome post hehe. You have a quite a collection there! I'm definitely interested in in the bourjois..., will probably check it out when I go back to the UK :D thanks!

  10. I love Benefit Boi-ing concealer. I have just started using the Bourjois one and hopefully it's a keeper.

  11. the bo-ing was on my list to try, but lack of shades and $ made me try bourjois first

  12. i hppe you like it! i ordered mine on ASOS bc we dont have bourjois here unfot. bc it seems like quite a good drugstore brand~!

  13. Concealer is something I'm always eager to try, I've been through so many of them ! I love my TheBalm concealer for the moment. When I'm done with it, I will definetely try one of your recommandation :) And I was so tempted to buy that YSL pen concealer, luckily I won't have to shell out that much money for it! :))

  14. yup at first i thought the YSL pen was pretty HG but over the years i notice it's not that special and i just use it now for a brow bone highlight so i can finish it up

  15. Im a concealer junkie myself. I love the hard candy glamouflage at the moment.

  16. Sounds good! I think hards candy is only sold in walmart which is not around here :/ will check it out the next time I take a road trip, thanks for sharing!


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