Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Current Obsessions for Summer

Proenza Suede Bag in Peach - How perfect would this be for summer?

Proenza Schouler shoulder bag

Debrah Lippmann Polishes
Shown in Light as Air

Bobbi Brown Tortoise Palette in Shell

Lauren Conrad - Seriously how amazing does her hair look?

Ombre Hair - Hair obsession continues

Marc Jacobs Cranberry- My Summer Scent
Love this blush pink shade too!

Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara - It flakes but I love it still

Jergans Natural Glow - This stuff works!!

Spinning!! - Exercise Obsession of the week!


Jeffrey Cambell Lita's
When I first saw these I was like nuh uh...but the more I see them, the more I love em
Practicality be gone!

New Frozen Summer Drinks

McDonalds Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

Dunkin Donuts Frozen Hot Chocolate - No whip for me!

Clothes Encounters!!!!!

Wardrobe inspiration and tips galore!
I own Maybelline's Give me Gold Palette because of Jenn!

What are some of your summer obsessions?


  1. I'm with on most of the list (with the exception perhaps of the ombre hair =P). I'm in love with othe casing of the BB palette in shell, however I think I have too many BB palettes to justify another =(. My current obsessions are finding a good foundation for summer, drinking lots of water, and ogling the Chanel and NARS fall collections online!

  2. ohhh very nice obsessions!!!!! H20 is a must for summer!!! My foundation of choice for summer is MUFE F+B but if im lazy its just concealer and mattifying powder! lol the NARS fall collection promos are out??? I only saw Chanels! must google!!
    I don't have any BB shadows actually! so I would splurge on this...but it would break my current make up band! we will see what happens! =P

  3. I'm not a Lauren Conrad or The Hills fan but I have to admit Lauren always looks amazing. OMG me and my husband are hooked on that McDonalds Strawberry Lemonaide drink! LOL It is soooo good! The one by my house just came out with a mango one. Yum!

  4. I'm obsessed with ombre hair too.... I really want to do it to my hair but not sure how it would look with black roots...

  5. that bobbi brown palette looks gorgeous! And I'm also a huge Lauren Conrad fan - her style book has a permanent spot on my nightstand!

  6. Ah, I own that book! And Whitney's too! But lauren's book had amazing pictures and she has incredible hair right? Cant get over that hair lol

  7. Me too!! It looks so good on so many people but I have black roots also I would maybe dye the whole head dark brown and it may be easier? I wish I could do it! But I am pretty sure my office would disapprove :(

  8. Yup me too, I don't watch her shows just her random photos when she makes celeb websites she always looks put together!! Mango!? Omg how come we don't have it???? My bf would go gaga!! I will keep a lookout for that flavor!

  9. The Proenza bag in this color looks lovely ! I wish I could afford that bag :'( And I'm already subscribed to clothesencounthers :) ! !

  10. I fell head over heels for that Bobbi Brown palette the moment I saw it. I don't own any Bobbi stuff and I know nothing about Bobbi but I have to have that palette. Lauren Conrad is gorgeous and I hate her for it. I'm hoping my hair will look somewhat like that once I buy my clip-in extensions.

    This was such a cute post! I love seeing non-makeup things from time to time. =)

  11. OMG our taste is really so similar! First of all that bag in peach is gorgeous!!!! I wish I owned it. I love ombre hair as well! I even tried it on my hair, but it didnt work, the lighter color didnt show up. So I may try again. Then, JC Lita's!!!! Love them as well! But I think I wouldn't have an occasion to wear them. And I have to smell that perfume by Marc Jabobs.
    Loved this post, dear!


  12. great list! i love proenza schouler bags - i got a target "look-a-like" for $17, and it's tiding me over for now... I love the Deborah Lippman polish - it would look so pretty layered over pastels! Also lusting after the Bobbi Brown tortoiseshell palettes (I think I prefer the bronze, though - I love metallic shadow). love the new marc jacobs scents, too. and i think i'm going to go back to blonde a la LC, too. ;) i miss it, and staying brunette is hard work!

  13. I love this post. The bag is gorgeous!! I just bought a bag in dusty rose which is my summer obsession right now.

  14. SO much awesome in one post should be illegal! JK! ;) Love that bag, iced drinks are a must and I so want to try ombre hair! I think it would look gorg on your long locks!

  15. I. Want. That. Peach. Bag. Whoaaa it's too gorgeous! LG looks amazing as always, want her hair! Actually I wanted to go blonde-ish just because of her but did a 180 and went the opposite way to black! :D I always see the Jergens stuff at drugstores but never tried them, I should though if you say it works! I've never heard of frozen hot chocolate! Whaat?? DD always comes out with these weirdly named drinks lol I love their mocha cappuccino blast though yum yum I'd love some right now! :)

  16. I think jenn is so pretty from there!!!! I wish j could afford that bag too!

  17. I am so jealous of her hair!!! I don't own BB shadows so these may be my first!

  18. You tries to ombré ur hair? That's so cool!! I'm too chicken maybe? Isn't the bag amazing? I'm glad I'm not the only person obsessed with those shoes! When ifirst saw them I thought they were crazy but now I think they are amazing but I doubt j can walk a whole day in my city with them!

  19. 17 bucks? Must investigate!!! U looked gorgeous with blond hair, ESP with red lips amazig!!!!

  20. There is a dusty rose version of the proenza bag which is JUST as gorgeous I was drooling over both

  21. Aww thank u dear!!! I love the look but don't think the office would agree :( those ice drinks are addicting, seriously only a weekend treat! O wait it's the weekend now :) hehe

  22. The DD drink is new for summer!!! The bag is like always on my mind- pathetic much haha
    I love that girls hair like seriously!!! The Jergans works! Danielle also uses it!

  23. What does the marc jacobs cranberry smell like? I'd love to know :)

  24. omg, I could eat her hair, it looks that good


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