Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Pleasant Surprise

It's been two weeks of testing, and I can now safely say, I have controlled my oily skin!

My combo oily skin seems to have normalized during these last unbelievably humid heat wave days

The products that led to this ( for me, a miraculous change )

Unexpectedly, the Body Shop

I don't mean to diss the Body Shop in any way, I'm a regular customer, but for their skin care ranges, I have always kind of "EHHH" them off. For some reason I did not think their skin care products would deliver the level of results I was hoping for.
When watching a review on skin care products used by a woman who had impeccable skin, she stated she used the above Seaweed cleanser and was not expecting much because it was the from Body Shop ( sounded familiar) and was amazingly surprised

Thoroughly convinced, the skin care junkie in me took over, and walked my way to the shop and walked on out with the line.
Best skin care decision I've made in months.

The cleanser, foams nicely, and penetrate without making my skin feel dry/tight/ or itchy after wards. Oily skin reacts better with gel cleansers -claims to also remove make up
( I have never tested that factor)

The toner smells ok, nothing like seaweed, and absorbs quickly

The mattifying lotion is a gel, also good for those oily skinned ladies in summer. It penetrates, and absorbs with no sticky residue afterwards
(I use this day cream both day and night)

The whole line feels gentle, and has a scent reminicent to cucumber? I can't put my finger on it

Individually, I don't know if these products can deliver the results I have been experiencing because the mattifying day cream was introduced to my routine at a later time, but when I used all three of these items in conjunction, that's when the difference started.

Despite humidity, and temperature's in the 95+ range ( ugh by the way to that) I no longer get oily in the day! I have not been blotting (ok once per day, but better than my previous 3~! ) and the biggest deal breaker??? NO POWDER
No powder to set foundation, not powder to blot - this is quite different for me! (a happy change)

I will be posting the rest of my skin care routine shortly, but the above is the main bulk, and current crucial steps for me to maintain my new hopefully long lasting normal skin.

After being this impressed, I have already purchased the Hydrating Vitamin E line to try this winter ( self proclaimed skin care junkie speaking now)

I know every one's skin is different, and what works on my skin, may not yield the same results for everyone, but I must state, for me to try this line, and have these results, I am still quite surprised. I now bow my head in defeat, The Body Shop, you have truly created a good thing

So, have any of you tried the Body Shop Skin Care Lines?


  1. That sounds great! Congrats :D
    I've only tried bits and bobs from the Body Shop skincare line and wasn't very impressed. I may try it again if I com across any sales though since there are some good reviews on it. Idk..their line never stood out to me that much =X

  2. yea me too!!! i tried a few items and was always like EHHHHH but this one is a real gem in my eyes, try giving it a go if you are curious when they have a buy 3 get 2 free or something. They always have some promotion going on, which is a great opportunity! no pressure of course!!

  3. I actually use a lot of skincare items from The Body Shop and find them really great, they have products to match all types of skin too. I have dry skin and use the seasweed clarifying cleanser of all things ,and it's really great.

  4. wow, great to know it works for multiple skin types! def a fave of mine this month!

  5. Yay congrats! I've always used their body butters but I've seen so many impressive posts about their skincare lately that I'm interested to try a few more items.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I have tried a few bits and bobs, some were hit and miss, but this has been the biggest skin care hit by far! i also love the vitamin E facial spray!

  7. I've never really tried anything from the body shop except the body butters, but I might go check out their skincare products now!

  8. I have two trial sets of this skincare line and I recently reviewed the Seaweed Night Treatment and the Mattifying Day Cream on my blog! Unfortunately I'm not in love with this range given my oily skin. I've tried the toner and it's decent and I found that it did somewhat help shrink my pores. I have yet to try the face wash because I'm trying to use my other cleansers first. After seeing your review I'm looking forward to testing that out though!

  9. for me it has always been hit and miss, but they always have amazing deals going on, which is the prime opportunity to give them a go! the line is very reasonably priced in my opinion, especially during those amazing deals

  10. please tell me how it goes! i actually did not notice any real benefits when i just used the toner and the face wash, i thought ehh, but once i added the day cream, and used all three together is when the results really started to show. I dont believe independently they are outstanding, but as a team, they are quite worth while!

  11. This is such a great line from the Body Shop! I used to use the day cream as well. I found it to be lightweight and cooling on my oily skin, and it smelled great, too! I didn't find it did much for oil control, but it was pleasant and that's why I liked it!

    I agree, it smelled a lot like cucumber. :)

  12. I've tried this seaweed toner and it quickly became a HG for me! I don't have oily skin but I found that a lot of face washes made me break out every now and then and nothing would stop it except to stop washing my face (clearly not an option!! =P ) I started using this and it has done wonders! I still get the odd break out but not regularly and I find it helps keep it at bay for awhile too! =) I also use their Vitamin E hand and nail cream - miracle worker, especially if you use your hands for work/crafting =)

  13. seems like many people gave this a try with surprisingly mostly positive results!

  14. i swear by their lovely Vitamin E facial spray! I have tried their Vitamin E day cream and sink in mask in the winter which were nice, but a bit too thick for my skin type. I am quite interested in their Vitamin E illuminating cream for winter!

  15. Unfortunately, loads of my bodyshop purchases were a fail for me, but thanks to your review, I still bought that seaweed facewash. I only tried it yesterday and it gave me a fresh feeling but I had to apply moisturiser directly afterwards because my skin felt really tight even though I have oily asian skin :'( I'll see how it goes for the next few weeks :)
    And if that helps you, I already tried
    - Tea Tree Oil Facial Blotting Tissues (Great but way too expensive for blotting tissues imo)
    - Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner (currently using it)
    - Honey & Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask (didn't do anything for my skin)
    - Tea Tree Face Mask
    - Tea Tree Blemish Gel (worked but Avene's Triacneal worked way better than that)
    - Tea Tree Oil (same)
    - Vitamin C Microdermabrasion (hurt like hell)
    - Vitamin C Facial Radiance Powder (did nothing :'()

  16. wow! u did try so many body shop items!!! i nv tried the green tea line even though i did buy a cleanser bc for some reason i gave it a whiff and thought it may be too strong for my skin. I have only purchased from the seaweed line, Vitamin E line and Aloe line. Aloe line is ok, but the Vitamin E i have tried and enjoy for moisturizing boosts in the winter, seaweed seems to be better for summer! but i def did not like the vitamin C spray! hope you have more success this time around!

  17. I've tried the aloes day cream, wich has no color and does'nt smell anything. It made me super happy ! It has quite a watery texture, so it's not a gel like the seaweed. I've also tried the Vitamine E, but did'nt like to put it on at night, cause in my opinion, it does'nt smell so good...on your face. I think I'll repurchase the aloes one.


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