Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Look Book 6 - Keeping Casual

A Sunny Saturday

My version of a T shirt and Jeans day

Shirt: T by Alexander Wang
Short A&F
Belt: H&M
Wedges : J Crew
Other: MK Watch, Lorrain Stanick Cuffs, H&M Bracelet
Head Scarf: Vintage

One of my current obsessions of this week are head scarves. You can pick them up in any vintage or charity shop for very little money in nice colors. The one I am wearing is as actual a Turquoise colored map. I realized I don't have the best head to tie these so I have to secure mine with bobby pins

My hair looks a mess in the last picture, but seems far more tame in real life

Love beachy waves in the summer, since my hair is stick straight, does anyone know of any good products to make that casual wavy effect on stick straight hair?

How to tie a head scarf:


  1. I love those shoes from J Crew! They'd go with anything this summer!

  2. Those wedges are awesome! Great outfit :D

  3. Love it! Head scarves are so much fun, and also serve a much higher purpose in the summer <----not kidding lol. ;)

  4. thanks!!!! hmm? what do you mean?

  5. thanks this is an easy and fun accessory for summer!!!

  6. thanks!!! i broke them in today, and they gave me no pain at all. J Crew shoes are great

  7. The scarf look is SO adorable! I'm not sure I could pull a look like this off ... my hair is SO wavy and huge during the summer :)

    ♥ Jessica

  8. u have the perfect hair to pull this off!!!! if you think ur hair is too big take the top section and tie it, u know half up half down, then the down part shows the waves but the top part controls everything else. When wearing the scarf tie it below the elastic holding the top so it can have a base, and show off ur summer look =)

  9. I love the shoes and your scarf!!

  10. denim shorts are my favorites. new follower here :)


  11. Thanks!!! I was just trying something diff and loved the result! try it, I'm sure it would be so cute on u!

  12. Thanks so much for following dear!! Ripped denim shorts are one of my summer staples


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