Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Look Book 7 - Crochet Cute

A Grandma approved outfit

Top + Shorts : Urban Outfitters
Belt: Stolen from my mom (Probably Korea)
Wedges: J Crew
Rings: Aldo +F21
Necklace: Top Shop

Showing a little skin in the summer is not bad in my book. Especially when it has a cute peek a boo effect like this crochet shoulder top.

I'm sorry you cannot see the length of my shorts, none of the pictures came out right for them but they stop mid thigh

You can see the amazing HRH Collection model the same shorts in this video

I'm sure you are all tired of seeing these JC wedges by now! But I FINALLY found some sandals
( took long enough ) and should be posting them soon!

In the interim, these wedges have been faithfully glued to my feet as a season staple. I do have a lot of clothes ( I think ) but you guys are seeing a pattern of repeat items that I just tend to go to

I never realized until I enlarged the pictures that the ring I wear with the multiple rings have patterns on them! Go F21!

This belt was borrowed *cough* stolen from my mother. One thing about me is I never buy expensive belts...I just can't pay $30+ dollars for a strip of fake leather... The belt was a bit too big for me unfortunately as it was already on the last hole, so I am currently on the look out for a nice gold belt. J Crew has many but in this area, I am quite the cheap skate

Are there any things you guys just never splurge on?


  1. This is sooooo cute! I love little touches of crochet. I have a hard time splurging on shirts. I've always been able to find really cute tops without spending a fortune, so unless it's a really soft and well-made sweater, I don't like to spend a lot of money. I buy almost all of my jewelry on designer discount sites like ideeli and HauteLook so I save a lot of money there as well.

  2. ideeli? never heard of it ... must look into this ASAP!!! i have seen some items on Hautelook but when the sale goes up i am at work and it is blocked on my computer @.@ so i miss everything!!!!!
    I don't usually wear crochet, but i love little touches of it here and there, seems girly and sweet, but I don't want to compete with the grannies out there =P

  3. Love your outfit! I say that for all of your outfit posts, but what can I do??? You have great style girl! By the way I am not sick of seeing the J Crew wedges, I can never get sick of seeing shoes! I am trying to see if there is anything I never splurge on *thinks*......NO! lol I mean I like to splurge on a good handbag, good shoes. Actually hold on I don't splurge on basics, I'd never pay $100 for a white tank top even if I was a millionaire!

  4. Thank you for all the compliments!!! I saw Lollipop's 26 new blog had Guess wedges that were semi similar in design but with a buckle and maybe leather over suede? I nv get bored of old fashioned shoe porn!! Maybe DSW, TJ Max or Filenes? Sometimes I find the BEST stuff at Filenes Basement!! 100 bucks for a tank top? I saw this GORGEOUS one for $169!!!! I was like OMG!!! putting this thing down NOW T.T

  5. That top and those shorts are amazing!! Love, love, love! I really love the color of the shorts unique. I saw your wedges in a J.Crew catalog that came in the mail and I was like, "Julie has those!" :D

  6. I love your crochet top! I only have one crochet type of clothing and it's a sweater, I love it to death lol. AWW I wished you'd do a full face pic... no pressure :P Great outfit!

  7. I love love love those wedges. They seem like a staple and go with everything! Wish we had a J Crew around here!

  8. Thanks so much!!! haha I am actually wearing no make up in these photos as I was not ready for the day yet! =P did i mention it was 5PM haha

  9. hmmm do they not ship world wide?

  10. Yerse, and charge amazing (like WOAH!) duty and brokerage through UPS. I'm planning a trip to the States soon though. Hopefully imma get myself J Crew shoes! They always have the most classic styles. :)

  11. J Crew shoes are kinda $ but worth it! every pair are very EASILY broken into with minimal or no discomfort (that I have tried) and most are made in Europe, these wedges are made in Italy, i hope you find something nice when you visit!! =)

  12. I love your ring. I love owls, I have so many necklaces with owls on them. LOL. I'm crazy. Hahaha, grandma approved. You look young and chic great look.

  13. thanks so much dear!!! i love owls too i have owl earrings i used to wear them on tests to give me wisdom ( so stupid) i know but ANYTHING to help me study haha

  14. So beautiful! I love all the details!


  15. awwww thanks girl, that means alot coming from u! the OOTD queen!

  16. you have the BEST accessories! I never spend much on belts either haha


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