Monday, June 13, 2011

Tag and Give Away!

The beautiful Nic Nic of Bang Bang She Shoots tagged me a short while ago for the 13 Questions Tag! ( Thanks for Tagging me!!!) so here are a few things about me, also stay tuned for the give away at the end of the post!

1. What do you order at Starbucks?
Skinny or Non Fat Iced Vanilla Latte

Iced Coffee with Milk

2. What's one thing in your closet you can't live without?
My Mulberry Bag is my ♥

3. What's one thing that most people don't know about you?
I tend to think ALOT, my brain doesn't have a flat line moment, if that makes sense. I'm the kind of person who is in the toothpaste aisle for 25 minutes deciding which one is the best. I am not very undecided, I just like to look at things from all sides. If I want a new product, and there are over 50 pages of reviews, I am one of those people who will read all 50 pages and still need to decipher further
On my iphone I also have endless amounts of lists I keep editing non stop on misc things in my life that I keep changing/updating my mind on

4. Whats one thing you want to do before you die?
Jump out of an airplane!!!! it seems thrilling, and once in my life seems like more than enough lol

<span class=

5. Whats one food you can't live without?
FRENCH FRIES are my weakness!!

Belgian Fries

6. 'What's one quote that you live your life by?'
And in the end it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. -- Abraham Lincoln

The path of least resistance is the path of the loser. -- H. G. Wells

7. 'What do you like and dislike about the youtube community?'
I love love love meeting genuine people from all over the globe who have similar interests as myself, we are not so different after all

Some people tend to criticize in a non constructive way which can really be discouraging, when you are trying to the best of your ability

8.'Whats your number 1 song on itunes?'
Yiruma: River Flows in You (cliché I know, but I love it)
Everything by Yiruma is favorited on my youtube account!

9. 'What kind of style would you describe yourself as having?'
I have asked a few people to describe my style, and I believe most people consider my style eclectic

10. 'Favourite Number?
8! (Lucky Number in China)

11. 'Two hobbies?'
Baking, and the gym ( if you consider that a hobby) I do spend a large amount of time there!

My Mississippi Mud Cake -When I make this, all I think about is the tredmill =P (hobbies go hand in hand)

12. 'Two pet peeves?'

People who walk slow, and people who cut other people
I especially hate people who cut me off only to walk slow! GRRR

13. 'Your guilty pleasure?'
These wafer cookies and macaroons!!!! The only cookies I ever eat!

They're opening a Ladurée in NYC (I died when I heard the news!!!)

That's it!!! I hope you liked learning a few things about myself!!

I tag EVERYONE who want's to do this, because I love learning more about you all!

Now, on to the GIVE AWAY -NOW CLOSED

To celebrate reaching 300 followers ( crazy to me)
I am hosting a small give away featuring the UD N*ked Palette!!!

I know by now many many beauty bloggers already own the N*ked Palette, but I am pretty sure there are some girls who unfortunetly were unable to yet get their hands on this, the world over

Hopefully I am able to help one of these girls!!!
For those who already have this palette, the next give away will be for you guys! =D

The palette I am giving away is the older version with the dual sided pencil of Whiskey and Zero
An unbelieavble conveneint pencil to hold in your make up bag

How to enter:

1. Be a follower on my blog
2. Answer the below question in the comments bar
-Give away ends on June 19 12:00AM Eastern Time

Though this is a beauty blog, I have recently been wanting to post more and more random things on this site outside make up swatches ( which I will continue to do because I love that too!)

I was wondering, while I will post more misc items here because, well this is my blog =P

I would like to know, when I do review make up
Would you prefer long in depth reviews on 1 to a few products, or do you guys like it short and sweet?

Sometimes, I think I ramble, and people tend to lose interest, so just would LOVE some feed back on what kind of reviews, and style of reviews on products, make up and other wise you all prefer
I am still descovering my blogging style ( evolution is constant)
I would like to THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for the vivid support you have provided

And Good Luck!!!

( This give away is not restricted the USA, and is International)

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


  1. If it's a product that actually i've considered buying, a long and detailed review would be very informative. But people nowadays have people short attention span. So i would suggest a short review, yet very concise! :D

  2. So interesting! I love these kind of tags. ^__^ I can relate with so many of them.
    I think a lot too but mostly because I'm indecisive =X
    I love yiruma songs! I've only discovered him recently (within the year or two). But his pieces are amazing...
    Haha..I think a lot of NYCers share the similar pet peeve. It's really annoying when you're in the city and there are a ton of tourists that want to go slow and view sites but you're thinking "I need to get there fast! Ahh!" Good thing I can walk along the edges of the sidewalk pretty well =P
    Are macaroons that delicious? I have yet to try them..any places you recommend?

    What an awesome giveaway! You're always sharing all these super hard to find products!
    I actually like to see both a mixture of in depth and short reviews (even though I tend to like to do in depth ones for my own blog lol) sometimes it's just easier to scroll through short reviews but when I'm really thinking about purchasing products that are probably a little on the expensive side or harder to get (must order) I like to read over A LOT before buying anything.
    I haven't lost interesting in your blog yet. I find all your posts quite interesting! Sorry I can't input in this department =X But I can't wait for the more random non-beauty posts =D

  3. Thanks for doing this tag! your answers are awesome! I spend AGES in the supermarket too LOL. I've kinda learned to speed up these days...

    You should d a baking post!! I love your sense of style :D

    Aww thanks for holding this giveaway you are very generous - because I have this palette already I'll pass on it but congrats on your 300 followers - you deserve a lot more!! :D

  4. Thanks Nic! glad to know I'm not the only person who takes their time purchasing items lol

    Baking post sounds like a nice idea! i love ur sense of style too! keep it up!

  5. Ooo thanks so much Mandy!! i do like to read your blog also! esp your empties!~ hehe
    macaroons are AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING you have to find some good ones though, because some stores are just crap
    This is where I get my fix in the city, we should meet one day over coffee and macaroons!!!

  6. I'm not going to enter this because I already have the Naked palette but I loved this post! It's always so much fun learning little tidbits about my favorite bloggers. =) Congrats on your followers, darling! You've certainly earned it!

    To answer your question, I think there's a happy medium. Personally, I like to know the nitty gritty about the products when bloggers are reviewing them, but I know that a lot of people just look at the pictures and scroll through the text which can be frustrating if you've put a lot of time into narrating. Perhaps a good compromise would be to condense the main points at the beginning of the post for those who like to skim through, and for those of us who like to read, you can elaborate further in the post, ramblings and all.

    Hope that helps!

  7. nice idea kay!!! it certainly does!!! i def dont want to bore anyone here!

  8. I would prefer a detailed review :) then in the bottom a short list of cons and pros, it will be a 2in1, informative and sweet hehe
    I love this Post about your faves and stuffs :D I kinda wana make one now =P
    Pls Enter me! we have no UD here in Philippines huhu ;)
    Goodluck Everyone ;)
    Name: Aimee
    GFC: amz88
    Email: amz_2507(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Thank You :D

  9. Loved this tag, I always wanna blog about random things too but then I see my blog name and I'm like I can't possibly blog about what food I ate today when my blog's name ends with MAKE UP BAG! lol I've been wanting to start a lifestyle kinda blog because of it! :) You're so sweet and generous for giving away a Naked palette, there are so many people who are still looking for it! Someone will have a huge smile on their face yay! I already have one, so I will not enter but good luck to everyone! :) Have I mentioned I want your bag??? :)

  10. Yes, i think adding in other topics makes the blogs interesting ( name or not) but wow u have a point haha
    I hope someone who was not able to get this palette ( it was once golden fleece status or something....) wins this!
    Hahah yes, you have. Worth the $! people compliment me all the time, and it's complete LOVE

  11. thanks for your feedback! you have been entered! and i would love to read a post of your with this tag! it was fun!

  12. I LOVED this post!! I love these type of 'get to know you' kind of fun to read :) And I know I've said this a million times before, but I love your style! Where did you get that red bag/clutch thing by the way? I really like it!

    Awesome giveaway too - congrats on 300+ followers! I'm not entering the giveaway because I already have it and I don't want to be selfish, but whoever is lucky enough to win it will LOVE it!

  13. I love your sense of fashion!

    I think for reviews on foundation or concealers, a little bit longer is best, but on other products I like short and sweet reviews :)

    I'm following you, and i think on that account my email is katyakonkol @ yahoo . com, and username is katya

  14. Mm baking...I love it! I want your bag, and I love your style! Fun post =)

  15. Hi, I really like your blog and love reading your posts! As for reviews, I prefer the longer reviews, as it allows me a better impression of them. I also really like these kind of posts - not just the product review, so keep having those!
    Thanks for the giveaway, it's awesome! I really wanted the palette but still didn't get a chance to buy it! congrats on the 300+ followers and thanks!

  16. I would prefer in depth reviews on things like foundation or eyeshadow palettes, just because I feel like there are a lot of things to talk about XD, but as for things like lipsticks or glosses, something short and sweet would be awesome. Thanks!

  17. I think my taste tends to vary based on the product. Things like skin care products and face products i generally like to get as much information as possible. But if it's just a blush or along those lines, i prefer sweet and simple as long as there are clear pictures of the product and swatches. :)

  18. Hey girl! Following your blog, and I love it! I like in-depth reviews, but sometimes products don't really need a drawn out explanation.- so I guess it varies haha. Thanks!

    Also, I have a giveaway going on at my blog right now to win 5 lipsticks from L'Oreal if you're interested :)

  19. Hmmm i'm okay with long and in depth review, but for as long as it's for a combination of products. for example, a long review on peach lippies, or perhaps reviews on your summer must-have favorites...stuff like that :)

    p.s thank for making this international! :)
    katch05 at gmail dot com

  20. I like them short and sweet if there are a lot of products. But I also like reading longer reviews on products that deserve them (really bad ones or really good ones!). I've really enjoyed reading your blog the past months!

    victoria (dot) blyden (at) gmail (dot) com

  21. I really enjoy your blog. I particularly like your photos (which are detailed and stylish). I find your reviews are great and about the right length. Multiple product reviews work on your blog because the way you give each product a heading/title means i can easily skip a review if it the product doesn't interest me (it happens - sorry!) I like when a blog mixes fashion & beauty - you could also throw in a few of your best cake recipes with photos and i'll give you a full 10/10!!

    annettepulcini (at) gmail (dot) com

  22. I prefer it short and sweet unless it's one of those LOVE or HATE products and your lengthy review may just affect my decision to buy it or not!

  23. Love your blog! & am SO EXCITED about this giveaway! I've been wanting the Naked Palette but Urban Decay isn't available where I live and I can never find it online! SO, onto the question. I actually don't mind long reviews. Many times, when I read reviews, it makes me either want or stay far away from a product. More in depth reviews allow me to know everything about something I'm interested in. I think that longer reviews are more useful for products such as skincare, concealer, or foundation/tinted moisturizer though rather than say, a lipstick, gloss, or eyeshadow.

    I follow you via GFC/RSS & my email is

  24. i m already a follower!i really like your blog and enjoy posts that have a more personal touch,like this one for example! Some times i prefer a longer review, especially if the item is very good!But after all this is your blog and it should represent you,your character and your style!The giveaway is awesome!

  25. thanks for such a nice comment!!! I fgt how I title my posts sometimes because lately they have been more random sayings! lol it seems like alot of people would not mind some cake recipes hehe

  26. awww thank you so much for the feed back! these really help!

  27. thanks for your comment! of course! intls are all welcome!! i know this was a hard to find item world wide!! i hope i help someone who was not able to get this themselves, as I was fortunate enough to be able to get an extra

  28. thanks!!! what is your blog address? for some reason i was unable to find it, when i clicked on your name! thanks again for commenting

  29. true skin care is important and cannot be so simply explained as another peach or pink blush
    Thanks for saying that, as its 100% true and appreciated.

  30. thanks! i was afraid no one would be very interested in learning abt me as much as my swatches but wanted to put up something diff so im glad ppl are enjoying it!

    Good luck in the give away!

  31. thanks so much!! that bag is my number 1, i prolonged getting it forever, but finally took the plunge, and dont regret it at all - i havent bought such an $ bag since haha still semi broke =P

  32. thanks for the feed back, and gluck on the give away!!

  33. awwww thanks tiff!!! i don't really do too many tags bc i dont know if ppl are interested! even though i love when ppl do tags to spice up their blogs!!! I'm glad you like my style! sometimes ppl think i make strange choices, but i really don't care!!! i think that's the only way to pull if off~
    I got the bag semi recently at Aldo accessories! it was on sale and came in a few colors, it even has a feather tassle, but it was not shown in the photo
    I have a few bags from there, they're surprisingly cute sometimes, and always seem to be on sale!

  34. thnx for the comment! when i hate a product and its $ i tend to ramble bc everyone should make their own desc but i prob bought it due to alot of hype! and want to show the other side!
    thnx for commenting!

  35. thanks so much for the comment!!!! and good luck on the give away!!!!

  36. awwww ty for the comment, gluck on the palette give away!

  37. thnx for your comment! u are def entered =)

  38. We have so much in common! Yiruma, the gym, macaroons, chips (although I think chocolate just trumps chips for me =P) and so much more! Love this post! I'm already a follower =) I love detailed reviews but sometimes it's handy at the beginning or end if there is a short kind of overall opinion so like a rating out of 10 and the main likes and dislikes in a short list! =) But I do like to know exactly why you like and dislike these so that's where the in depth part comes in handy! Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway and thanks for doing this giveaway! =)

  39. Hey there!
    I take a look on this blog basically every day and find it very helpful. Sometimes I don't have time to read an entire post and just take a quick look on what you've posted... but I do come back whenever I find the time. I believe shorter posts would make some lives easier and the good quality would be kept :)

    Congratulations on the blog, it's a VERY helpful place to stop by!

  40. thanks for commenting Rachel!! Chips is one of my favorite foods too but I noticed how many food pictures i had and did not want to show the world my secret fattie! haha

    Thanks for your opinion, all these comments really help!

  41. awwwwww thanks so much, i know i ramble quite a bit, but will try to come up with a short list somewhere, i blv to make the trip here brief but informative! thanks for sharing

  42. Loved tha TAG! (I love reading tags) :> I love your style and I shre the same pet peeves with you haha Also I hate women with strollers whom block the sidewalk! lol
    To answer your question: You already know you are my favorite beauty blogger, cuz I simply love your sweet and short reviews on a few products at once. It helps me to compare products and I like that you go straight to the point with the fact if you like something or not. Maybe I can't explain it well, but I think your way of reviewing is great and unique. (love your rambling ;)) I just like the wayyou've been doing it.


  43. awwww thank you so much kasia, you always leave such wonderfully sweet comments!! i like how you enjoy my current blogging style!! im glad i have followers like you!!! i <3 ur blog as well!!!
    also the strollers on the street and the subway ( drives me maaaad) esp when im in a hurry which is always! hehe

  44. what a fun tag i really liked reading it! i would love to read full detailed reviews because, like you, i like to look at things from all aspects!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  45. thank u for commenting! u are entered =)

  46. Lovely giveaway, please enter me.
    I do like short and sweet reviews, with a few pictures to keep me interested.
    GFC: Glamorous Barbie
    Thank you!xoxo

  47. thanks!!! consider urself entered =)

  48. Love the tag !
    For the question, id say it has to depend on the products youre reviewing.. some might need a bit more info if its not known as much as others and some just need a little less info

    GFC Stefy

    Stefy xx

  49. I love your in depth style of posting!!! I've enjoyed the in depth posts on other topics that you've posted more recently, as well. Your blog is so incredibly informative!!! When I check my favorite blogs in the AM from my laptop in bed, I am always excited when you have a new post. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!!!

  50. I love the more in depth reviews! They help me decide if I want to try a product better than quick reviews! PS that mud cake look delicious! Recipe?
    GFC Kelly
    email -

  51. def noted!!! thanks!! and good luck!

  52. thanks for the comment! i think i may have to post the recipe soon!

  53. I'm a follower now ('spider girl') on Google Friend Connect <3

    I love to read short and sweet reviews but most of the time I can't decide whether to buy that particular product or not. Such reviews are just fun to read. And whenever I want to buy something I ALWAYS look for an in-depth review, so that's only when I really have to buy something. So I'll seriously love both types, but better short & sweet :)

    Love your blog, all the best!

  54. thanks your ur comment!!!! and input!! good luck on the G'away!

  55. Hi ! I'm from Belgium, and I'm a new follower :) I found your blog through other beauty blogs, and I'm glad I clicked on your link.
    Anyway I've been through all your blog already, and I prefer long in depth reviews on 1 to a few products because when I'm getting a product, I really want to know all the pros and cons, and if it's worth getting it or not :) Oh yeah, and can you make a post with products you regret buying?
    And it would be awesome getting that naked palette because we can't get them in Belgium...No sephora here :'( !
    Keep up the awesome work ;)

  56. thanks so much your detailed comment! sure i can do a products I regret buying, I already created one I just need to post it! Good luck on the give away!!

  57. i love in-depth reviews cos i believe thats when i get to see the pros and cons and weigh them to decide if its worth getting them! short and sweet reviews are too brief for my liking!

    im loving your outfits and styles too (:

  58. awwww thanks for commenting, and liking my outfits!! seems pro's and con's lists are what ppl look for. I will def start putting them in
    Thanks for the input!


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