Sunday, June 26, 2011

Top 10 Tag and Give away Winner!

Tagged by the wonderful BloominBeauty5 - Here are my Top 10 Beauty Products!

MUFE Face and Body : Sheer, natural, blends seamlessly, and never looks cakey. This foundation is water resistant, so it is excellent for summer
Not sure if this is my HG yet, but it's coming damn close

I apply this with a Sonia Kashuk Stippling brush and Fix + for a dewy light finish

Milani Luminoso: A complete drugstore gem. I end up wearing this pretty much non stop, and I can't believe I have yet to get bored with this. Perfect for work or time off, this gorgeous peachy blush gives the perfect amount of glow that's never over the top, but always luminous

NARS Dolce Vita: A personal fave for fall and winter. I don't hear as many people talking about this shade and I have no idea why! This is the most gorgeous berry toned color.

The lipstick, the blush, the gloss, I own them all and will always repurchase
This color may look scary but it gives a more sculpted effect that leans more towards sophisticated without being old lady

Any age can wear this gorgeous matte berry, a NARS must have in my humble opinion

Blistex: A very recent discovery for mine ( I know, where the hell have I been?) disguised beneath the extremely non outlandish packaging is the best lip balm period.

I've tried balms from Shisiedo, MAC, By Terry, and have gone all over the drugstore route. This baby is the winner!

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder brush: A complete stumble of a gem. I received this as part of a Laura Mercier Mineral foundation pack. This is her version of a mineral foundation brush, which I hated it for. Talk about shedding!!! ( Ok, I did not expect much, it was sold in a gift set...) but used on any pigmented or baked blush (Dolce Vita and Luminoso included) provides the perfect cheek application that's never overly sheer nor heavy. The perfect hand is easily found with this brush

Moroccan oil: Complete hair HG. I apply this to my hair mostly wet, and prepared for silky strands in the AM. Not only does this help my hair dry at a rapid speed, but on day two, my hair is beyond silky soft, and feels incredible. Makes me not want to wash it! When applied dry, it provides assistance to damage ends, and adds easy shine

Lorac Moonstone: In the world of Champagne and neutral shadows, this is my number 1. I know, it does not look special in the pan, even when applied its alright but as the day goes on it just starts looking even better and not really fading, but more intensifying on my lid with the natural oils to make the most amazing shade. I can't stand Champagne colors which are too gold, it has to have a bit of pink in it for me to really stand out, this for me is my number 1 most used shadow for everyday, and I already have a back up.
Do you see the pan? That never happens to me!

By Candle light: More MAC MSF's need to be like this formulation. A sheen not glitter, pinky gold, with refinement. In the winter when I am paler, I can use this as a blush for a glowing semi n*de pink effect. Blush or highlight, this is my favorite highlighter. It beats Dior Amber diamond for me by a long shot

Shu Uemura Hard 9 Brow Pencil Seal Brown: Best brow pencil ever. When I bought this I couldn't even swatch it and had to buy it blind. This formulation of this pencil only releases pigment when mixed with the oils on your skin that are a part of your own eyebrows. ( I know, what?? It's that smart~) The pencil is soo long, much longer than traditional eye brown pencils and because it does not release color on any part of the skin except the eye brows this lasts forever! I use this 6-7x a week and sharpen it maybe 8x a YEAR

Talk about bang for your buck
Shu uemura is no longer available in US counters, but can be purchased online.

Clarasonic: No, this is not the pore blaster that it's famously claimed. This did not provide quick results either, but over the months you notice an overall clarity to your complextion (not spots wise) but less scarring, faded freckles, and it just really helps make your skin look even With the mild daily exfoliation, super soft skin to the touch is to be expected

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Now on to the Give away Winner :
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Everyone, let us congratulate Spider Girl!!!!


  1. So many things I want to try that are also on your top 10! This makes me want to get them more =X
    Is the blistex minty?

    Love your photos :]

  2. Great favorites! I'm obsessed with Milani Luminoso lately.

  3. Thanks!! it was hard to choose! I know what you mean about Luminoso, sooo pretty and like 8 bucks!!

  4. Fantastic post!!! And thank you so much for tagging me. I really appreciate that you have thought of me. Recently someone else has taged me to do something similar, so I'll just make a post of my current skincare and make up, cuz those would be my favorites as well. :) Hope it's ok like that.


  5. Fantastic post! I love your photo style! <3

  6. Congrats to the winner, and amazing photos/items! I love the pink Mia and Luminoso as well. <3

  7. I hope I will be able to find by candlelight in CCO, it seems that MAC decided to shrink their MSF sizes as well (or just their semi-precious MSF) ...

  8. I cant wait to hear your beauty secrets!!!

  9. Thanks so much!!!! i am practicing how to take better photos! =D

  10. Thanks so much dear!!! it was hard to pick my top 10 but it seems many ladies agree with a few of these =)

  11. gluck!!! i think it is def worth the search! my fave MSF by FAR

  12. Thanks for the tag!! I really enjoyed reading yours... I really like blistex when I have chapped lips.. nothing seem to work. I have a spre tube somewhere.. I dont think you can get it in Japan! I am SO getting MoroccanOil when I am back in the UK.. it's like 7000 yen in Japan.. just 30quid in UK!! I will definitly do this tag :D

  13. Yes!!! I csnt wait to read what your favorites are!!! Would u like me to send u some blistex? It's a life saver! 700 yen! Wow!! Buy the big bottle in the UK! It lasts a long time bc u only need a coin sized amount each time so it should last u like a year? If u buy the big one which I am def getting next time!! I am not a fan of the scent, but it passes and the effects are worth it! Thanks for reading!

  14. First of all, congrats to Spider Girl! Winning giveaways is like the best feeling ever, haha :)

    Secondly, thank you so much for tagging me! Looks like a fun post and I can't wait to do it.

    I love MUFE F&B and Luminoso also (thanks for that one, btw). I've wanted the Clarisonic forever but I think I'm too poor for it at the mo. I REALLY want to try Moroccan Oil! Where do you get yours? Ulta? It's so expensive :(

    Also, I can tell how much you love that LORAC eyeshadow - it must be amazing! I want to try NARS Dolce Vita now because of you. Do you have Mounia? I wonder how they compare. I also want that Shu Uemura eyebrow pencil. I basically want everything you have!

  15. Does the clarisonic help get rid of blackheads?

  16. I've heard such good things about the Milani blushes, but I haven't tried any of them myself. They look amazing though!

  17. Why can't we get any of these products outside the US?! I've heard so many raves about Moroccan oil, I want to try it so badly :'( And I heard Milani eyeliners worked really well too !

  18. Hi!! Thanks for commenting! I got the oil at an essentials store and it costs 20 for the small bottle but I've had it over 6 months and I'm only half done! Def worth the $ I am buying the big bottle next time bc it last ages!! I was my hair every other day. I have mounia and I can twit pic swatches tonight but mounia us more ruby red w/ pink warmth while dolce vita is more berry it was hard to choose!!! Clarasonic if u buy the Mia ia 100 less and the skin store always has 20% off but yes it is pricey, but I now need it!! Lol

  19. To be honest it had very little effect to my black heads unfortunately :(

  20. They ARE amazing hehehe the price is a steal! Try em if u have te opportunity

  21. Oh? Where are u located? I kno some other countries have them but is more $ it seems outside the USA. Maybe eBay? Or amazon? Not sure dear :( sorry it is hard for I to find aww. Yup I heard the Milani pencil liners are very nice and I will def try them after my p10p but I tried their liquid liner and love it!

  22. These products look so great!! I would love to try some of these but some of them are hard to get/are sooo expensive if you are not in the US! Congrats to the winner!

  23. Oh no :( I don't like raving abt products that are not easily accessible for everyone :/ I'm sure u have some amazing items I would die to get my hands on!!!

  24. OOoh congrats to the winner!

    Also, I agree with so many of your favorites! You have me wanting to try Dolce Vita blush and lipstick now too! Also, totally jealous of your By Candlelight! :)

  25. Dolce vita is 100% under rated as a blush and the lipstick is a great everyday color that shy's awayfrom light pinks, love em!!

  26. oo i dont have dolce vita...and here i thought i was ok without the shade and now you are making me want to get it...and i really love the texture of lorac e/s. i always swatch them in stores and i am always impressed but i still havent bit the bullet and got anything from them! and can you believe i have NO mac MSF?? by candlelight looks so pretty and i keep hearing raves about it...jealous.

  27. Thanks for tagging me! I must do this soon. I'm going to get some Moroccan Oil this weeks - it sounds great!

  28. I cant wait to see what you chose!!! I love Moroccan Oil for the hair, im not a fan of the smell but it thankfully does not linger!

  29. Thanks for sharing your top ten. I love Moroccan Oil too, you should try It's a 10, another great leave in. I'm going to try Blistex since you think of it so highly. I also love your previous post. Lauren Conrad's hair was gorgeous. Ugh so hard to pull off ombre with black hair though. XD


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